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National Signing Day 2014: Complete list of WSU commitments

Everything you'd want to know about the ratings of the guys expected to sign on Wednesday's National Signing Day in one handy chart. And some other cool stuff!


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With National Signing Day on the horizon, Mark has done a spectacular job keeping you apprised of how the WSU Cougars' 2014 recruiting class is shaping up down the home stretch. But it still can be difficult to keep track of who is who, where they're from, and how the various recruiting services see each prospect.

Enter a mainstay of CougCenter's National Signing Day coverage: The Commit Database.

In the following table, you'll find:

  • Each commit's vitals
  • Links to our profiles
  • Their star ratings from every major recruiting service
  • Links to their player pages at each major recruiting service
  • Their positional ranking with each major recruiting service

As Mark has shown you, WSU isn't done -- there are only 19 players on this list, and WSU is in the mix for a few reasonably high profile players. We'll add to the list if WSU secures commitment from anyone else leading up to Wednesday.

Also take note of the first column. That's where we'll be tracking letters as they're received on Wednesday. Calvin Green and Sean Krepsz already show green because they've graduated early from high school, signed financial aid agreements and are on campus taking classes.

Note: The table is very wide. You might find it easier to see all the information by opening it in its own window using this link.

This one is sortable:

How about a map? Here's a location map of all committed recruits. Click on a circle to learn about each recruit. Be sure to scroll the map all the way out to American Samoa ...

And here are some fun charts! They're interactive, so click, drag, etc. to your heart's content. Scroll buttons on your mouse come in handy for zooming in and out.

The class by position

The class by state