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WSU Football Recruiting: Carlos Freeman, OL from Oklahoma, becomes latest Coug commit

The Cougs land a side of Grade-A beef with a road grader from cattle country. As Jim Ross would say, business is about to pick up.

we need some moar beef u guys
we need some moar beef u guys
Tony Medina

According to multiple reports, including Britton Ransford of WazzuWatch, Carlos Freeman is now a Coug.

Hopefully this is the first of many more offensive linemen to come. Scout lists Freeman at 6'3 and 290 pounds, so much like Cody O'Connell, we're gettin' some biiiiig dudes up front. Freeman doesn't have any embeddable video, but you can check out his highlights over at Hudl.

Freeman suffers from what a lot of high school kids his size suffer from: a tendency to rely on sheer size and strength alone, often not showcasing the best technique. This is not to say he doesn't have any technique, just that if you are much bigger and stronger, you don't really need to worry about much else.

Freeman played outside mostly, but also swung inside to guard on occasion. It looks as if he's being recruited as a center, but his versatility is definitely a plus. He's also way more athletic than you'd expect a kid his size to be, so that's exciting. You'd like to see him get a little bit lower in some of his blocks, but that's something that can be ironed out in practice and the film room.

Scout lists Freeman as the #30 center in the nation, and a 2-star recruit, for whatever that's worth. Rivals has him at 3 stars, but unranked positionally, and ESPN hasn't evaluated him yet. He currently holds offers from Utah State and Dartmouth. LOL U MAD BIG GREEN?

In all seriousness, the kid does have nice size. Now it's just up to Leach and staff to make sure they coach him up.


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