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SB Nation FanPulse Top 25: WSU gets recognized (by everyone else)

WSU has arrived in the SB Nation FanPulse Top 25, no thanks to its own fans. What happened to unabashed homerism?

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New Mexico State v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

After being left out by a bunch of WSU haters in SB Nation’s presason FanPulse Top 25, a wrong has been righted as the Washington State Cougars have ascended to No. 22 following a Week 1 beatdown of New Mexico State. Voters were no doubt dazzled by the starting debut of Anthony Gordon, who lobbed bombs on his way to 29/35 for 420 yards and five touchdowns before heading to the sideline to sip tea midway through the third quarter.

Or maybe they were reminded that Max Borghi wears a crop top, which makes him a 74 percent more effective running back.

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Here’s how the whole Top 25 looks, in pretty graphic form. After checking it out, I got a bone to pick with y’all.

top 25 college football

Did you have a nice look? Cool to see WSU up there? That’s neat, well guess what: That’s no thanks to some of you. The Cougs ate their own this week, dropping Wazzu down to No. 21 from No. 16 in the preseason poll.

What were you expecting? An even more thorough beatdown? Anthony Gordon to go 35/35 for 800 yards and 12 touchdowns? For shame, Cougs, for shame. Here’s how the Top 25 looked overall for WSU voters:

WSU FanPulse Top 25 - Week 1

Ranking Team
Ranking Team
1 Clemson
2 Alabama
3 Oklahoma
4 Georgia
5 Ohio State
7 Michigan
8 Texas
9 Washington
10 Notre Dame
11 Auburn
12 Florida
13 Texas A&M
14 Utah
15 Penn State
16 UCF
17 Wisconsin
18 Oregon
19 Michigan State
20 Iowa
21 Washington State
22 Syracuse
23 Stanford
24 Iowa State
25 Nebraska

Luckily, when we take a look at our weekly school groupings of Non-Haters (WSU in the Top 25), Haters Among Them (WSU received votes), and Complete Haters (No votes for WSU), there are no haters left. I have no reason to even group them together in a list. My job has been made easier.

In fact, every single school’s ballot put WSU at No. 21, No. 22, or No. 23. Not much variance at all. I have a feeling y’all are looking at the major polls and just doing some copy and paste. That’s fine, I guess.

If you want to get involved to help push WSU higher and higher up this very meaningful and important poll, sign up here. Also, if you are already signed up, don’t forget to vote. And please try and be a little more homerish next time.