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WSU football recruiting: Dominic Davis flips to USC

The Cougars 2015 recruiting class took a hit on Sunday, with speedster Dominic Davis decommitting.

Dominic Davis
Dominic Davis
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Washington State lost major piece of its 2015 recruiting class on Sunday when running back/inside receiver Dominic Davis flipped his verbal commitment from WSU to USC, according to Greg Biggins and several others. Davis, who originally committed to WSU in July, projects as a dynamic inside receiver with speed to burn.

While WSU has some young talent in the pipeline at inside receiver, the loss could be significant. Davis has risen in the recruiting rankings as the season progressed with some recruiting services ranking him as a 4-star prospect. He also has absurd speed, running a 10.47-second 100-meter dash. That kind of speed is rare and something WSU lacks. Davis likely would have slotted in at the H receiver spot, pairing with Calvin Green to give WSU two players who can stretch the defense vertically and laterally.

When Davis committed to WSU he did so over offers from USC, UCLA and UW. This wasn't a case where a player got a better offer, Davis simply flipped. It's not a massive surprise, because Davis has shown increased interest in USC in recent weeks. The main issue appears to be what position he'd play at the next level. Following his initial commitment, Davis said one of the big reasons he chose the Cougars was the opportunity to play receiver. At that time, the Trojans were recruiting him solely as a running back. That has changed slightly and while he said he's still going to be a running back, Davis said USC coaches told him he'd play some slot, selling him on a "Reggie Bush role." I guess the opportunity to be the next Rickey Galvin isn't quite as alluring.

Washington State's 2-6 record probably didn't help matters either. With Davis no longer in the class, the Cougars currently have 12 players committed. That includes one wide receiver, Deontay Burnett, who may be looking around some too as he's planning to take an official visit to Utah. If you're looking any upside, at least Davis made the decision to flip early so WSU will have time to attempt to recruit another player to fill the void.