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CougCenter's all-day live chat for National Signing Day 2016

From the time the first fax is received by WSU until everyone peters out at their keyboards, we're with you to from start to finish to break news, analyze, joke around, and just generally celebrate WSU football together as the cupboard is restocked with the next generation of Cougs.

Track the letters as they roll in at this post

SethCougar [5:29 PM]:

Mike Leach figuring out Dabbing hahahaha

hollyweirdcoug [5:22 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu the guys from last years class who I am excited to see are Jeremiah Mitchell the juco DE who saw some time last year. Also,Kam Powelllwho was a 4 star HS safety and red shirted. James Williams might be the next monster WSU running back too.

Coug1990 [4:49 PM]:

I would think with the preferred walkons, we really will have to wait until fall camp to really know. They are all still recruitable athletes and minds can change

Britton Ransford [4:47 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu No word yet. He’d be a preferred walk-on. Several other schools were after him, as well.

scarfacewazzu [4:14 PM]:

What’s the word on that punter that visited?

B-Lot tailgater [3:58 PM]:

Jeff Nusser =(

thatkellenguy [3:56 PM]:

@erikrussel Nice to see you staying in touch with WSU after we fired you. Best of luck in your special teams coaching career.

SethCougar [3:55 PM]:

Welp, thats that. Overall happy with the class, and landing Mauigoa further flexes the Cougar muscle in A.S. pipeline. Great day to be a Coug!

erikrussel [3:54 PM]:

Didn’t want him anyway

scarfacewazzu [3:54 PM]:

Official, he’s going to Cal

Coug1990 [3:48 PM]:

@Britton Ransford Early playing time. CAL has no one left.

Britton Ransford [3:46 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu He’s going to Cal.

scarfacewazzu [3:41 PM]:

Zion Echols about to announce

Jeff Nusser [3:41 PM]:

@B-Lot tailgater you pretty much missed everything

erikrussel [3:34 PM]:

@SethCougar Oh fuck yah!

erikrussel [3:34 PM]:

@Britton Ransford That does make me feel better actually. Although we should be able to beat OSU too imo

thatkellenguy [3:32 PM]:

Is Chandler Leniu big enough to play DT yet?

Coug1990 [3:32 PM]:

247 has the Cougars at 11th. The last four years, WSU has been 12th, 11th, 9th and 8th. The backbone of the team this 9-4 team was probably the 11th ranked class

B-Lot tailgater [3:31 PM]:


scarfacewazzu [3:30 PM]:

I wish there was still a*

scarfacewazzu [3:29 PM]:

Just a random thought, I was there was still NCAA video game, it would be a blast to play as the Cougs

SethCougar [3:27 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu Nalu Tapa would be one option

Michael Preston [3:27 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu Ekuale and Barber

scarfacewazzu [3:27 PM]:

Where is Cal numberwise with signed commits?

SethCougar [3:27 PM]:

@erikrussel Not updated yet but Scout had us above Zona, Colorado, and Oregon State.

scarfacewazzu [3:27 PM]:

Back to back classes with no Defensive Tackles, who do we have starting in the fall?

Jeff Nusser [3:26 PM]:

@SethCougar Can’t sign a letter and grayshirt. Also, he’s not a grayshirt kind of player.

Coug1990 [3:25 PM]:

@erikrussel There is always Colorado

SethCougar [3:25 PM]:

@erikrussel Probably Colorado, if that makes anyone feel better.

Britton Ransford [3:24 PM]:

@erikrussel We’ll have a post on that later, but you can always go look at Rivals, ESPN or 24/7

erikrussel [3:23 PM]:

Do we know where our class will be ranked in the PAC12 yet? Will we be last or are we going to beat anyone?

SethCougar [3:23 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser Even if we Greyshirted him? Not arguing the probability here, just understanding our options if it were to happen.

scarfacewazzu [3:22 PM]:

I mean Blue Shirt

scarfacewazzu [3:22 PM]:

He could redshirt

Jeff Nusser [3:21 PM]:

@SethCougar We’re full at 25 and can’t even take him if he’s signing a letter. He’s almost certainly going to Cal.

erikrussel [3:21 PM]:

@SethCougar Oh right gotcha.

SethCougar [3:20 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu To my knowledge another JC guy who was to make an immediate impact, but didn’t play.

Brandle [3:20 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu Yes. Broughton got PT last year

scarfacewazzu [3:19 PM]:

Did Broughton play last year?

