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More on Jalen Canty's path to WSU

Jalen Canty is one of the most intriguing players in WSU's 2014 signing class, but he still has some work to do in order to qualify.

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At 6-foot-7 and 270 pounds with the ability to run by players as a tight end or through them as a defensive end, Jalen Canty has a rare combination of size and speed. He oozes potential, but in order to begin fulfilling it, he'll first need to make it campus. Matt O'Donnell of the Times-Herald wrote a profile on Canty, and qualifying was among the topics covered.

Canty said Washington State has a very good criminal justice program and that played a major influence too. Washington State will require that Canty fulfill more academic obligations, including increasing his grade point average and his SAT score, but he is confident that will happen.

If he does qualify, you can expect him to play basketball and football at WSU. He said one of his reasons for committing to WSU was the Cougars were willing to let him play both sides. He said Mike Leach mentioned the possibility of playing defensive end and "possibly some wide receiver." I doubt he'll play wide receiver, but that would be some sight. He would dwarf Vince Mayle who dwarfs about every defensive back.

Canty discussed his recruiting trip and the role Lyman Faoliu played in his decision. Faoliu, a Cougar defensive end, went to the same high school as Canty.

The entire profile is worth a read.


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Men's basketball:

This first link completely glosses over the fact Thames would have graduated last season if he stayed at WSU. I'm mostly just including it to see if Nusser's brain will explode from reading it.

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