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Podcast Vs. Everyone: Is it even sports if there are no fans?

German soccer is giving us a look at what might be in store for college football this fall.

Borussia Dortmund v FC Schalke 04 - Bundesliga
This was an actual soccer match between Schalke and Dortmund that counted in the German Bundesliga standings played in an empty stadium on May 16, 2020 in Dortmund, western Germany. The season resumed following a two-month absence due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.
Photo by Martin Meissner/Pool via Getty Images

Last Saturday, a half dozen CougCenter authors got up shortly after sunrise to watch our new favorite team, Borussia Dortmund, play a real live soccer match in Germany.

(Not yet pictured: Zane Murfitt, who was walking his dog or something. Also not pictured is Michael Preston’s Dortmund jersey, which apparently arrived two sizes too small. At some point, though, Michael’s “stay at home” hair was pictured, which ... wow.)

More interesting than that is what we actually witnessed: A made-for-TV sporting event with zero fans in attendance. To say it was extremely weird is an understatement, and got us wondering about whether college football in empty stadiums is even a viable concept.

Show rundown:

  • Empty stadiums? There were some soccer games in Germany with no fans, and it was extremely weird to watch on TV. Is this even a viable solution for the Washington State Cougars and the rest of college football?
  • APR: Ernie Kent left WSU one final parting “gift” — a terrible APR score for his final season.
  • Coug Soccer: Trinity Rodman is the top high school player in the country, and she’s coming to WSU. This isn’t news, but The Athletic wrote a nice story on her, so let’s talk about it, since her experience with deciding to go to WSU sounds so much like so many of ours.
  • Football recruiting: The Cougs picked up a pair of new defensive linemen. Woo!
  • Workouts resume soon: The NCAA has cleared schools for individual workouts, subject to local regulations. This seems like a safe, logical step.
  • Fancy Da-Da.
  • DORTMUND TALK: We just assumed all of you turned it off by this point so we decided to talk about our LIFELONG favorite team for a little bit.

Fair warning, we do use naughty words from time. You’ll probably hate it. We don’t care.

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