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National Signing Day 2014: CougCenter's all-day live chat!

The letters of intent have been faxed in and we spent nearly 12 hours discussing the signing class in our live chat.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

They came, they saw, they signed

Mark Sandritter [6:56 PM]:

As Brady Quinn would say “Now I’m done”

Mark Sandritter [6:56 PM]:


CB Sulaiman Hameed inks with WSU

The Cougs get a sleeper cornerback in their 2014 class

Mark Sandritter [6:56 PM]:

Hey look at that, Hameed is in

Mark Sandritter [6:39 PM]:

Until then, thanks for everyone who participated. We’ll see y’all next year (and before then too)

Mark Sandritter [6:38 PM]:

We’ll pass along any news related to Hameed, or anyone else as soon as it comes. We’ll also be back later in the day and tomorrow for much more on the newest crop of Cougars.

Mark Sandritter [6:38 PM]:

You can also check out some of Mike Leach’s thoughts about the class here:

Mark Sandritter [6:37 PM]:

If you missed any part of National Signing Day you can find everything that happened involving WSU either in this chat transcript or right here

Mark Sandritter [6:37 PM]:

While we still wait for official word on Hameed, now seems like a good time to shut down the live chat after a 10-hour marathon.

Mark Sandritter [6:27 PM]:

@Bkcm251 For WSU? None, other than how long it’s taking to get Hameed’s LOI official. There were a couple of surprises around the country though.

Bkcm251 [6:22 PM]:

Did anyone hear of any big surprises today?

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [6:17 PM]:

I’m assuming his move to Pasco didn’t impact his talent much, so that’s awesome for WSU. For being under the radar, looks like he has a pretty epic list of other offers….

Mark Sandritter [6:02 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot WSU was after him for a while. He sort of dropped under the radar when he moved from Florida to Pasco. He also didn’t take his official to Pullman until really late in the process.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [6:01 PM]:

Especially with Singleton… Is it just me or did he completely pop up out of nowhere? Seems like a pretty awesome last minute grab

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [5:59 PM]:

I pretty impressed by how many of our beloved new cougs were pretty sought-after. Seems like Leach and Co. did a fine job winning a lot of battles there.

LynnCoug [5:57 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [5:56 PM]:

That would seem to imply that he has signed. So we’re probably just waiting on the WSU compliance department to clear the paperwork.

Mark Sandritter [5:55 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [5:55 PM]:

That is Hameed on the right wearing a WSU hat

LynnCoug [5:55 PM]:

I bet the fax machine broke. Things from the 80’s aren’t all that reliable anymore. Wait, I’m from the 80’s…

Mark Sandritter [5:55 PM]:

cougbud [5:49 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Maybe lunch is sometime after school?

Mark Sandritter [5:48 PM]:

Press conference over. There are a few quotes and some of what Leach had to say.

Mark Sandritter [5:47 PM]:


Leach discusses WSU’s 2014 recruiting class

WSU’s 2014 recruiting class is nearly complete and Mike Leach discussed some of the signed prospects. Here is a little of what he had to say.

Mark Sandritter [5:45 PM]:

@Dr.Coug-A-Lot Not yet.

Dr.Coug-A-Lot [5:44 PM]:

Still no Hameed, right?

Mark Sandritter [5:38 PM]:

Mike Leach pays “virtually no attention to recruiting rankings” and said Wes Welker was probably a minus 3-star

BoiseBuccaneer [5:26 PM]:

@Craig Powers I’m pretty sure that qualifies as flirting.

Craig Powers [5:25 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [5:16 PM]:

Leach on Andre Dillard: “Tall. Huge hands, huge feet.”

Mark Sandritter [5:14 PM]:

“We didn’t settle on any of them. We believe all of them are great players.”

Mark Sandritter [5:13 PM]:

Leach press conference stream is live.

Mark Sandritter [5:10 PM]:

Interesting note while we wait for Leach’s press conference to start. At this point, WSU doesn’t have a single junior college player in this class. I can’t remember the last time that was the case.

.:R [5:05 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter This is great stuff Mark, thanks for all your work and contributions today! It’s been fun

.:R [5:00 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter that’s good then. He will be an absolute beast at DE with his size/athletic ability combo

Mark Sandritter [4:59 PM]:

@Ryan Eames Didn’t sound like it, mentioned his sacks and his development. WSU listed him as a DE too.

Mark Sandritter [4:59 PM]:

@Ryan Eames A ton. I thought he might land at the Z, ala Gabe Marks

.:R [4:58 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter also re:Canty – bigger and stronger implies he will play OL?

.:R [4:57 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter that’s interesting….will be a lot of competition there

Mark Sandritter [4:56 PM]:

Leach says he thinks LaRue will play inside receiver.

Mark Sandritter [4:54 PM]:

More Leach: “We didn’t have to settle for anybody. These were all guys we truly believe could play anywhere.”

Mark Sandritter [4:53 PM]:

Leach said the combination of size and speed make this his best class at WSU.

Mark Sandritter [4:50 PM]:

Leach on Canty: “He’s just getting started. He’s going to get bigger, he’s going to get stronger.”

Mark Sandritter [4:50 PM]:

Leach says Peyton Bender “steadily improved” is smart and anyone named Peyton is good karma.

Mark Sandritter [4:48 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [4:47 PM]:

Leach will discuss the class publicly for the first time and may even have an update on Hameed, if he’s signed.

Mark Sandritter [4:46 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [4:44 PM]:

well you win some and lose others [4:42 PM]:


TekoaCoug [4:36 PM]:

That was just scary and wrong…

SethCougar [4:36 PM]:

Marshawn Lynch drinking Fireball on the front of a Duck… DAY = COMPLETE

Craig Powers [4:33 PM]:

That’s how you do it.

Craig Powers [4:33 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [4:29 PM]:

@LynnCoug Big, if true.

LynnCoug [4:24 PM]:

I hear we are going to sign this 5* ATH from Lynnwood named @LynnCoug. Anyone confirm?

Mark Sandritter [4:23 PM]:

@LynnCoug Still waiting on official confirmation on Hameed, but essentially yes. Barring a very unexpected surprise.

.:R [4:22 PM]:

@BoiseBuccaneer I know we do. I kid because college kickers give me the sadz.

LynnCoug [4:22 PM]:

So, are we done here today?

Mark Sandritter [4:19 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [4:03 PM]:

Yup. Seems about right.

Mark Sandritter [4:03 PM]:

Craig Powers [3:57 PM]:

1. Tweet picture of Marshawn Lynch on Duck Vehicle. 2. ??? 3. Profit.

SethCougar [3:55 PM]:

@GreenlakeCoug Juarez, someone in the Pac-12 is in trouble with the Cartels.

BoiseBuccaneer [3:52 PM]:

@Ryan Eames Hey now, we need replacements for Furney AND Bowlin.

BoiseBuccaneer [3:51 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others If it was painted like the General Lee, maybe.

GreenlakeCoug [3:43 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Is that one from El Paso or Juarez? LOL

Mark Sandritter [3:41 PM]:

Neat look at where the Pac-12 got it’s talent this year

Mark Sandritter [3:40 PM]:

well you win some and lose others [3:40 PM]:

@BoiseBuccaneer Is that too SEC?

.:R [3:38 PM]:

@BoiseBuccaneer IRONY REC for solid kicking recruit, lol

BoiseBuccaneer [3:37 PM]:

I’d grade the class a B. If we had landed a solid kicking recruit and McGary I would have graded it an A.

TekoaCoug [3:36 PM]:

Going to a game at Auburn is a great time though!!!

BoiseBuccaneer [3:35 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others You looked up the bell schedule of a recruit’s high school? I think a little bit of the SEC rubbed off on you from the Auburn game.

well you win some and lose others [3:33 PM]:

12:51 is the closing bell for lunch so either we got it or something else is happening

TekoaCoug [3:33 PM]:

I seem to recall Paris Taylor (is that correct?) moving to LB to add to who we signed today, as well as potentially Davie, and Sua. and the depth chart from last year…on OL I am looking forward to seeing some of the guys get time this year that were sparingly used or not used at all. Cody in particular..