SethCougar [3:17 PM]:

According to Twitter we find out where Echols goes at 12:30

SethCougar [3:16 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu Really interested in Fehoko. Wondering why we didn’t see Mitchell play last year, seemed like he was brought in to add the immediate depth to DE.

scarfacewazzu [3:14 PM]:

Mitchell, Fehoko, and Dimry also

scarfacewazzu [3:13 PM]:

Yeah Boobie should be fun to watch

scarfacewazzu [3:13 PM]:

I understood that @sethcougar

SethCougar [3:13 PM]:

@erikrussel I meant who’s throwing him the ball.

erikrussel [3:12 PM]:

@SethCougar Does Echols even project as a QB?

Britton Ransford [3:08 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu BOOBIE.

Britton Ransford [3:08 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu You would assume correctly, barring something crazy surprising.

scarfacewazzu [3:07 PM]:

This was a good class. But who are you excited to see from last year’s class?

Brandle [3:02 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu I’m on board the Krenz bandwagon. Kid runs amazing routes.

SethCougar [3:01 PM]:

@erikrussel Does that play into Echols decision? Greyshirt under known quantity of Falk or Sign with Cal and play “What the hell is a Cal QB?”

erikrussel [2:59 PM]:

@SethCougar They’re converting a safety from last year to play QB they’re so fucked

SethCougar [2:59 PM]:

With Goff gone for the draft, who is Cal’s QB?

scarfacewazzu [2:58 PM]:

What preferred walk ons are going to have an immediate impact? I think Riley Krenz will play this upcoming season.

scarfacewazzu [2:57 PM]:

So I assume Zion Echols will announce for Cal today? I dont’ see a blue or gray shirt situation there.

SethCougar [2:56 PM]:

All that being said, this was a welcomed change to the crazy antics of last years NSD.

erikrussel [2:56 PM]:

@scarfacewazzu Yah well Jadavon Clowney and Robert Nkemdiche were 5 stars

Jesse Cassino [2:56 PM]:

Watt is the exception to a lot of rules. And Matthews wasn’t some random HS kid off the street. USC knew exactly who he was and what he could do.

SethCougar [2:55 PM]:

@thatkellenguy While I don’t disagree with this one bit. I think WSU has the allure to certain positions for 4+-Star talent consistently. Most notably QB & WR. Few other schools will give you as much spotlight at those positions and having 2 consecutive receiving yard leaders and QBs setting records yearly is a good metric of that. I’m perfectly fine with this class and think it’s pretty well rounded, but it’s not insane to expect more highly rated players at QB and WR.

scarfacewazzu [2:55 PM]:

JJ Watt was a two star and Clay Matthews was a walk on.

scarfacewazzu [2:52 PM]:

I think work ethic for the players and the coaching has more effects on player ability then the star rankings.

Michael Preston [2:46 PM]:


thatkellenguy [2:43 PM]:

The thing is you don’t go from 10+ straight losing seasons to half a class of 4-stars. It just doesn’t change that quickly unless you’re USC, LSU, Alabama, Michigan, etc. We need to get on our “peer schools” level first. We need to start consistently beating Zona schools, Cal, OSU, even UW, and then we can talk about “Why don’t we get half a class of 4-stars like Oregon?”

RyanWSU75 [2:38 PM]:

I would like that as well. But that shot for WSU realistically comes only once in a while. For now, I would be happy to compete for Pac 12 titles each year on a consistent basis.

Brian Anderson [2:38 PM]:

Dave Nichol on the radio show

Jeff Nusser [2:37 PM]:

@erikrussel So would everyone except for like 4 or 5 schools.

erikrussel [2:37 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser I’d like to win national championships

Jeff Nusser [2:36 PM]:

@RyanWSU75 I’d say it’s overrated for a school like WSU. If you want to win national championships, it’s probably not overrated. But what separates WSU from Arizona, Cal, Utah, Colorado, etc? It’s exactly what you described

RyanWSU75 [2:28 PM]:

To me the rating system is overrated anyway. It’s more important to find skilled players that fit best into the system who actually WANT to be there. Mike Price sure didn’t get 4 and 3 star talent. Yet he did well. This class seems to be the first where depth can be addressed. Glad to see things progressing as they are now. Keep Falk from dying on the field and it should be another great season!

OlyCoug [2:19 PM]:

@Kyle Sherwood – Lol.

Kyle Sherwood [2:18 PM]:

Sweet. This team will be awesome when all the players are 27.

