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Washington State crushed by Arizona at homecoming, losing 44-6.


Jack Ellis/CougCenter

It was a tough night on the Palouse, my friends.

Washington State started the game strong against the University of Arizona, Nakia Watson having scored a touchdown on a 3rd and 1 five minutes into the first quarter. WSU then decided to go for two, and after that failed attempt, they could not regain control of the ball.

I’m not even remotely kidding. That was the only time WSU looked like the team we’ve seen so far this season.

Arizona was quick to answer that initial touchdown, scoring and making a successful extra point. After an Arizona field goal, the Cougar offense returned to the field, only to be intercepted. Arizona then moved the ball down the field, and scored, turning WSUs original 6-0 lead into a 17-6.

But it only got worse.

It became clear at around 4:41 in the afternoon, specifically when Mateer tried to run a trick play, but ended up throwing the ball directly to three Arizona players, that the offense had left the building- so to speak.

Arizona had a few more field goals, another interception (they had yet to grab one all season, we kindly handed them two). They then went on a 27-0 scoring run, bringing the final score to 44-6.

If you want to really rub salt in that, that’s a 44-0 scoring run, total. Yeah.

There were some strange calls, like an offensive facemask with 7:44 left in the 2nd quarter. There were some decent moments, like a solid sack from Brennan Jackson, but overall there’s just no easy way to say this: this game was a bummer.

If this feels like a quick read (I’m trying not to prolong any suffering, yours or mine)- it’s because it was a relatively fast game, in my opinion. I can’t tell if that’s because Arizona had an unfortunately efficient offense that our defense couldn’t work out, or because our offense simply couldn’t get it together to stay on the field long enough to do something that would push the game in another direction. Could be both.

I would normally try to make this longer, flush out more detailed rundowns of plays, but seriously I’m going to level with you- I don’t think anyone would want to read that. If I haven’t successfully conveyed just how tough it was to watch the ship go down, then you’re just going to have to use your imagination.

Next week the Cougs look for a fresh start in a historically simple and very accommodating stadium- taking on the University of Oregon Ducks at Autzen. If you can’t tell, I am pathetically grasping at any sarcasm to cope.

Feel however you want to feel tonight, try not to bully anyone on the internet, have a very stiff drink. You’ve earned it. Go Cougs.