TekoaCoug [3:28 PM]:

Was hoping for Ulutu, but I think we have some depth in the system, and are not really pressed at OL or LB for this year. Assuming we make some inroads in the next class, we should be fine.

newportcoug [3:21 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter B-. Need another OL and a MLB. I’m guessing we’ll grab up some JC guys later.

well you win some and lose others [3:19 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Grade A+ beef

.:R [3:19 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Solid B

Mark Sandritter [3:18 PM]:

Assuming no one other than Hameed signs, this class gets a letter grade of ________?

SoCalCoug [3:17 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter tough to to say, Calvin Green? Maybe Harrington.

well you win some and lose others [3:14 PM]:

Get a take out or delivery!

.:R [3:14 PM]:

@SethCougar This should be a lesson for life. Always choose tacos. ALWAYS.

SethCougar [3:13 PM]:

@Ryan Eames Oh god I remember that Pizza, tasted like it was made from Recycled plastic. CHOOSE THE TACOS Sulaiman!

.:R [3:11 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others When the netted hair ladies make his pizza

well you win some and lose others [3:10 PM]:

When will we know Sulaiman Hameed signed?

.:R [3:07 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [3:04 PM]:

@CarolinaCoug I’ll allow LaRue. And he’s my pick.

BoiseBuccaneer [3:04 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Definitely Singleton. He’d be a 4-star recruit if he didn’t move to Pasco his senior year of high school.

SethCougar [3:04 PM]:

Ware will be legit in our system no doubt, but I think Harrington or Green will be YAC beasts. Both shifty and FAST.

Jesse Cassino [3:04 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Does LaRue count? If not, I’ll go with my boy Harrington.

hollyweirdcoug [3:01 PM]:

Didn’t notice the games- first starter- Pippens. WR yards- Ware.

.:R [2:59 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter B.Ware

Hit-It-Here-Cafe [2:59 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter BARRRYYYYYY

Yakicoug [2:59 PM]:

FWIW, our ranking may be #59, but our 2.8 star average is higher than 8 teams listed ahead of us. Solid class.

Mark Sandritter [2:58 PM]:

Hit-It-Here-Cafe [2:57 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter gotta go with Singleton

.:R [2:56 PM]:

@SoCalCoug ooohhh yeah, forgot about Pippins….. good call, he should start a game or two next year for sure

SoCalCoug [2:53 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Pippins

.:R [2:51 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Singleton

well you win some and lose others [2:51 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Canty

hollyweirdcoug [2:50 PM]:

Nice looking set. I had a feeling Singleton was looking good when Turner wasn’t… grade and entrance wise. Go Cougs- thanks for the coverage!

ptowncoug3012 [2:49 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Singleton!

GreenlakeCoug [2:49 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter I would guess one of the DBs

sbenson [2:49 PM]:

@WazzuCrew11 God, lets hope not.

WazzuCrew11 [2:48 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter BENDER!

Mark Sandritter [2:48 PM]:

The first recruit from the 2014 class to start a game for WSU will be __________?

Mark Sandritter [2:47 PM]:

Let’s play fill in the blanks

SoCalCoug [2:46 PM]:

Sorry but this had to be shared. Plus it is Brian Floyd.

BoiseBuccaneer [2:43 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others My cousin’s sister’s friend’s coworker heard Cheese Zombies will be involved.

TekoaCoug [2:43 PM]:

Who is Joe Doyle? Beat writer somewhere? Is that who Griffin is tweeting to?

Mark Sandritter [2:43 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others He’s going to sign his LOI, then announce his commitment to either a turkey sandwich or pizza. Most recruiting experts predict pizza to be the choice.

SoCalCoug [2:42 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter with JuJu Smith they will be 4/4 on landing big recruits today. If you go by star average, I heard they are in 6th place (before signing JuJu).

well you win some and lose others [2:41 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Will there be hats or will he show what he is having for lunch?

Mark Sandritter [2:39 PM]:

@beaupock Nothing official yet, he’s supposedly signing during lunch at his high school.

Mark Sandritter [2:39 PM]:

@SoCalCoug Yup, huge class for them. And the final year of scholarship reductions.

beaupock [2:38 PM]:

Any word on Sulaiman Hameed yet?

SoCalCoug [2:37 PM]:

USC is starting to clean up. Looks like the will get JuJu Smith out of LB Poly.

bhamm03 [2:37 PM]:

I am just laughing about that Griffin Tweet

SethCougar [2:34 PM]:


WazzuCrew11 [2:32 PM]:

Did you see Hercules Mataafa sister tweet out that he likes to be called “Pegasus”

SethCougar [2:30 PM]:

@BoiseBuccaneer I felt that way regarding this class. There seem to be a lot of players that were brushed to the side (Tapa, LaRue) or just freak athletes that need some polishing (Canty, Fernandez). Leach knows what athletes do well in HIS system so I kinda like this WildCard feeling I get with some of these guys (Reminds me Welker story).

Mark Sandritter [2:27 PM]:

@SethCougar He wasn’t able to qualify by taking a couple of classes and was forced to go the JC route. Could be in the picture next year. We’ll have to wait and see if WSU recruits him again.

Jesse Cassino [2:27 PM]:

@BoiseBuccaneer It’s not just you. This class has all kinds of potential.

SethCougar [2:26 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Speaking of Olito, is absolutely out of the picture at this point? His HS Stats(Yes I know HS Stats) were ridiculous.

BoiseBuccaneer [2:25 PM]:

Is it just me, or is this class a sleeper? Between Ngalu Tapa, Deion Singleton, and Sebastian LaRue, the 2014 signees appear to have way more talent than the rankings let on.

jb91 [2:23 PM]:

Sweet. Thanks for comments on Singleton

Mark Sandritter [2:20 PM]:

It’s a good sign that he signed. When Olito Thompson was having grade issues last year, he didn’t sign with WSU on signing day, despite being committed. If WSU takes the LOI, they expect the guy to get in or at least grayshirt.

WazzuCrew11 [2:20 PM]:

@jeremyb91 pretty high

Mark Sandritter [2:19 PM]:

Basing it on nothing other than what Britton is reporting today on WazzuWatch, it sounds like he’ll make it.

jb91 [2:19 PM]:

What does the CougCenter staff think the likelihood of Singleton making his grades by this fall?

erikrussel [2:16 PM]:

@SoCalCoug Looks like he already deleted it

BoiseBuccaneer [2:15 PM]:

@SoCalCoug Well, based on his grammar and syntax, I’d say he’s a better fit for an Arizona school.

SoCalCoug [2:13 PM]:

Yikes, Griffin stricking back on Twitter.

BoiseBuccaneer [2:12 PM]:

The national ranking also doesn’t factor in Sebastian LaRue and all the grayshirts though.

BoiseBuccaneer [2:11 PM]:

@erikrussel The math says it was an improvement from last year.

Mark Sandritter [2:10 PM]:

@erikrussel National ranking is worse, but averaging rating of the recruits is higher.

erikrussel [2:08 PM]:

IS the consensus that this is better or worse than Leech’s class last year?

BoiseBuccaneer [2:08 PM]:

@SethCougar Not really. I’m curious as to whether Deion Singleton was an unknown get or not.

Mark Sandritter [2:06 PM]:

@SethCougar All quiet

sbenson [2:06 PM]:

@SethCougar Forgot about that!

SethCougar [2:05 PM]:

So any rumors of last minute pushes? This seems like a rather uneventful NSD (In a good way) compared to Bruggman’s stomach Flu scare of last year.

BoiseBuccaneer [2:04 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Well, yeah, but I’m an idealist. I’d like to think he would have signed with Hawaii if it meant he also got a full ride for his friend and a full ride his cousin.

Mark Sandritter [2:01 PM]:

@BoiseBuccaneer Also, some kids just want to stay closer to home. Distance could have been a factor with Ulutu.

