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WSU Football Recruiting: Cougs sign three JC kids, add two more

Today is National Letter of Intent Signing Day for Junior College players. The Cougs and Mike Leach have inked three JC players, and added two more who were previously greyshirting.


The Washington State Cougars announced today that they have signed three JC players, as well as adding two more former greyshirts. The players in question are Lyman Faoliu, Ivan McLennan, and Jacob Seydel. The notable absence from the group is WR Vince Mayle, who is receiving attention from some bigger schools, including LSU. Don't fret, though, players don't have to sign today, it's just the first day they can.

*Edit: as woolybugger has pointed out in the comments, Mayle isn't eligible to sign today. In order to be eligible, JC players must enroll in classes for Spring Semester. Mayle is going to sign in February and wait until Fall.

The biggest surprise for me is McLennan. When it was first reported that he committed, it wasn't super convincing. He was sort of saying "Yeah, I liked it, I'm committed for now" and left it at that. I think he may have been waiting for a bigger offer to come in and didn't get it. Regardless, he's officially a Coug. I never posted my evaluation for him because I was pretty sure he'd be gone, but with him now in the fold, I can eat some crow and post my eval later this week.

The other two players to come aboard are BJ Salmonson and Robert Lewis. Salmonson is a big bodied OL from Nooksack Valley up in Whatcom County, and if you ever have a question about a kid from that area, Sherwood knows everything there is to know. As far as Lewis goes, I think Mark is President of the Robert Lewis Fan Club, Oak Harbor chapter. Lewis is extremely fast, but came out of high school weighing a startling 140 pounds. He's now listed at 5'10 and 160 pounds, so he's still pretty small. It's important to note that both players have signed Financial Aid Agreements, not Letters of Intent. I don't picture either leaving, so there's no reason to wring your hands over this, but Financial Aid Agreements are not binding contracts with the school (hey there Terrence Jones!).

Overall, it's a good day for the Cougs, as they add three players from the JC ranks that should help next year, and two more who can develop in the system for a while.


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