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WSU Football Recruiting: Montrel Meander de-commits from WSU, commits to Texas

Well, that's something. After Mike Leach and Co. pulled an offer from a Myron Turner to make room for Montrel Meander, he spurns them and flips to Texas.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Mike Leach didn't intend for this to happen, but consensus three-star recruit, Montrel Meander -- who the Cougs were recruiting as a safety -- is now a verbal commit to the Texas Longhorns.

That's something, considering the Cougs yanked Myron Turner's offer in order to give Meander a spot. For those wondering, Turner verbally committed to Utah State. Not really sure where we go from here, but Scout recently updated their rankings and Isaac Dotson went from a 2-star QB to a 3-star safety. Not saying that's the solution, simply offering one possibility.

Obviously people will now point to WSU having egg all over it's face, but these are the risks you take in recruiting. It sucks they had to pull the offer, but Turner made it out just fine. His college education is still being paid for by an FBS team. The fact that Texas is poaching our recruits sucks, but it also means we're headed in the right direction. I don't blame Meander, either. He gets to play for one of the biggest programs in the nation. Texas is a powerhouse, despite what their recent record (or Texas Tech fans) says. Austin is also roughly eight hours from Amarillo, so that's much closer than the nearly 1,500 miles from Amarillo to Pullman.

Never begrudge a kid for changing his mind, especially when it's to a bigger program or to stay closer to home. Leach swung and missed, but unfortunately, that's recruiting.


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