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Sebastian LaRue transferring from Texas A&M, could WSU be in the mix?

Sebastian LaRue was a popular prospect last season and now he's back on the market.


Remember the name Sebastian LaRue? If you followed WSU recruiting last year, you likely remember LaRue as the explosive 4-star wide receiver who was interested in WSU along with a host of the top schools in the country. He ultimately landed at Texas A&M, but is back on the market after deciding to transfer, according to 247 Sports.

LaRue cited the desire to be closer to home as one of his main reasons for transferring.

"I want to be closer to home," LaRue said, via Gigem 247. "That's the big thing. I really enjoyed my time at Texas A&M but I'm just not happy there."

LaRue is from Santa Monica, Calif., and while Pullman is roughly 400 miles closer to home than College Station, it's not exactly down the street. There could be more of a home feeling in Pullman, however, with a number of familiar faces. LaRue was one of just three players from California on Texas A&M's roster. WSU's 2013 roster had 39 players from California, including many from Southern California. It's also interesting to note that during his recruitment, LaRue said distance wouldn't be a factor.

"Distance doesn't matter. It just has to be the right feel for me. I have to make the best decision for my life," Larue said in January 2013, via Rivals. "I'll be looking at things like playing time, where I fit in on the depth chart, things like that. Definitely academics. I want to know about my life after football, what they can provide for me in that aspect of life. And the campus life. Those will all be important."

WSU has indeed been mentioned as a potential landing spot for LaRue along with UCLA and USC. He originally committed to the Trojans before opening things up. WSU finished among the finalists, with Ohio State and Notre Dame, Michigan and USC in the mix.

LaRue redshirted this season and would be forced to sit out next season due to NCAA rules. That would make him eligible in 2015 with three years left to play three. That still makes him a very attractive prospect and possibly an ideal fit for WSU. The Cougars are stacked at wide receiver next season, but will graduate five receivers. That will open a lot of playing time in 2015 when LaRue would be a redshirt sophomore.

He is still waiting to receive his release from Texas A&M and is yet to have contact with other schools. WSU begins spring semester on Monday, so it's highly unlikely LaRue would enroll by then. Instead, he'll be similar to a 2014 recruit and likely enroll in the summer, wherever he lands. WSU's 2014 recruiting class is filling up, but the Cougars still have some room to maneuver.

For a quick refresher, here are LaRue's senior highlights. It's easy to see why he was a consensus 4-star recruit and one of the top wide receivers in the nation.