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WSU Football Recruiting: Kyle's Fave Five

Who are my five favorite players from the Class of 2013?

Thomas Starke

We did this last year, and since I will use any excuse to work in references to pro wrestling, we're bringing it back. This is not a list of the best five prospects WSU is bringing in, nor is it a list of the five players I think will have the best careers. Simply, this is a list of my favorite five players.


1.) Vince Mayle, WR (6'3, 220, Rocklin, CA) [✯✯✯]

2.) River Cracraft, WR (6'2, 205, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) [✯✯✯]

3.) Peyton Pelluer, LB (6'2, 225, Sammamish, WA) [✯✯✯]

4.) Daquawn Brown, CB (6'0, 170, Los Angeles, CA) [✯✯✯]

5.) Riley Sorenson, OT (6'5, 320, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) [✯✯✯]

You'll notice 4-star QB Tyler Bruggman is absent. This isn't because I don't like him, because I do. I just really like what Austin Apodaca brings to the table. Last year I had Alex Jackson atop this list, and he wound up redshirting and switching positions. So who knows, really.

Who are your Fave Five?