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Interactive map of WSU's 2015 football recruiting class

WSU's 2015 class stretches six time zones and eight states or territories; explore where they're from with our interactive map.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington State class saw a lot of movement in the final days of the recruiting window, both in recruiting ranking and in geography covered.  While Southern California was raided by perennial powers and mid-major's a like, the Cougs picked up new commitments from Utah and Georgia.

The further removed I am from Super Bowl Sunday (sorry for bringing that up) the more comfortable I am with what happened (maybe I'm just in the acceptance stage of grief), and I'm starting to feel the same after a couple days removed from signing day.  In the same way I'm by no means happy that we didn't hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch, I'm not happy that we lost out on some of the top rated recruits from this class,  However, after reading the great content from Brian AndersonMark SandritterMichael PrestonKyle Sherwood and Jeff Nusser I think (as they already pointed out) this is still a very solid class.

Deion Singleton is included in the view since he will count toward this class, but you can see that outside of the promising defensive back, the Northwest was not a focus for this class. There are a number of factors that contributed to that, like the two coaches who covered that area for recruiting being fired, but it's something that struck me and was reinforced while building this out.  It brought to mind this great post from last month exploring whether or not the Northwest needs to be a key part of the WSU recruiting strategy to get back to bowling on the regular.

Lastly, I'll have to check the last time we've had a recruit from Maryland (free internet points to whoever can find out if we've had one before) but by and large the coaches went back to the well known wells of the Bay Area and Southern parts of California for the core of this class.

Play around with the filters, read the articles and let us know what you think about the geographic make-up of the class in the comments.

You can use the filters in the upper right to drill down to a specific position or side of the ball or select or lasso (there have been some updates in this feature which allows you more lasso options) any number of logos to filter the map and table.

If you hover over any logo you will find links to the CougCenter post when the player committed and the scouting report from signing day.  Some players will have duplicate links since we picked them up on signing day.