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Scholarship Math: A closer look at WSU's 2013 roster

Signing day is just a few weeks away, but before WSU can add new scholarship players to the roster, we take a closer look at the ones they already have.


In between talk of diamonds in the rough and how many other offers a recruit has, one of the most frequent recruiting questions is how many spots are open. Teams can sign up to 25 players a year, but in order to do so, they must have 25 spots available on the 85-man scholarship roster.

Figuring out how many spots are open can be a bit tricky because while we know who came in with an offer, it's almost impossible to determine who is currently on scholarship. Walk-ons frequently earn scholarships, but it usually goes without a report. In some cases a player is asked by the media if he is on scholarship (i.e. Cyrus Coen) in other cases a player's performance gives a solid clue (i.e. Andrew Furney). In either case, consider this to be the most educated guess I can make based on following things closely and some additional research. There is also the fact I'm working with an outdated roster. A number of these players, especially the walk-ons could have departed following the season. I've made a few changes, based on what I know, but there are likely to be more I don't know about.

This post will just be the numbers, we'll get into individual position group analysis beginning tomorrow.


Scholarship (2): Connor Halliday (RSJR), Austin Apodaca (RSFR)
Walk-on (2): Conner Johnson (RSFR), Jesse Brown (RSSO)
Commits (2): Tyler Bruggman (4-star), Isaac Dotson (2-star)

Running backs

Scholarship (4): Teondray Caldwell (SO), Marcus Mason (JR), Leon Brooks (RSSR), Theron West (RSJR)
Walk-on (4): Kyle Adkins (RSFR), Manuel Lamson (RSSO), Kyle Lappano (RSSO), Jeremiah Laufasa (RSSO)
Commits (3): Gerard Wicks (3-star), Olito Thompson (3-star), Jamal Morrow (3-star)

Wide receivers

Scholarship (11): Henry Eaddy (RSSO), Isiah Myers (JR), Max Hersey (RSSO), Gabe Marks (SO), Bobby Ratliff (RSJR), Brett Bartolone (SO), Dominique Williams (RSSO), Kristoff Williams (RSJR), Mansel Simmons (RSSO), Rickey Galvin (RSJR), Robert Lewis (FR)*
Walk-on (6): Bennett Bontemps (SR), Daniel McDonald (RSJR), Michael Newman (RSFR), Drew Loftus (RSSO), Tyler Baker (RSSO), Brett McDonald (RSSO)
Commits (2): River Cracraft (3-star), Vince Mayle (3-star)

Offensive line

Scholarship (12): John Fullington (SR), Pierson Villarrubia (RSFR), Jake Rodgers (RSJR), Eduardo Middleton (RSFR), Matt Goetz (RSSR), Moritz Christ (RSSO), Denzell Dotson (RSFR), Elliott Bosch (RSSR), Nui Sale (RSJR), Sam Flor (RSRico Forbes (RSSR), B.J. Salmonson (FR)*
Walk-on (6): Gunnar Eklund (RSSO), Joe Dahl (RSSO), Brent Anderson (RSJR), Zach Brevick (RSSR), Matt Adamson (RSFR), Jeff Waldner (RSJR)
Commits (5): Matt Meyer (3-star), Cody O'Connell (2-star), Jacob Seydel (2-star), Cole Madison (3-star), Carlos Freeman (2-star)

Defensive line

Scholarship (10): Ioane Gauta (SR), Toni Pole (RSJR), Robert Barber (RSFR), David Davis (RSSO), Austin Brown (RSFR), Matthew Bock (RSSR), Xavier Cooper (RSSO), Darryl Paulo (RSSO), Justin Clayton (RSSR), Destiny Vaeao (SO)
Walk-on (1): Sherman Hutcherson (RSSO)
Commits (5): Gerald Sterling (3-star), Paulo Lepua (3-star), Lyman Faoliu (3-star), Malik Jenkins (2-star), Emmitt Su'a-Kalio (2-star)


Scholarship (12): Khalil Pettway (RSFR), Keith Ewing (RSFR), Darren Markle (RSSR), Kache Palacio (SO), Eric Oertel (SR), Cyrus Coen (JR), Logan Mayes (JR), Darryl Monroe (RSSO), Tana Pritchard (RSSO), Chester Su'a (JR), Jeremiah Allison (SO), Justin Sagote (SR)
Walk-on (1): Jared Byers (RSJR)
Commits (2): Ivan McLennan (3-star), Peyton Pelluer (2-star)


Scholarship (6): Damante Horton (SR), Nolan Washington (RSSR), Anthony Carpenter (RSSR), Tracy Clark (RSJR), Alex Jackson (RSFR), Rahmel Dockery (RSFR)
Walk-on (0):
Commits (2): Daquawn Brown (3-star), Markell Sanders (2-star)


Scholarship (5): Deone Bucannon (SR), Casey Locker (RSSR), Taylor Taliulu (SO), Feddie Davey (SO), David Bucannon (RSFR)
Walk-on (1): Mitchell Peterson
Commits (2): Myron Turner (3-star), Darius Lemora (2-star)


Scholarship (2): Andrew Furney (SR), Michael Bowlin (SR)
Walk-on (3): Wes Concepcion (RSSO), Alex Den Bleyker (SO), Ryan Saparto (RSJR)
Commits (0):

*Player grayshirted in 2012 and enrolled in January, counting toward the 2012 recruiting class.

What does it all mean?

Based on this, WSU currently has 64 players on scholarship. The Cougars have 23 committed as part of the 2013 recruiting class so as the saying goes, something's got to give. It would come as no surprise if a couple of the players listed above were no longer on the team when spring football rolls around, but we won't know that until WSU releases a new roster. There is also the chance a player or two from the new recruiting class doesn't qualify.

Either way, WSU shouldn't have a problem taking a full recruiting class in 2013.