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WSU football recruiting: Mike Leach meets the media to discuss signing day

Washington State head coach Mike Leach met with the media on Wednesday to discuss the players WSU singed on National Signing Day


Mike Leach met with the media Wednesday afternoon after WSU received 19 letters of intent on National Singing Day. Leach discussed all of the signees individually while also discussing the class as a whole.

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You can watch the press conference to the right if you like, but if you don't have the time or the inclination, here's what was said.

WSU put an emphasis on adding offensive and defensive line depth in this class and Leach seemed pleased with what they were able to sign. He talked about the versatility of several recruits and commented that Cody O'Connell, who check in at 6'9 and 350 pounds, is the largest player he's ever coached.

After the uncertainty surrounding Tyler Bruggman and his possible flip to Arizona State, Leach was asked what he knew about the situation. He said he wasn't sure whether ASU had called Bruggman, but said he did receive an excellent lasagna recipe from Bruggman's mom at midnight last night.

Leach was asked about several players who are yet to send in their letters of intent, but as is NCAA policy, he was unable to comment on them. That includes cornerback Marcellus Pippins and running back Olito Thompson. As for the players who have signed, Leach said Vince Mayle has some of the same attributes as Michael Crabtree while Robert Lewis is a bit like Desean Jackson.

Many speculated that the situation with Marquess Wilson would hurt WSU on the recruiting trail, but Leach said he didn't think it had any negative impact. Instead he said it may have had a positive impact.

"If anything I think it was positive. Reviews vindicated our staff so much I almost blushed," Leach said.