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Podcast Vs. Everyone: 9 a.m. kickoffs? Ehhhhh ...

“Breakfast with the Cougs” doesn’t sound like our idea of a great time.

Boston Children’s Hospital and the New England Patriots Celebrate Annual Pancake Day Party Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images for Boston Children’s Hospital

Episode 22! Here we go — show rundown:

  • Running talk! The PODCAST VS. EVERYONE FITNESS CHALLENGE was on Saturday at the Sound To Narrows 12k and 5k. We both ran. It was fun!
  • Beer: Jeff goes with something light, picking up a Fremont Summer Ale. In anticipation of his trip to Indiana, Craig opened up a brew from Taxman Brewing.
  • Washington State Cougars: Jon Wilner covers the Pac-12 for the San Jose Mercury News. He’s got a suggestion for increased eyeballs on the conference: 9 a.m. kickoffs. We have our own thoughts. And what’s with the “6.12.19” teaser from the athletic department? It’ll probably be revealed by the time you listen. But we’ll talk about it anyway.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP?!? The United States dropped 13(!) goals on Thailand in the Women’s World Cup, and some people think they were a little too excited about it. We beg to differ.
  • Kids: Bea ran her first race. No, really!

Fair warning: We use naughty words from time to time.

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You’ll probably hate it. We don’t care.

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