Bkcm251 [2:01 PM]:


BoiseBuccaneer [2:00 PM]:

@erikrussel No shame to lose a kid who also got his cousin and high school teammate signed as a package deal, maybe.

.:R [2:00 PM]:

@erikrussel Why no shame? Good program, but MW vs. Pac12? Really?

erikrussel [1:58 PM]:

@Craig Powers Well no shame in losing a kid to Fresno

SethCougar [1:58 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Everytime I watch that video I honestly wonder if Corey Grant has PTSD from that hit.

Mark Sandritter [1:58 PM]:

@gocougs97 You can only add 25 new scholarship athletes a year. The numbers were low due to a bunch of departures. WSU has a small 2014 senior class, so they should be at full scholarship capacity next year.

Craig Powers [1:58 PM]:

@erikrussel No. Went to Fresno.

erikrussel [1:57 PM]:

Did we sign Xavier Ulutu?

Mark Sandritter [1:57 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others Counting Hameed, WSU will be at either 24 or 25 for the class. Depending on how the transfers and early enrollees count.

gocougs97 [1:56 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter So, there will be 5 unused scholarships? Are they saving these for some reason?

Mark Sandritter [1:55 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [1:55 PM]:

Someone say Deone Bucannon highlights?

well you win some and lose others [1:54 PM]:

21 signed how many scholarships do we have left this year

Mark Sandritter [1:54 PM]:

@gocougs97 It’s right in that range. I’ll get an exact count once everything settles and write it up tomorrow.

SoCalCoug [1:54 PM]:

I like how at the end of Zaire Andre announcement at school he yelled Go Cougs! He is a natural already.

SethCougar [1:53 PM]:

@Bkcm251 As far as I’m concerned DBuc highlights should be on a constant loop throughout the FOB AT ALL TIMES

gocougs97 [1:52 PM]:

By my count, there will only be 80 scholarship players with today’s signees. Is that correct?

TekoaCoug [1:52 PM]:

Hameed is the last of the known guys….

Bkcm251 [1:51 PM]:

@TekoaCoug have Deone Bucannan highlights playing during weight lifting sessions!

GreenlakeCoug [1:51 PM]:

@SethCougar Just Hameed I believe

BoiseBuccaneer [1:51 PM]:

Interesting. Did we want Marcus Griffin to play OL or something?

SethCougar [1:51 PM]:

Sorry, scanned through as much as possible. Are we waiting on anyone else at this point ?

erikrussel [1:50 PM]:

Can someone tell me the names of some of the players we are still in the mix for?

TekoaCoug [1:49 PM]:

This seconday will have a TON of potential. Coach em up!

TekoaCoug [1:49 PM]:

I think they wanted him in a position he did not care for…..

Bkcm251 [1:48 PM]:

Legion of Boom in Pullman….GO COUGS!

Mark Sandritter [1:46 PM]:

It still doesn’t mean much at this point, but WSU officially list Hercules Mata’afa as a DE and Kingston Fernandez as a BUCK linebacker.

Mark Sandritter [1:44 PM]:

Hameed is @MeedyBo1 in that equation

TekoaCoug [1:44 PM]:

I think they are very high on Tapa, for good reason, and Canty is also a guy I can see at DE creating all sorts of havoc….

Mark Sandritter [1:43 PM]:

BoiseBuccaneer [1:43 PM]:

@TekoaCoug Well, how about some rumors, yo.

Mark Sandritter [1:43 PM]:

@Bkcm251 Various people have congratulated him on Twitter, including one of his high school coaches. Likely waiting for the paperwork to be approved, if it hasn’t been sent in yet.

Bkcm251 [1:41 PM]:

Is there anything circulating on Hameed?

Bkcm251 [1:40 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson on the river, I’m all in.

Brian Anderson [1:38 PM]:

@Bkcm251 birds in the hand and the bushes. Better to get guys committed to your program and really want to be there.

Mark Sandritter [1:37 PM]:

@Bkcm251 The staff must be high on Tapa and Canty. At some point you have to firm up the guys you know you can get rather than wait on a maybe.

Bkcm251 [1:37 PM]:

@BoiseBuccaneer Now that seems more believable.

TekoaCoug [1:37 PM]:

I did hear they parted ways, but for a different reason

SoCalCoug [1:37 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Wow, that is interesting. Waiting until the end isn’t always a good thing, unless you are a highly touted recruit.

Bkcm251 [1:36 PM]:

@SoCalCoug I can hear pads cracking already! Echoing off the new FOB and music to my ears.

BoiseBuccaneer [1:36 PM]:

@Bkcm251 That was the official line. I’d imagine the unofficial line is that he didn’t have the grades or character to play for Leach.

TekoaCoug [1:36 PM]:

Not what I hear RE:Griffin

Bkcm251 [1:35 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Turned away Griffin because we were full? I’ll take the 2 or 3 instead of the 4 please. What?

Mark Sandritter [1:33 PM]:

Britton Ransford dropping knowledge on the WazzuWatch chat. Says WSU and Turner parted ways in December after it became apparent Turner wouldn’t be able to enroll in Janauary. Also said, WSU and Cal informed Marcus Griffin they didn’t have any space left. More info here

Bkcm251 [1:33 PM]:

@SoCalCoug That’s great

SoCalCoug [1:33 PM]:

Frankie “I” Luvu

BoiseBuccaneer [1:32 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Here’s to hoping he can get the nickname Frankie Buck-Wild.

SoCalCoug [1:32 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson this is true.

Mark Sandritter [1:29 PM]:

WSU is officially calling him Frankie Luvu not Frank. So there’s that.

Mark Sandritter [1:28 PM]:


3-star Samoan LB Frank Luvu signs

The Cougs added another defensive player from American Samoa on National Signing Day.

LynnCoug [1:27 PM]:

Nice, Luvu

Mark Sandritter [1:24 PM]:

Here are some videos of Zaire Andre. Him announcing the signing at a school press conference and an interview after.

erikrussel [1:19 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Aw thats too bad. I remember a few years ago we were in a few of those. Super exciting.

BoiseBuccaneer [1:18 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson TAMU losing a 4-star is closer to dropping a $20 bill. It probably won’t hurt, but could be an annoyance.

Brian Anderson [1:16 PM]:

@SoCalCoug Although…them losing a 4-star WR is kinda like me dropping a nickel out of my pocket.

ptowncoug3012 [1:16 PM]:

My impact guys are Ware, Tapa and Singleton, especially Singleton. I think he will have chip on his shoulder which I absolutely love.

Brian Anderson [1:16 PM]:

@SoCalCoug Yes.

Mark Sandritter [1:16 PM]:

@erikrussel Don’t think so. Brayden Lenius is announcing around 1 p.m., but WSU didn’t make his final cut.

SoCalCoug [1:15 PM]:

I think Hameed and Luvu are the ones left, unless we get a surprise.

SoCalCoug [1:14 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson then should we say LOL U MAD TAMU?!?!

Bkcm251 [1:14 PM]:

@ptowncoug3012 I can see Canty ranking high in the QB fear factor. Can you imagine him on a blindside untouched sack? OUCH!

erikrussel [1:14 PM]:

Are there going to be any of those hat things later today involving us?

BoiseBuccaneer [1:13 PM]:

@SoCalCoug We recruited the hell out of California this year it seems like.

ptowncoug3012 [1:13 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter I blame the New Mexico loss for not getting any signing day wins! LOL

Brian Anderson [1:13 PM]:

@SoCalCoug LaRue kinda counts (TAMU)

SoCalCoug [1:12 PM]:

How many are we at? 21? I am pretty surprised we haven’t got a commit from Texas, Oklahoma or Louisiana this year.

ptowncoug3012 [1:12 PM]:

@Bkcm251 I think that is in the measurables, such as speed and size. Not perfect, but someone like Canty is seen as having a ton of possiblity.

Bkcm251 [1:11 PM]:

@ptowncoug3012 Diamonds in the rough rating, LOL!

Mark Sandritter [1:11 PM]:

@ptowncoug3012 That is absolutely the next step. We’re getting invited to the party, now we need someone to ask us to dance.

