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Connor Neville takes in WSU win over Oregon, tweets ‘I love the Coug nation!’

This kid gets it.

Connor Neville - Student Sports Photos Student Sports Photos

If you follow recruiting at all, you know it’s been a rough couple of weeks with regards to WSU’s 2017 class. I mean, this is what was sitting on our front page as I typed this:

No bueno.

In light of that (and, yanno, a bunch of other stuff off the field, which might or might not be related to all the decommits), whipping Oregon on Saturday to defeat the Ducks for the second consecutive year was a welcome development.

Then I saw this float across my Twitter timeline and I just had to smile again:

Connor Neville is a composite three-star quarterback out of a suburb just south of Portland who committed back in April and is currently the jewel of the Cougs’ 2017 class. rates him as a four-star prospect, and after the mess recruiting QBs last season, I shudder to think where this class would be if Neville jumped ship.

That doesn’t appear to be a concern.

I know about the fickle whims of teenagers better than most, and there obviously is nothing set in stone until he signs in February. But this kid really seems to get it.

Go Cougs!