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Podcast Vs. Everyone: Why we love the WSU spring game

We make the case for why you should attend. Plus, Jeff reports back from his trip to Pullman where he talked to both Mike Leach and Kyle Smith.

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One of a handful of CougCenter family pictures taken at the WSU spring game. Back, L-R: Brian Anderson, PJ Kendall, Jeff Collier, Jeff Nusser. Front: Kyle Sherwood, Craig Powers.

The Washington State Cougars spring game is on deck for this Saturday, and we cannot be more excited to make the trip over the mountains. Driving to the spring game has become an annual event for us here at CougCenter — it’s one of the few times that a bunch of the authors is able to get together, and we love it.

Spring game discussion takes a prominent place in the podcast, but not before Jeff debriefs his trip to Pullman, during which he got some face time with Mike Leach, Steve Spurrier Jr., and new basketball coach Kyle Smith.

Show rundown:

  • Beer: Jeff stopped by his local tap room for a hazy IPA from Skookum. Craig hit up Cloudburst, also for an IPA.
  • WSU: Jeff’s hoofed it all over Pullman for a couple of days. He learned a bunch of stuff from interviewing coaches and players. Here’s what he learned.
  • WSU 2: Spring game!! Let’s make the case for your attendance.
  • Pop Culture: Do you watch Game of Thrones? Craig does! Jeff does not, but he has strong opinions on the appropriateness of spoilers.
  • Parenting: Jeff’s youngest has discovered the fun of tormenting his older brothers by hitting them in the privates. Craig is experiencing retail hell when the box that was supposed to contain a new car seat contained ... something else.

Fair warning: We use naughty words from time to time.

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