Bkcm251 [1:10 PM]:

@ptowncoug3012 It would be nice to see something where you could gauge raw undeveloped talent and prospect upside.

ptowncoug3012 [1:10 PM]:

I think the next step for us, is to land some of these high profile guys on signing day decisions. You don’t want a lot of these type guys anyway, but 1 or 2 would be nice.

Bkcm251 [1:10 PM]:

@GreenlakeCoug Good point.

ptowncoug3012 [1:08 PM]:

I feel with this class there are less unknown type players. I kind of use the stars as the gauge for this and if you look at between this class and last year’s class there is less unknowns than last year. Although stars should never be the end all be all, obviously there is something to be said about getting what is perceived as a quality of athlete.

GreenlakeCoug [1:08 PM]:

@Bkcm251 We’ve got 2 or 3 4-stars depending on the source. ESPN has us at 2

Bkcm251 [1:08 PM]:

@CougsNation RIGHT!

Bkcm251 [1:08 PM]:

@sbenson We can still keep our sights high!

SoCalCoug [1:07 PM]:

This is why we didn’t get Griffin. You wouldn’t be able to see throught he Coug logo.

TekoaCoug [1:06 PM]:

I think Tapa will make an early impact, as well as one or two secondary players….

CougsNation [1:05 PM]:

@Bkcm251 The 2015 class is off to a great start. Already have a 4 star commit.

peep6543 [1:05 PM]:

Would be cool if we flipped someone today previously thought headed elsewhere

well you win some and lose others [1:05 PM]:

Who will be the greatest contributor for next year’s football?

sbenson [1:04 PM]:

@Bkcm251 Maybe in a different life. UW rarely pulls 5 stars.

SoCalCoug [1:04 PM]:

@PullManiac He is talking elite college QBs. Sanchez was considered one & a 1st RD draft pick that hasn’t panned out in the NFL. I will take a QB like that in college any day of the week.

Jeff Nusser [1:04 PM]:

@PullManiac or if the Seahawks screwed up by passing on Andy Dalton and taking Russell Wilson

Bkcm251 [1:03 PM]:

Maybe a 5-star here and there?

Brian Anderson [1:03 PM]:

You can see class rankings from 247 here

Bkcm251 [1:03 PM]:

We will know we are getting somewhere when we start to see multiple 4-star recruits signing. I long the day.

Andrew Crookston [1:02 PM]:

@SoCalCoug Ask Trent if he is still high on Mark Sanchez?

erikrussel [1:02 PM]:

Are there any big names were still in the mix for?

Brian Anderson [1:02 PM]:

@GreenlakeCoug Somewhere around there, yeah. It’s at 65 right now with 19 signees. One or two 4-stars really affect those rankings, so does size of the class. I really like this class even though it’s rated a little lower than we’d like to see. Not a lot separates that low-40 to mid-50 rank this year.

Bkcm251 [1:02 PM]:

@sbenson By my score card, we are waiting on Hameed and Luvu still.

Bkcm251 [1:00 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter I think the better rate is the per player rate as referenced earlier, .8171. The per school rating system used by say can be dramatically influenced by higher quantity of recruits.

TekoaCoug [1:00 PM]:

In the 50’s on Scout, not sure about the others. They also do not credit the ratings of the guys who delayed enrollment, nor Larue (big big get), so it is probably defaulted a bit low.

SoCalCoug [1:00 PM]:

This is what Trent Dilfer had to say to me about Peyton Bender.

sbenson [1:00 PM]:

Anything on Hameed yet?

GreenlakeCoug [12:58 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson Aren’t we projected to be in the 50s this year?

Mark Sandritter [12:58 PM]:

Recruiting class rankings are also weird. They don’t include grayshirts or transfers and reward points on overall numbers. WSU is signing a smaller class this year due to grayshirts, so it got docked a bit overall for that. If you include Sebastian LaRue in the rankings, the Cougars would go up too.

Brian Anderson [12:57 PM]:

@Craig Powers I look more nationally — right around mid-30s to low-40s is the sweet spot, I think. Occasional class that breaks into 25-ish. That’s entirely doable for WSU and would field some real competitive teams.

TekoaCoug [12:57 PM]:

As well as a winning campaign and another Bowl Invite…

TekoaCoug [12:57 PM]:

I think you will continue to see the classes tick up in quality as the on the field quality continues to improve. Facilities actually being completed will help next year IMHO.

Bkcm251 [12:56 PM]:

@PullManiac I think our classes will continually increase in direct correlation with our on the field success.

Craig Powers [12:55 PM]:

@PullManiac That’s what I’m hoping with Leach’s staff.

Andrew Crookston [12:55 PM]:

You guys are doing great on the text. Hercules in in!

Bkcm251 [12:54 PM]:

Let the Island invation begin, welcome Mr. Mata’afa!

erikrussel [12:54 PM]:

@Craig Powers Not bad. I’ll take it.

Andrew Crookston [12:54 PM]:

@Craig Powers is it realistic that we could be around 8-9 consistently with an occasional better classes closer to the middle?

Bkcm251 [12:54 PM]:


Craig Powers [12:53 PM]:

WSU signs a “king” and a “god” for the defense.

well you win some and lose others [12:53 PM]:

@erikrussel Hey, if rankings matter in football, would there be any busts?

GreenlakeCoug [12:53 PM]:

This constantly updating chat has been making me very unproductive for the last 4 hours… and i love it.

Craig Powers [12:52 PM]:

@erikrussel Various services have WSU No. 8 to No. 10

Mark Sandritter [12:52 PM]:

@Bkcm251 Sounds like WSU just went in another direction. Signed a few HS DBs. Don’t know exactly why they moved on.

Bkcm251 [12:52 PM]:

@erikrussel According to Scout, we are currently ranked 10.

erikrussel [12:52 PM]:

@PullManiac Im not sure. We usually are.

LynnCoug [12:51 PM]:

Wait, is this a trick, coach @erikrussell?

Bkcm251 [12:51 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter That’s right, thanks reminding me Mr. Sandritter! What happened with Turner?

Mark Sandritter [12:51 PM]:

Hercules! Hercules!

Mark Sandritter [12:51 PM]:


Greco-Roman deity/Hawai’ian DE signs with WSU

The Cougs went out to the Pacific once again to bolster their front seven.

CougsNation [12:50 PM]:

@erikrussel Ratings are overrated.

.:R [12:49 PM]:

@erikrussel No

Andrew Crookston [12:49 PM]:

@erikrussel are we projected to be?

Mark Sandritter [12:49 PM]:


Kingston Fernandez faxes in his letter of intent

The defensive end from Hawai’i has gone crimson.

erikrussel [12:49 PM]:

Do you think we will be the lowest rated class in the Pac12?

SoCalCoug [12:49 PM]:

Dilfer on Bender

LynnCoug [12:48 PM]:


BoiseBuccaneer [12:48 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [12:48 PM]:

.:R [12:48 PM]:

@Bkcm251 Turner is out, Krepsz and Green are already enrolled

BoiseBuccaneer [12:48 PM]:

@Bkcm251 Krepsz graduated early, is already enrolled and on campus for spring semester. He’s in.

Mark Sandritter [12:48 PM]:

@Bkcm251 Begg, Krepsz and Green all signed in January and are enrolled. Turner is no longer coming to WSU, the two sides went their separate ways. Still waiting on Hameed.

Bkcm251 [12:47 PM]:

Non-island verbals i haven’t seen anything on yet are Hameed, Begg, Krepsz, Turner, Green. Is my home score card correct? Super excited about Singleton.

Mark Sandritter [12:47 PM]:

Keenan Bowen made has an interesting note on the Coug247 message board. Fresno State, which beat out WSU for Ulutu, recently offered his cousin and a high school teammate. His cousin didn’t have any other offers. Recruiting!

peep6543 [12:46 PM]:

I was supposed to have traffic court at 10 AM on 4th ave. Yeeeaaahhhh I postponed it…

well you win some and lose others [12:45 PM]:

Or do you have a Nussercopter?

