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WSU Football Recruiting: Marcus Griffin, DT from Bellevue, commits to Cougs

The big bodied interior lineman chose WSU this weekend, and Mike Breske gets a new DT to add to the rotation.


According to his Twitter feed, Bellevue defensive tackle Marcus Griffin has gone crimson by committing to WSU's 2014 class. Griffin is a consensus three-star prospect via 274sports, and he is the top-rated defensive lineman in the state according to (No. 4 overall). It's still early, so that could very well change, but that's certainly nice to hear.

At 6-foot-3 and 280 pounds, Griffin is a big kid already. He still has his senior season to grow, so it wouldn't completely shock me if he were closer to 300 pounds by the time he suits up for the Cougs.

He's extremely strong and gets good push. Even if he doesn't get the sack, he disrupts the QBs timing and occupies more than one blocker. Both of these are great things that often go unnoticed. I'd say he's a prime candidate to redshirt and then hit the DT rotation in 2015. However, I feel like I might have to re-evaluate him after seeing his senior tape. Not many players are rated this early, and he is. So it's not out of the realm of possibility that he winds up being a 4-star guy who contributes as a true freshman.

He currently holds offers from Colorado State, Idaho, and Wyoming, but I expect those will go up come the fall. We'll label him currently as a high upside guy we're optimistic about, but still in wait-and-see mode. Welcome Marcus, and Go Cougs.


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