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WSU prospect Fotu Leiato II has an impressively violent highlight video

Watch one man lay waste to all of South Tacoma

Fotu Leiato
Fotu Leiato
Student Sports Photos

Recruiting -- or, more affectionately, 'crootin -- is about all college football fans have during the doldrums of the off-season.  With the WSU season ending Saturday on a low note, we're here to start the offseason on a high note.

It can be fun, and sometimes useful, to use highlight videos (through services such as Hudl) to evaluate prospects, see how they might fit in on the roster or project where they could play. Let's just forget all that and watch this guy wreck house.


Fotu Leiato II plays at Steilacoom High in Steilacoom, Washington. He was just offered a scholarship by WSU. Never mind that it's 2A, and the dudes he's playing against are probably going pro in something other than sports. Or that he's "undersized" for a linebacker at 6-foot and 200 pounds. Never mind that too. Or that his other offers are Wyoming, Idaho, Eastern and the Montana schools. That doesn't matter either.

This is one of the most violent, aggressive, borderline reckless, awesome highlight reels I have ever seen.

You can't help but think of a young Troy Polamalu watching him - maybe it's a little bit the hair - and maybe it's watching him reduce a backfield to utter chaos right at the snap, run dudes down that had 10 yard head starts, de-cleat multiple players on a single play, and generally play at 150 mph.

Fotu gets full-tilt and just runs straight through every opponent unlucky enough to have decided to play football this season and foolish enough to not deploy evasive maneuvers immediately when he has his sights set.

I don't care what any of the recruiting services rate him, or how many offers he has and from where. I want to see this kid in Crimson.

Be careful, this could be NSFW.

You can read more about Fotu Leiato II from Britton Ransford, who spoke with his head coach recently, over at WazzuWatch: here