Craig Powers [12:45 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Roth is a good QB evaluator, too.

well you win some and lose others [12:44 PM]:

Take the bus Jeff

BoiseBuccaneer [12:44 PM]:

I have a hunch Deion Singleton is going to be a big get for us.

BoiseBuccaneer [12:44 PM]:


Jeff Nusser [12:44 PM]:

I can verify that you do not want to be driving downtown right now

peep6543 [12:42 PM]:

@SoCalCoug Lenius is supposedly with UW

.:R [12:42 PM]:

@SoCalCoug Brayden does not have us in his final cut

.:R [12:41 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson Yup, really excited about him. That release is so quick. Starter for 2015 is really up in the air

SoCalCoug [12:41 PM]:

I think we see one to two unexpected gets. DE Tramal Ivy? Brayden Lenius?

Brian Anderson [12:40 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Throwing motion is really similar, Yogi’s spot on with “compact”. It’ll be a lot of fun watching him and Bruggman compete over the next few years.

Mark Sandritter [12:39 PM]:

If you are a quarterback and get a Drew Brees hashtag and it isn’t related to height, you are good in my book.

peep6543 [12:39 PM]:

@well you win some and lose others Agreed. Leach has gotten great character guys for sure.

Mark Sandritter [12:38 PM]:

Overall, the quality of recruits in this class is a notch above what WSU signed the last few seasons. The class has an average rating of 0.8319 per 247Sports, which is by far the best of recent seasons (2013 – .8171, 2012 – .8068, 2011 – .8028, 2010 – .8094, 2009 – .8090). It may lack elite guys, but the top 15 or so are very solid, legitimate Pac-12 recruits.

well you win some and lose others [12:38 PM]:

@peep6543 If they are not prima donnas then I will be fine

peep6543 [12:37 PM]:

AND WHO THE HECK IS THOMAS KOPELMAN? I’ve seen him for bb on the front page of Cougfan for a year and no offers. I don’t get it…

Brian Anderson [12:37 PM]:

Real high praise from Yogi, worked with him a bit during Elite 11 tryouts in the spring last year.

sbenson [12:37 PM]:

@peep6543 Not in the least.

Brian Anderson [12:37 PM]:

jb91 [12:35 PM]:

My mystery get from Samoa would be Christopher Manilla. Otherwise I can’t see anyone else other than Luvu coming from Samoa.

SoCalCoug [12:34 PM]:

Singleton looks really good on film (skill, speed & coverage wise), except his tackling, seems a bit hesitant for a Safety, but that can be corrected.

SoCalCoug [12:33 PM]:

Commits that I could see play right aways: Tapa, Green & any of the CBs.

LynnCoug [12:33 PM]:

I’d be ok with that

peep6543 [12:32 PM]:

does anyone feel some of these recruits are Wulff-esque?

TekoaCoug [12:32 PM]:

I think we are going to see a mystery get from Samoa.

TekoaCoug [12:31 PM]:

Fresno State

Mark Sandritter [12:31 PM]:

@CarolinaCoug Fresno State

Jesse Cassino [12:30 PM]:

Missed it earlier, where did Ulutu end up?

TekoaCoug [12:30 PM]:

I wrote him off after the decommit. Pretty rare to see a kid drop a commit and end up signing with that school.

LynnCoug [12:29 PM]:

Well, good for him, I guess…

TekoaCoug [12:26 PM]:

Yes, saw the Griffen post a hour or two ago. Thankfully that is over with. Wish him the best, but …meh.

Mark Sandritter [12:26 PM]:

@LynnCoug Yup, he signed a couple hours ago.

LynnCoug [12:24 PM]:

On twitter

LynnCoug [12:24 PM]:

Seeing Marcus Griffin to UA

Mark Sandritter [12:23 PM]:

Fitting the fastest player in the class was the first to sign.

sbenson [12:22 PM]:

@erikrussel Ware and Canada

Mark Sandritter [12:22 PM]:

Keith Harrington

Mark Sandritter [12:22 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [12:22 PM]:

@erikrussel Depends on which recruiting service you prefer. 247Sports has us with one, ESPN two, Rivals and Scout none

erikrussel [12:21 PM]:

Did we sign any 4 star prospects this year?

Craig Powers [12:20 PM]:

We lost the name game.

Craig Powers [12:20 PM]:

well you win some and lose others [12:20 PM]:

That is why you have friends that can get you in and out of Seattle aka helicopter.

Mark Sandritter [12:15 PM]:

Brian Anderson [12:14 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Ware, Porter, Singleton, Bender. With an honorable mention to Greg Hoyd III. A month ago I was fired up about the LBs, now it’s looking like the secondary could have some real talent.

Mark Sandritter [12:14 PM]:

That is Squally Canada, via Keenan Bowen

.:R [12:13 PM]:

@CougsNation from the look of it he can play some hoop too….should pair up with Canty!

Mark Sandritter [12:13 PM]:

Mark Sandritter [12:12 PM]:

That is accurate. We might have to wait a while for island prospects

harpstar [12:12 PM]:

WazzuCrew11 [12:10 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Singleton and Canty

TekoaCoug [12:10 PM]:

Tapa and Canty.

Jesse Cassino [12:10 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Founding member of the Keith Harrington Fan Club.

CougsNation [12:09 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter Deion Singleton. To have that length and speed in the back field will be huge. Could definitely make an immediate impact.

Mark Sandritter [12:08 PM]:

.:R [12:07 PM]:

in that order

sbenson [12:07 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter based on potential talent alone, it’s a tie between Ware and Singleton.

.:R [12:07 PM]:


Yakicoug [12:05 PM]:

@Craig Powers – Yes, Tapa has 2 younger brothers according to a story on CougFan.

Mark Sandritter [12:05 PM]:

With most of the class signed, time to join some fanclubs. Who is your favorite recruit in the class?

Yakicoug [12:05 PM]:

Tapa has 2 younger brothers…2016 class.

well you win some and lose others [12:03 PM]:

Maybe they come on the off days?

Mark Sandritter [12:02 PM]:

It’s amazing WSU doesn’t land every recruit, just by taking them to Ferdinands

WazzuCrew11 [12:01 PM]:

@Gonzougar Fan That handle hurts my brain

well you win some and lose others [12:00 PM]:

In honor of Ferdinand’s our motto should be “We have ice cream!”

Nickel Sandwiches [12:00 PM]:

Branch: our new kicker. Way to pick up a two sport athlete!

harpstar [12:00 PM]:

When it comes to that last scholly, don’t fall for any red Harring…tons

SoCalCoug [12:00 PM]:

BTW is is 6am in Pago Pago, it might be a while if we have some surprises.

BuffaloCoug [11:59 AM]:

Need Hameed and the South Pacific Islanders now

Mark Sandritter [11:58 AM]:

@BuffaloCoug That’s definitely a possibility. Or they could be waiting to see who’s out there when the musical chairs stops.

SoCalCoug [11:57 AM]:

So far this live chat is the best Evers!

BuffaloCoug [11:57 AM]:

Let’s hope Mataafa can avoid the Yakuza influence in Pullman

Craig Powers [11:57 AM]:

WSU soccer didn’t have to Branch out far for that commit

Skurskicoug [11:56 AM]:

What about the kid out of Gresham?

BuffaloCoug [11:56 AM]:

Mark, there are 17 expected to sign today. There were 7 already enrolled. So, there should be one more to give. Maybe they are saving it for a kicker?

Craig Powers [11:56 AM]:

Branch will need to hit the weight room , but I like her as an inside receiver.

harpstar [11:55 AM]:

We got Jordan Branch!

harpstar [11:55 AM]:

Craig Powers [11:54 AM]:

Womp waaa

SoCalCoug [11:54 AM]:

Hopefully Peyton stays focused in Pullman and doesn’t have to many Benders.

sbenson [11:54 AM]:

@harpstar fail

.:R [11:53 AM]:

embed tweet fail :(

.:R [11:53 AM]:

Craig Powers</a> This is even better <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Whoops! RT <a href="">martinrickman: Rashaan Evans already up on Auburn’s official site

February 5, 2014

harpstar [11:52 AM]:

Too bad things to a Turner for the worst with that JC cornerback…

CougsNation [11:52 AM]:

WARE can we BARRY the competition?

