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Catching up on WSU recruiting with WazzuWatch's Britton Ransford

With the Cougars off to a great start in football and fighting for scraps in basketball, we check in with the WSU affiliate.

If you're into football recruiting, you know that WSU is off to a stellar start with regards to its 2015 class -- perhaps its best start in program history. The Cougars currently have a trio of players rated four stars by, and the 38th class nationally by's composite ranking.

So now seemed like as good a time as any to check in with Friend of CougCenter Britton Ransford, the publisher of, to talk about the state of recruiting.

We talked about how the class is shaping up, why WSU finally seems to be making some headway in the talent acquisition department, and just what effect Tyler Hilinski could have on the class overall.

We also turned our attention to basketball, talking about Ernie Kent's attempt to salvage the 2014 recruiting class. We recorded this last night, so we talked about Ahmaad Rorie, not knowing the outcome of his declaration today. However, Ransford was right on in surmising that Rorie was not headed to WSU.

Unfortunately, we had some problems with the video, so it basically functions like a podcast with some browser windows thrown in. I suppose it's better that way, because you won't be distracted by our devilish good looks.

If you're interested in getting more of Ransford's work -- and I highly recommend it -- you can purchase a subscription at As mentioned in the interview, Rivals has a sweet deal going on right now where you get $99 in free gear when you purchase a yearlong subscription. Use code RIVALS99.

And if you have more questions based on what you hear, leave them below. I know Britton will be happy to stop by and engage.