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Podcast Vs. Everyone: Live show from the Crimson and Gray postgame tailgate

We’re in Pullman. Let’s party.

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Photo by Cory Patton

What’s better than attending the Crimson and Gray game in Pullman? Podcasting from an RV lot after the Crimson and Gray game in Pullman!

We hauled our microphones and computers over the mountains and then hauled them out to record a podcast after watching the Washington State Cougars’ spring game. The beer was flowing, and there was a parade of guests as we enjoyed our time together on location. We talk plenty about the game, including what we thought of the quarterbacks. But we also ... wandered.

Photo by Cory Patton

There were too many people to name, but we made it a point to get every CougCenter author who was in attendance on the show, including Michael Preston, Brian Anderson, Kevin Dudley and Scott Cresswell. Some of our significant others also made cameos, including Jeff’s wife, who joins at the end of the show for some stimulating Real Housewives talk with Craig.

The audio definitely sounds like it was recorded at a tailgate. We are nothing if not authentic!

Fair warning: We use naughty words from time to time. (Actually, a lot of naughty words this time.)

You’ll probably hate it. We don’t care.

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