Craig Powers [11:51 AM]:

Does Ngalu have any brothers? Because I could go for Tapas.

Craig Powers [11:50 AM]:

You think you are cool Alabama becaquse you signed a recruit from Auburn, Ala.? Well we grabbed a guy straight outta Bear Bryant High School. BOOM

WazzuCrew11 [11:50 AM]:

We missed out on a kid named Lion King. Sad face

harpstar [11:50 AM]:

Like Chinese water torture… just keeps Tapa’ing on your head

Mark Sandritter [11:49 AM]:

Between Ware, Canada and Canty. This class receives high marks on puns.

Craig Powers [11:47 AM]:

There has been a “Squall” of LOIs since 8 am PT

Mark Sandritter [11:47 AM]:

@BuffaloCoug Most likely, Sebastian LaRue and Deion Singleton filled those spots.

Mark Sandritter [11:47 AM]:


Big Cali WR signs with the Cougs

A former UCLA commit is now headed to Pullman.

harpstar [11:46 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [11:46 AM]:

Ware in

Mark Sandritter [11:45 AM]:

PJ Kendall [11:45 AM]:

@BuffaloCoug Dibs on one

BuffaloCoug [11:44 AM]:

So, who do the 2 extra schollies go to

harpstar [11:44 AM]:

I saw that about Turner. Seems like his size was perfect for Breske’s system.

Mark Sandritter [11:43 AM]:

WSU added a ton of DBs in this class. Must be confident in the ability of some of the incoming freshman.

BuffaloCoug [11:43 AM]:

Maybe we didn’t need him once we got Hameed and Singleton

BuffaloCoug [11:42 AM]:

Yeah, I figured that was the story when I saw that Turner was not on the list of expected signees on Scout

.:R [11:42 AM]:

Damn, we needed Turner

Mark Sandritter [11:41 AM]:

And there it is. That was the paywalled news

.:R [11:41 AM]:

Tapa in

CougsNation [11:41 AM]:

Mark Sandritter [11:41 AM]:

When it comes to the LOI count. Important to remember WSU signed six players in January and most, if not all, are counting toward the 2014 class. WSU might also want to leave a spot or two open for late additions.

SoCalCoug [11:40 AM]:

I think surprises might have been Ekuale & Pippins.

Mark Sandritter [11:40 AM]:

@Skurskicoug They’ve been after a few kickers. No luck yet, might land a preferred walk-on.

sbenson [11:38 AM]:

@SoCalCoug Mayle?

SoCalCoug [11:38 AM]:

Would love to see a surprise today. Who was our surprise last year? Sorenson?

Skurskicoug [11:37 AM]:

Also, were we looking at signing a kicker? After Vizcaino flipped, I felt like that is something we really needed to shore up.

CougsNation [11:35 AM]:

So does that mean someone’s offer has been pulled?

Mark Sandritter [11:35 AM]:

@Skurskicoug That’s just the ones signing today. Have to factor in the early enrollees too

.:R [11:35 AM]:


harpstar [11:35 AM]:

delayed enroll + early signees?

Glenn Duggan [11:34 AM]:

My pants are still off from Super Bowl Sunday, keeping them off for NLI day. GO COUGS!

Skurskicoug [11:34 AM]:

only 17 LOIs? Can’t we sign up to 25?

Mark Sandritter [11:33 AM]:

NSD 2014
Signed LOIs 12
Estimated LOIs to be faxed 5

BuffaloCoug [11:32 AM]:

Mark, give us a hint about the rumors.

Craig Powers [11:32 AM]:

@SpectreFCO I’m biased towards Vermont maple syrup, of course.

Mark Sandritter [11:30 AM]:

pomeroycoug [11:29 AM]:

OK. I see it. I’ve been switchiong back and forth between it and doing “work”: and was missing it. Thanks.

PJ Kendall [11:29 AM]:

@Craig Powers you ommitted the lines about maple syrup and America’s dandruff, but a good rendition nonetheless.

SoCalCoug [11:29 AM]:

Where is our Fax Cam girl? Bama has one. #RollTide

Mark Sandritter [11:28 AM]:


Kevin Griffin faxes in his letter of intent

The cornerback out of the Bay Area is on his way to Pullman.

harpstar [11:28 AM]:

That’s where that extra scholly went

harpstar [11:28 AM]:

He signed twice!

.:R [11:27 AM]:

K. Griff in

sbenson [11:27 AM]:

@PomeroyCoug the fax machine is getting worked pretty hard right now.

SoCalCoug [11:27 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter it was good while it lasted Bobby Ratliff, but hello Squally Canada fan club!!!

pomeroycoug [11:27 AM]:

All I see on the Fax Cam is replays of games. Should I be seeing incoming faxes? Fax machine seems to be “unreceiving”

sbenson [11:27 AM]:

Barry Ware is making me nervous.

Mark Sandritter [11:26 AM]:

Canada is my favorite recruit in this class. I think he’s going to be very good.

Craig Powers [11:25 AM]:

O Canada! Our home and native land True patriot love in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise The true north, strong and free From far and wide, O Canada We stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free O Canada! We stand on guard for thee O Canada! We stand on guard for thee.

SoCalCoug [11:25 AM]:

I heard he is hard to tackle, really squally. /rimshot

Mark Sandritter [11:25 AM]:


Squally Canada’s LOI is in

The running back from Northern California is officially a Coug.

sbenson [11:24 AM]:


.:R [11:24 AM]:

2nd fav get this year, Squally, right after Canty

WazzuCrew11 [11:24 AM]:


harpstar [11:24 AM]:

“Perfect Storm”

Mark Sandritter [11:24 AM]:

The WSU fax machine is getting a workout right now. Squally Canada is in!

harpstar [11:23 AM]:


SoCalCoug [11:23 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [11:22 AM]:


Alabama corner signs with WSU

The newest Coug comes from a high school names for Bear Bryant, so he’s gotta be good.

sbenson [11:22 AM]:

Feels really good to get a Bama recruit. The south is a hotbed of talent, so much different than the west coast.

Jesse Cassino [11:22 AM]:

School internet crashed there. How dare they. Glad to see Singleton go crimson, and I’m very high on Tapa. And really, this class in general seems a step above the last several years. Very exciting.

CougsNation [11:22 AM]:

Damn, I am super excited about our DBs in this class! All possess raw talent.

Craig Powers [11:22 AM]:

We still need dugout girls, though

Mark Sandritter [11:21 AM]:

You may have dugout girls, Razorbacks. But you do not have Patrick Porter.

PJ Kendall [11:21 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter Does that mean we could call the coach who landed him “The Stud Finder”? Cricket, cricket

Mark Sandritter [11:21 AM]:

Boom. Take that USC-East/Arkansas

sbenson [11:21 AM]:

Excited about Tapa as well, hope he keeps his life turned around.

Mark Sandritter [11:20 AM]:

.:R [11:20 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter and a hopeful Engineer to boot!

Mark Sandritter [11:19 AM]:

Really excited about Tapa. People who have seen him play, love him. The word stud gets used a lot.

Mark Sandritter [11:18 AM]:


Ngalu Tapa officially becomes a Coug

The three-star defensive tackle could be one of the steals of the class.

CougsNation [11:18 AM]:


SoCalCoug [11:17 AM]:

O-Lineman are going to TAPA out!

Mark Sandritter [11:17 AM]:

Might just be waiting on WSU to clear the paperwork before it’s announced

SoCalCoug [11:17 AM]:


Brian Anderson [11:17 AM]:

WazzuCrew11 [11:16 AM]:

And Tapa is in

Mark Sandritter [11:16 AM]:

WazzuCrew11 [11:16 AM]:


Craig Powers [11:16 AM]:

There are people congratulating Porter on Twitter:

.:R [11:14 AM]:

@Craig Powers with Nusser’s Eggers typo the other day and slab of beef references, there has to be a Steak n’Eggs joke in there somewhere…

sbenson [11:14 AM]:

He was interested in Harvard? Dang, kid must be smart. Good to get a kid with physical tools as well as smarts.

harpstar [11:13 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter You’d hope eastern time zones would have faxed by now.

