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WSU Football Recruiting: Keith Harrington, RB from Florida, becomes fifth commit of 2014


Stephen Dunn

For the second time this week, Mike Leach has landed a playmaker on offense. This time, though, he returns to Florida by landing RB Keith Harrington from St. Petersburg.

Harrington becomes the 5th verbal commit for the Class of 2014, and he's another example of Leach's ability to find guys that make you say "wow". Though small in stature (5'8, 165 lbs.), Harrington more than makes up for that in foot speed. You can watch the embedded video below, but for the better overall video, check out his Hudl page here.

/lights pants on fire
/buys more pants
/lights those on fire

Harrington is listed as a RB, but looking at his skill set, I wouldn't be surprised if they moved him to the H spot a la Rickey Galvin. You could see Leach use Harrington in a bit of a Percy Harvin role as well, switching between RB and WR depending on the formation, down and distance, etc. The important thing here is that Harrington is crazy explosive with the ball in his hands. Just get him the damn ball and let him do his thing.

Obviously size is a bit of an issue, but given that it's still just the summer before his senior season of high school, I feel as if he can add some weight without sacrificing too much speed, if any. I'm always pro-redshirt, especially for guys who need to hit the weight room, but Harrington might be one of those guys that won't go away and force the coaches hand.

I really like this addition, and that makes two fairly high profile recruits from Florida in the early going. We only have five commits thus far, but all five are above average prospects with offers from non-Big Sky schools. Two commits are from Florida, two are from Southern California, and the other is from in-state power Bellevue. I'm buying whatever Mike Leach is selling.

Congrats, Keith, and Go Cougs.


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