OlyCoug [2:17 PM]:

@erikrussel – I heard on the radio this AM that the Seahawks have 0 five star and like 3-4 4 star players on the team. Let that sink in for a moment before you think that it’s always about the stars.

erikrussel [2:15 PM]:

@Britton Ransford Damnit seven 4 stars

malinowskiski [2:14 PM]:

@erikrussel I feel like you kind of have to look at it as a group effort. IMO the PAC-12 needs to do better because the SEC is dominating right now and after failing to lock a CFP bid last season people are looking at the PAC like they are #3 or even #4 conference.

Michael Preston [2:14 PM]:

@OlyCoug dunno, I think others have said it’s a possibility though

Britton Ransford [2:13 PM]:


erikrussel [2:13 PM]:

@malinowskiski Damnit

malinowskiski [2:13 PM]:

@erikrussel UW appears to have done pretty good. I believe they are not able to take a full class as they don’t have enough scholarships available? But they pulled in a quality mix

OlyCoug [2:13 PM]:

@Michael Preston – what about Chima at LB?

Britton Ransford [2:13 PM]:

@erikrussel We’ll post tomorrow.

Michael Preston [2:11 PM]:

@erikrussel Patmon and Johnson at WR probably, would be surprised by anyone else

erikrussel [2:10 PM]:

Also how is UW doing today? Hopefully they’ve lost all their commits

erikrussel [2:08 PM]:

So any candidates from this class to start next year? Sorry if this has already been asked

Michael Preston [2:05 PM]:

@Brandle more than I thought, like 8 or so.

Brandle [2:03 PM]:

@Michael Preston

SethCougar [1:58 PM]:

Jebus Nm….

SethCougar [1:58 PM]:

Woops: <img src=“”" src=“”/>" alt="">

Michael Preston [1:56 PM]:

@89Topps of the 2011 class, I wanna say like 6 of them exhausted their eligibility. The rest all left early

Britton Ransford [1:56 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson Pretty sure Manning said USC looked at Derek Moore at the last minute, too.

Craig Powers [1:55 PM]:

@Britton Ransford will never not pronounce it “Digimon, Digital Monsters” in my head.

Fab5Coug [1:55 PM]:

You want disastrous classes? Check out ’08 & ’11. Horrid.

Brian Anderson [1:55 PM]:

FREAKSHOW highlight reel man, telling you.

Brian Anderson [1:54 PM]:

Grinch just said USC tried to poach Danny Bender last minute

Britton Ransford [1:54 PM]:

BREAKING: D’jimon pronounced JYE-MON.

Coug1990 [1:53 PM]:

@Michael Preston WSU has lost it’s innocence

Michael Preston [1:51 PM]:

@erikrussel I mean, we went 2-10, 1-11, 2-10, 4-8 for a reason

erikrussel [1:50 PM]:

@Michael Preston Jesus I didnt realize it was that bad

Michael Preston [1:50 PM]:

@erikrussel he was signing NR and 2-stars whose only other offers were from the Big Sky

erikrussel [1:49 PM]:

@Britton Ransford Thanks Britton that makes me feel better

PJ Kendall [1:48 PM]:

@Michael Preston We’re about to find out

erikrussel [1:48 PM]:

Was Wulff really signing 1 and 2 star players?

Britton Ransford [1:48 PM]:

@erikrussel If you look close enough, you can find four-stars next to Mauigoa’s name on one of the sites.

SoCalCoug [1:47 PM]:

@SethCougar worked out well for the Colts.

Michael Preston [1:45 PM]:

@SethCougar as long as he’s eligible but I heard he was having some trouble in one of his pre-law classes. Maritime Treaties and Worldwide Trade I think

Kyle Sherwood [1:44 PM]:

We are currently working on uniforms that entail a large trenchcoat containing two players

hollyweirdcoug [1:43 PM]:

@SethCougar yes- its the ship gonna hit the fan set

SethCougar [1:43 PM]:

@Michael Preston Is it legal to go with an 8 wide set with 1 RB, QB, and Coast Guard Ship playing Center?

Jeff Nusser [1:43 PM]:

@thatkellenguy the link at the top of the page has a table on it

hollyweirdcoug [1:43 PM]:

I am always happy to se the juco’s…I missed that Chima signed as well- w/ 3 to play 2 this guy is a very ice potential plug and play —Onyeukwu

peep6543 [1:42 PM]:

Still wish we could have signed Evan Weaver.