Craig Powers [11:12 AM]:

Big ’ol slab of beef

Mark Sandritter [11:11 AM]:


Brandon Evers faxed in his letter of intent

The big offensive lineman from the Inland Empire is officially a Coug.

Mark Sandritter [11:10 AM]:

Mark Sandritter [11:09 AM]:

@Ryan Eames Slotted as a BUCK linebacker for now.

Mark Sandritter [11:09 AM]:

@CougsNation A little concerning, especially with the fact South Carolina and Arkansas offered last night …

.:R [11:09 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter Also Hercules Mata’afa? Couldn’t remember if we are counting him to LB corps or DE?

CougsNation [11:08 AM]:

Patrick Porter? No fax yet…

SoCalCoug [11:07 AM]:

Well we got be out by the Central Valley of California. I been to Fresno quite a few times. He had to pick it because it is a 5 hour drive for the family on game days.

Mark Sandritter [11:05 AM]:

@BuffaloCoug From current rumors behind paywalls, maybe no one. Britton has some info on a possible pulled offer. Still waiting for more details/non paywalled news

BuffaloCoug [11:04 AM]:

there weere two slots to fill going into today. Singleton took one, Ulutu should have taken the other. Given that he did not, who do the Cougs pursue now for the last slot?

.:R [11:03 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [11:02 AM]:

Well, there goes Ulutu. Please be awesome Greg Hoyd and Frank Luvu.

sbenson [11:02 AM]:


CougsNation [11:01 AM]:

Sad face.

WazzuCrew11 [11:01 AM]:


.:R [11:01 AM]:

@peep6543 Nope. But then again it wouldn’t really be a surprise if we thought something might happen!

CougsNation [11:01 AM]:

peep6543 [11:00 AM]:

So with McGary, Griffin and Delp off the board are there any big surprises left?

harpstar [10:56 AM]:

Please take snaps at QB

harpstar [10:56 AM]:

.:R [10:55 AM]:

@SoCalCoug interesting graphic for sure

Mark Sandritter [10:55 AM]:

SoCalCoug [10:53 AM]:

So far not a P12 school in the top 10

.:R [10:53 AM]:

@SoCalCoug It does seem to me the “big” schools (USC,UO,STAN) are more down this year on the big 4/5star guys, but whole Pac12 seems more solid across the board? Hard to say, but yeah, you’re probably right the impression is they seem down

BuffaloCoug [10:51 AM]:

Come on Ulutu!!!

SoCalCoug [10:50 AM]:

Is it me or does the P12 recruiting classes seem down this year? Or do they make a late push today and get the 4 and 5 star recruits that were waiting until today to announce?

Mark Sandritter [10:50 AM]:


Deion Singleton joins the 2014 class

The Cougars added another defensive back, with Deion Singleton pledging Crimson on signing day.

Craig Powers [10:49 AM]:

Need more SEC recruits to transfer to Eastern WA schools.

harpstar [10:48 AM]:

BuffaloCoug [10:47 AM]:

Singleton probably would have been a 4-star if he had stayed at Godby

.:R [10:47 AM]:

Psshhh, typical writer….had me hooked with “things went down late last night”, haha

Craig Powers [10:47 AM]:

Also, with Singleton in that might mean another DB prospect will not be coming.

Craig Powers [10:46 AM]:

Sorry, I don’t have anything that juicy. Just Rivals reported last night that Singleton committed…he had previously been courted by teams primarily in the South.

harpstar [10:44 AM]:

Really excited for Singleton. Hope he pans out.

PJ Kendall [10:44 AM]:

@Craig Powers Do tell

.:R [10:44 AM]:

@Craig Powers suppose I could use that nifty reply feature…

cougbud [10:44 AM]:

FAXCAM video screen keeps flashing on Deion Singleton and welcoming him as the newest coug.

.:R [10:43 AM]:

how so, Mr. Powers?

SoCalCoug [10:43 AM]:

If Deion is anything like Leon Sandcastle we got a steal today.

WazzuCrew11 [10:43 AM]:

TC in the house!

Craig Powers [10:42 AM]:

Singleton was interesting. Things went down late last night.

Stiffmiester [10:42 AM]:

Pasco representing!

.:R [10:41 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [10:41 AM]:

That’s Deion Singleton

SoCalCoug [10:41 AM]:

Wow, this board is pretty nice. I thought as Coug fans we can’t have nice things.

Mark Sandritter [10:41 AM]:

CougsNation [10:41 AM]:

Deion Singleton!!!

Craig Powers [10:41 AM]:

Future beef (needs some weight room marinatin’)

Mark Sandritter [10:40 AM]:


Andre Dillard faxes in his letter of intent

The offensive lineman from Woodinville will be a Coug.

harpstar [10:39 AM]:

You can’t double ban a triple ban, Lloyd

Craig Powers [10:39 AM]:

I’ll ban you first Sandritter

Mark Sandritter [10:39 AM]:

harpstar [10:38 AM]:

Letter just came in on the faxcam

Mark Sandritter [10:38 AM]:

Watch it, Powers. I can and will ban you from this chat.

Craig Powers [10:37 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [10:37 AM]:


Marcus Griffin signs with Arizona

The one-time WSU commit is headed to another Pac-12 school.

.:R [10:34 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [10:32 AM]:

I saw someone compare Canty to Sheldon Richardson recently. If he came even close to that, I may not ever wear pants again.

Brian Anderson [10:31 AM]:

This chat looks so sweet on an iPad. Props to you guys for setting it up.

Mark Sandritter [10:31 AM]:


WSU’s tallest 2014 prospect signs

Mike Leach nabbed a long defensive end on Signing Day, and he may have given the basketball team a boost at the same time.

BuffaloCoug [10:30 AM]:

God and all other Cougs!

sbenson [10:30 AM]:

Awesome, with Canty official, I feel great about this class so far. Hope this kid turns out to be the beast we all hope.

BuffaloCoug [10:30 AM]:

God and all other Cougs!

harpstar [10:29 AM]:

Glory be to God

CougsNation [10:29 AM]:

Welcome Jalen Canty!

Craig Powers [10:28 AM]:

WSU: In the top 3 for the best in-state recruits but not signing them since forever.

BuffaloCoug [10:27 AM]:

I knew he was down to us and FSU. My gut says WSU, but I haven’t seen anything written that would justify that prediction

Mark Sandritter [10:25 AM]:

@BuffaloCoug Ulutu is down to WSU and Fresno State. From all indications it’s close to 50-50. My gut says FSU.

BuffaloCoug [10:25 AM]:

Come on Xaiver. Pull the trigger for the Cougs!

Jeff Nusser [10:25 AM]:

@sbenson The writing had been on the wall with that one for a while.

ElTigreDeHotTub [10:24 AM]:

@jeremyb91 UW was out of the running for Griffin a while ago, didn’t jive with the program

Mark Sandritter [10:24 AM]:


Greg Hoyd signs with the Cougars

The linebacker prospect is officially a Cougar after he faxed in his LOI.

Mark Sandritter [10:23 AM]:

harpstar [10:23 AM]:

BuffaloCoug [10:23 AM]:

What’s the deal with Utulu. There has been almost no coverage of his leanings

WazzuCrew11 [10:22 AM]:

Keep em coming!!

Mark Sandritter [10:21 AM]:

Andre officially in

jb91 [10:20 AM]:

At least Griffin didn’t choose UW.

Mark Sandritter [10:19 AM]:

sbenson [10:17 AM]:

Sweet. Andre.

ElTigreDeHotTub [10:13 AM]:

@Coug999 ISWYDT *Shakes fist

GreenlakeCoug [10:12 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter :( sadface. Oh well, on to he next one!

cougbud [10:12 AM]:

I guess that answers the Griffin question. :(

Mark Sandritter [10:12 AM]:

It was fun while it lasted

sbenson [10:12 AM]:

Damn, AZ?

