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Podcast Vs. Everyone: Recapping media day, assessing conference chaos

Plus, how will Renard Bell’s injury affect WSU’s offense?

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NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Ricardo B. Brazziell-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back!

Nick Rolovich’s appearance at Pac-12 media day came and went without further incident, but there still were some interesting things to note about what he had to say and how he said it. (No more talk of vaccine flame wars, we promise.)

After that, we touched on Renard Bell’s season-ending injury and wondered just how much it would affect WSU’s offense this fall (Hint: We think “a lot.”) before exploring what the impending defections of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC might mean for the Pac-12 and, by extension, WSU.

You’ll probably hate it. We don’t care. We also use naughty words from time to time. You’ve been warned.

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