Kyle Sherwood [1:42 PM]:

So we’re all pleased with our new batch of children, yes?

OlyCoug [1:42 PM]:

I would say other than Kirby, Hawkins and possibly Echols, the Cougs pulled everyone they were in on until the end.

Brian Anderson [1:42 PM]:

@Michael Preston are they Grade A beef hoss?

Michael Preston [1:41 PM]:

@SethCougar we’ve using small Coast Guard vessels on the offensive line now

SethCougar [1:40 PM]:

@SoCalCoug 300 hundie? So 30,000. Good Size.

OlyCoug [1:40 PM]:

@SoCalCoug – but he’s way over.

SoCalCoug [1:39 PM]:

Interesting…only one dude (Haanagan) is listed over 300 hundie

OlyCoug [1:38 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson – agreed. Other than at DT, they filled a lot of depth, added speed and it’s got a lot of balance.

Craig Powers [1:38 PM]:

@erikrussel they are all 4 stars in my heart

Michael Preston [1:38 PM]:

@PJ Kendall are you allowed no pants dances in the streets of Doha?

SethCougar [1:38 PM]:


SoCalCoug [1:37 PM]:

which is up from Wulff’s NR U! aka potential diamond in the rough U

PJ Kendall [1:37 PM]:

The signing day excitement is far less muted here in the Middle East.

thatkellenguy [1:37 PM]:

Is there an article up at cougcenter that shows the whole class with measurables?

Brian Anderson [1:36 PM]:

@OlyCoug not just that but high 3s. this is a really solid class.

OlyCoug [1:36 PM]:

@erikrussel – Nope, but I remember a time when the Cougs barely pulled in a handful of 3 stars and this class is almost exclusively 3’s

SoCalCoug [1:36 PM]:

3-STAR U!!!

erikrussel [1:35 PM]:

: (

SethCougar [1:35 PM]:

@erikrussel Depends on the Rating network, but compositely no.

Michael Preston [1:34 PM]:

@erikrussel Nope.

erikrussel [1:34 PM]:

So no 4 stars this year then right?

Brandle [1:32 PM]:

I didn’t know Craig Powers still rocked tearaways

Fab5Coug [1:32 PM]:

Makes Echols announcement a little anticlimactic.

Michael Preston [1:32 PM]:

@SethCougar don’t think so but Britton can correct me if I’m wrong

Fab5Coug [1:32 PM]:

I believe they have 25 LOIs in, so they can’t sign anyone else.

hollyweirdcoug [1:31 PM]:

@Mark Sandritter that’s damn funny Mark!

Brandle [1:31 PM]:

@Britton Ransford That is a good role model to have.

Mark Sandritter [1:31 PM]:

Live look at CougCenter headquarters:

SethCougar [1:30 PM]:

So are we waiting around for anyone else besides Eichols ?

Michael Preston [1:30 PM]:

@Coug999 if it doesn’t explicitly say you have to have them on, go for it

Coug999 [1:29 PM]:

Currently checking the employee handbook for rules re: pants being required

hollyweirdcoug [1:29 PM]:

Clauson is his coach and they spread it and thread it!

hollyweirdcoug [1:29 PM]:

Gebbia has terrific feet, he plays at CHS where my boy played.

Michael Preston [1:28 PM]:

peep6543 [1:28 PM]:


erikrussel [1:28 PM]:

Oh god if we landed him I’d run through street of Indianapolis naked

Brian Anderson [1:27 PM]:

that’s Tristan Gebbia from Calabasas

CougDude509 [1:27 PM]:

I see you Coug!! Welcome Mauigoa!

Brian Anderson [1:26 PM]:


Michael Preston [1:26 PM]:

@89Topps our time, appartently

Fab5Coug [1:26 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [1:26 PM]:

Woo! Mauigoa!

hollyweirdcoug [1:26 PM]:

NICE Big Joe lands another big fish! Welcome Mauigoa!!!

erikrussel [1:25 PM]:

@89Topps Who is the big time QB?

Britton Ransford [1:25 PM]:

@erikrussel No.

CougDude509 [1:25 PM]:

I hope Falk’s noodle is ok.. That kid took a couple nasty ones in UCLA/Utah games.

Michael Preston [1:25 PM]:

Mauigoa has committed

Fab5Coug [1:25 PM]:

Also, is Mauigoa expected to sign 10 am OUR time, or Pago Pago time?

