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WSU Football Recruiting: Vince Mayle, WR from California, becomes 18th member of 2013 class

JC WR Vince Mayle took his official visit last weekend during the Apple Cup. I'd say he picked an ok game to see in person.

man, sharks are so much better than bears at basically everything
man, sharks are so much better than bears at basically everything
Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

At this point, most of you should know how I feel about pretty much everything; I prefer redshirting, I dislike JC transfers, and I'd rather see the smart, fundamental play than the occasionally flashy-but-ill-advised one. There are always exceptions, though, and when it comes to JC transfers, skill position guys are never really a problem for me. Most of the time, you don't necessarily rely on a JC kid, he just comes in to help patch a hole or add depth. So when word broke that Vince Mayle (a WR out of Sierra College in California) had committed to the Cougs, many of you were excited.

Mayle is a huge receiver, as Scout lists him at 6'3, 220 pounds. He'll play outside in Mike Leach's Air Raid, and he's a pretty nice fit to do so. He has a quick first step, but isn't necessarily a burner. He runs nice routes (he runs a particularly nice double move at about 1:33), and he's not afraid of contact. He makes a few nice leaping catches, as well.

He was a "soft verbal", meaning he had committed but still had other visits to take. He then was asked by West Virginia to reschedule his planned trip to Morgantown, but decided to cancel it instead. He said today via twitter that he was firmly committed to WSU.

Speaking of twitter, though, I think it's a good time to mention this:

I understand that most people think twitter is harmless. Just do everyone a favor and stop retweeting recruits, though. If you know people who are still having twitter conversations with recruits, tell them to stop. If you're mentioning a recruit's twitter handle in your tweet in hopes that he'll retweet you, stop. Just pretend like recruits don't exist on twitter. It'd be better for everyone.

Having said all of that, I'm pretty excited about Mayle. He's the big, physical receiver on the outside who we didn't get last year. It's also nice to see the handful of BCS offers Mayle had, rather than beating out the Weber State's and North Dakota's of the world. Mayle had offers from Arizona State, Houston, Kentucky, Nevada, and West Virginia. With Mayle and River Cracraft, Leach is getting bigger at wideout.


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