Mark Sandritter [10:11 AM]:

WazzuCrew11 [10:11 AM]:

Damn Griffin to AZ

WazzuCrew11 [10:09 AM]:

I like how Jeff Nusser is featured first and last in the authors list. Double Nuss action today!

Coug999 [10:09 AM]:

@Jeff Nusser A train full of Sounders? That sounds awful.

ElTigreDeHotTub [10:09 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter Hey look, replies!

ElTigreDeHotTub [10:06 AM]:

Brian is indeed awesome!

Coug999 [10:05 AM]:

It only took me a few minutes before I found the area to type in. Success

Mark Sandritter [10:04 AM]:

SB Nation has a lot of nifty technology. This is usually reserved for but we poached it because Brian is awesome.

Jesse Cassino [10:03 AM]:

It’s Nusser’s evil British twin.

PJ Kendall [10:03 AM]:

I’m guessing that reaction means Griffin isn’t coming?

ElTigreDeHotTub [10:03 AM]:

Whoa what is this fancy new feature? And do we really get double the Nusser today?

sbenson [10:03 AM]:

True, true.

TrueCoug [10:02 AM]:

If nobody wanted to join a trainwreck team, we’d have been in serious trouble the last couple years.

Mark Sandritter [10:02 AM]:

I hope Bender realizes that Florida tan won’t last very long in Pullman.

Jesse Cassino [10:01 AM]:

@sbenson If I thought I could start/play in August, I’d consider Cal.

CougsNation [10:01 AM]:

sbenson [10:00 AM]:

Especially someone who wants to go to Cal after that train-wreck last season.

Craig Powers [9:59 AM]:

.:R [9:59 AM]:

doesn’t make me sad….sure he looks good, but I have zero cares for someone who doesn’t want to play for Coach Joe!

Skurskicoug [9:58 AM]:

sad face.

Mark Sandritter [9:57 AM]:

Griffin is supposed to announce at his school around 7 a.m. PT, so we should know very soon.

Mark Sandritter [9:57 AM]:

From everything I’ve read in the last week or so, I’d say 5 percent, tops.

Jesse Cassino [9:57 AM]:

@Skurskicoug 15%

Skurskicoug [9:56 AM]:

If you were wagering, what do you think the % chance is that we land Griffin?

sbenson [9:53 AM]:

Derp, I just scrolled down to catch up and saw the fax link. Thanks guys.

Mark Sandritter [9:53 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [9:53 AM]:

WazzuCrew11 [9:53 AM]:

@Craig Powers I just let mine find a hot lady with a cute puppy

Mark Sandritter [9:52 AM]:

@sbenson Yes!

Craig Powers [9:52 AM]:


sbenson [9:52 AM]:

Is there a live stream of the fax machine like past years?

Jeffster [9:51 AM]:

Craig, you don’t have to PARK a horse during the day, that’s when they run off and get their exercise. ;)

Craig Powers [9:49 AM]:

@Jeffster Where do you park your horse and carriage during the day?

Mark Sandritter [9:49 AM]:

Fun Fax Fact: I once had to send a fax at 2 a.m., but entered the wrong number and ended up calling a woman in Tennessee. She was not thrilled.

.:R [9:47 AM]:

@Craig Powers homing pigeons!

Jeffster [9:47 AM]:

Craig, our office uses a fax machine daily. ;)

Craig Powers [9:47 AM]:

@WazzuCrew11 NCAA should change the system to telegraph in my opinion.

Jeff Nusser [9:46 AM]:

I’m so great, I’m featured twice

WazzuCrew11 [9:46 AM]:

@Craig Powers How fitting is it that the first official NCAA thing a player has to do is send a fax

Mark Sandritter [9:46 AM]:

Nuss and Powers are here? Now it’s a party.

Craig Powers [9:44 AM]:

Tried to fax in this comment but realized this isn’t 1987 and I don’t own a fax machine.

Mark Sandritter [9:43 AM]:

If you’re having trouble joining the chat, you should be able to post as long as you are logged into your CougCenter SB Nation account. If you aren’t a CougCenter member yet, you should probably fix that.

Jeff Nusser [9:43 AM]:

Good morning from the Sounder train, everyone!

Mark Sandritter [9:41 AM]:

Mark Sandritter [9:36 AM]:

@Ryan Eames Indeed. They really got rolling in the last couple of weeks.

Mark Sandritter [9:35 AM]:

.:R [9:35 AM]:

Damn, the UW has made a huge push as of late and is pulling in a pretty damn good class….

Mark Sandritter [9:32 AM]:

You can find a bunch of cool visuals, including a live updated list of who’s signed right here

Mark Sandritter [9:30 AM]:

@pberish Not many. Marcus Griffin, Deion Singleton and Xavier Ulutu will make decisions today. WSU appears in good position for Singleton and possibly Ulutu

GreenlakeCoug [9:29 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter @Ryan Eames thanks, haven’t had a chance to read all the blogs about recruiting over the last couple weeks. Trying to get caught up!

pberish [9:28 AM]:

Ok, so I’m following at work and didn’t get a chance to read your posts from the last couple days on who flipped, is coming, etc. That said, are we thinking there is a chance for any surprises today, be it losing someone who was a lock, or gaining someone off the radar?

Mark Sandritter [9:28 AM]:

@GreenlakeCoug Yes, both signed in January and enrolled at the semester

.:R [9:28 AM]:

@greenlakeCoug they’re already enrolled

GreenlakeCoug [9:26 AM]:

The spreadsheet shows Green and Krepsz with letters received. Did we get theirs before today?

Mark Sandritter [9:26 AM]:

I would guess Patrick Porter will be next up. He was supposed to sign early. 247Sports reported he received late offers from Arkansas and USC.

.:R [9:26 AM]:

Re-watching Bender highlights, and very stoked about him. Will be interesting to see if it’s he or Bruggman that starts in 2015….either way it’s a win

Mark Sandritter [9:24 AM]:

NSD 2014
Signed letter of intents 2
Estimated remaining letter of intents 17

Mark Sandritter [9:19 AM]:

@CarolinaCoug 50 Schrute bucks

Jesse Cassino [9:18 AM]:

NAILED IT. What do I win?

Mark Sandritter [9:17 AM]:


QB Peyton Bender inks with WSU

The Cougars have officially locked up their quarterback in the 2014 recruiting class.

Mark Sandritter [9:14 AM]:

WazzuCrew11 [9:12 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter mine is just buffering endlessly

Mark Sandritter [9:11 AM]:


Mark Sandritter [9:11 AM]:

If you took a drink every time they show a Damante Horton pick six on the fax cam highlights. You probably won’t be sober enough to make it to the Seahawks’ parade.

Jesse Cassino [9:02 AM]:

Unreasonably excited about Harrington. Love top end speed in the slot.

Jesse Cassino [9:02 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter I’d imagine Bender. As solid as he has been, I can’t imagine him waiting long.

Mark Sandritter [9:00 AM]:

Any predictions on who will sign next? Bender and Porter have the time zone advantage.

Mark Sandritter [8:59 AM]:

While we wait for the next LOI, here is our signing story on Harrington

WazzuCrew11 [8:56 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter Yep. Also Cool to see the player bio show up as they get their NLI

Mark Sandritter [8:54 AM]:

@WazzuCrew11 That is a cool feature, spices up fax cam a bit.

WazzuCrew11 [8:53 AM]:

love the highlights being played above the fax machine

Mark Sandritter [8:51 AM]:

Mark Sandritter [8:50 AM]:

And with that, we can go ahead and get rolling, beginning with Keith Harrington.

Mark Sandritter [8:49 AM]:

Second, you can find complete info on all the signees on this page

Mark Sandritter [8:48 AM]:

First, here is your live link for WSU’s fax cam

Mark Sandritter [8:48 AM]:

Two important things right off the bat

Mark Sandritter [8:46 AM]:

Let’s get this party started.