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Ron Stone Jr. has a future in acting if football doesn’t work out

The WSU defensive end is a star in the making.


On the heels of Ron Stone Jr. getting the movie trailer treatment with his scoop-and-scamper for a first down on Saturday against Cal, the Washington State defensive end returned on Wednesday to star in the team’s latest uniform reveal.

This is a masterpiece on all fronts:

Whether it’s starting with Butch looking at pictures of Carol Baskin or Stone’s insistence on fire or the reveal at the end that Stone had been usurped by walk-on Ricky Baker ... this is absolute gold.

The video gave Stone a chance to show off his range of acting skills.

Hide Yo Girl RJ

Hype RJ

Intense RJ

Despondent RJ

Some of Stone’s teammates also were clearly impressed with his skills.

Then there were those teammates who ... well, we’re not sure if they’re laughing with RJ or at RJ.

An underrated performance in the video comes from Baker, whose stoicism truly is breathtaking. He continued the vibe with his own tweet about the video:

Anyway, the big point is that the video is fun, and sports should be fun, so we wholeheartedly endorse this lighthearted uniform reveal, which fits in perfectly with the mood of a week that began with a win over Cal. These guys deserve to have a smile and a laugh.