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WSU Football Recruiting: Matt Meyer, OL from Lynden, commits to Cougs

The Cougs get some help on the offensive line with the big hoss from Whatcom County.

I didn't even have to poop in his bathroom
I didn't even have to poop in his bathroom
William Mancebo

I figured this would all happen when we left for our honeymoon in Italy, but apparently I was too busy the week before we got married to notice. According to CF.C, Lynden OL Matt Meyer went crimson all the way back on November 1st. Meyer is one of two players to commit to WSU in the past month, but we'll get to Vince Mayle tomorrow.

Meyers is a big kid, as Scout lists him at 6'6, 290. Mike Leach loves the big maulers on the offensive line, as the wide splits leave his guys in one-on-one match ups constantly. Whereas Paul Wulff would have targeted undersized athletic kids, possibly TEs or DEs, and had them bulk up, Leach like his guys much larger. Not that one way is right and one is wrong, just that there's a noticeable difference in the size of the linemen coming out of high school than in years past.

Meyer doesn't have any embeddable video, but you can check out his Hudl page.

I'd say that the offensive line is probably the hardest position to evaluate overall. That said, he's certainly big and strong. I always think technique and footwork could improve, but for someone whose only other offers are from Eastern WA and North Dakota, I was impressed. I think he'll definitely redshirt, and I'm not sure he'll make much of an impact early on, but having a plethora of offensive linemen is never a bad thing. Depth is something we've sorely lacked in the past five years.


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