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WSU Football Recruiting: Free text message alerts!

In class? Working? No problem, we've got you covered.

Brett Bartolone is really, really excited about this news.
Brett Bartolone is really, really excited about this news.
William Mancebo

I remember last year, and the year before it, multiple people jokingly saying "Can someone text me when so-and-so faxes in his letter of intent? I have class." Wish no more, my dear friends, for the CougCenter crew has you covered. Are you stuck working at your job instead of following the fax cam? Do you have a class that you don't really pay attention in anyway? Fantastic, just sign up for our free text service, and be alerted whenever WSU gets a new commit!

I know this all sounds sketchy, so I'll go ahead and copy/paste the template Tomahawk Nation used.

How Do I Register?
text COUGCENTER to 84483

How Many Texts Can I Expect On Signing Day?
About 25. We will notify you when a WSU commitment/target signs his National Letter Of Intent, and of any major developments with WSU recruiting.

Is this still FREE to me?
It is just like receiving a normal text message from a friend. Standard text and data rates apply.

Will any party receive unsolicited messages ("SPAM") on their mobile phones?
NO. The service enforces a ZERO SPAM policy which clearly prohibits unsolicited messages, and does not sell the contact information of its subscribers to its sponsors or third party marketers. They cannot afford to ruin the credibility of our company, nor the industry. Therefore you will never receive advertisement messages from this service.

How Do I Cancel/ Unsubscribe After Signing Day?
Simply text "STOP" to 84483

It's that simple.


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