Brian Anderson [1:25 PM]:

Britton Ransford [1:25 PM]:

@Brandle His favorite player is Julian Edelman.

Brandle [1:24 PM]:

Mark my words, Krenz is going to catch a lot of balls. You heard it here first

Britton Ransford [1:24 PM]:

@89Topps I do. He rocked WSU gear at most of the offseason camps last summer. Not that it means much, but they’ve recruited him very hard. Had an Alabama offer, among others and looks like WSU may be in it until the end. He’ll likely take an unofficial visit this spring.

SoCalCoug [1:24 PM]:

FYI…Justin Rodgers, next up on the broadcast.

peep6543 [1:24 PM]:

I did see that about the 2017 qb top five. Good start.

Brandle [1:24 PM]:

Krenz reminds me of Doug Baldwin and Wes Welker. Not the biggest, fastest guy on the field, but you can see the “want-to” in his game

Fab5Coug [1:23 PM]:

Britton, you think the Cougs are in a good spot with him?

erikrussel [1:23 PM]:

Don’t worry guys I’m here. Do we have a link to watch the fax machine?

SoCalCoug [1:23 PM]:

I love the signing day broadcast…it makes us feel big time. Especially them talking with the recruits.

Fab5Coug [1:23 PM]:

Big time QB just listed WSU in his top 5 for next year though.

Brian Anderson [1:22 PM]:

@peep6543 tough with Falk entrenched to lure a top-QB. They’ll have a better job selling the position next cycle.

hollyweirdcoug [1:22 PM]:

McBroom the DE, Johnson the WR, Taylor the potential SS are looking like 2016 impact guys to me…

Britton Ransford [1:21 PM]:


Britton Ransford [1:21 PM]:

@peep6543 No QB.

peep6543 [1:20 PM]:

Any mumblings of a QB in this class other than the Spanaway walk on?

Britton Ransford [1:19 PM]:

@Brandle Krenz looks reallllllllly fun.

CougDude509 [1:19 PM]:

Harbaugh is going to have Michigan chewing up the B1G.. I think he wins a ship or two and then goes back for SB ring, then back to Michigan.. Umm khakis

Britton Ransford [1:18 PM]:

@peep6543 WHAT?! I thought he was a lock.

Brian Anderson [1:17 PM]:

@CougDude509 not if he plans on getting that prestigious B1G degree

SoCalCoug [1:16 PM]:

Thompson grandparents best BBQ around according to Manning.

CougDude509 [1:16 PM]:

Any chance Gary thought WSU was spelled M-I-C-H-I-G-A-N ?

Brian Anderson [1:16 PM]:

@89Topps oh I wouldn’t expect him to play right away either, could use some weight. His ferocity in the attack is on another level

SoCalCoug [1:15 PM]:

Jalen and Manning on air right now

Fab5Coug [1:15 PM]:

Bender’s first step looks a little slow. But, he’s only been playing that position for a couple years. So, that can be improved. Dude could be a menace in a couple years.

cougbud [1:15 PM]:

@Michael Preston Agreed on both parts, as well as protecting Mr. Falk…

Michael Preston [1:15 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser

Jeff Nusser [1:14 PM]:

@Michael Preston Then you must LOVE Haangana. Mauler.

peep6543 [1:14 PM]:

Dang, Gary went to Michigan

Fab5Coug [1:13 PM]:

Bender has potential, but looks pretty raw. I wouldn’t anticipate him playing this year.

Michael Preston [1:13 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser all the offensive lineman because I LIKE PANCAKES

Jeff Nusser [1:13 PM]:

@SoCalCoug yeah, he might get a longer look than he might otherwise because of this.

Jeff Nusser [1:13 PM]:

@CougDude509 thank you!

Jesse Cassino [1:13 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson Bender + Mata’afa in a couple years makes me fear for the safety of Pac-12 QBs.

Nickel Sandwiches [1:12 PM]:

@Gonzougar Fan *McBroom

SoCalCoug [1:12 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser I am always intrigue by the Athletes. I curious how Justus Rogers will do starting out at QB, especially without at schollie QB in this class. D’jimon Jones and Jalen Thompson

CougDude509 [1:12 PM]:

To the whole Coug Center Gang, you guys do a great job. Love reading your stuff. You did a great job following the recruiting track this year. Props!

patbaum [1:12 PM]:

@ Jeff Nusser I’m hoping Vinyard turns into a beast at WR during Thursday night football. (i know hes listed as LB/DE) but could you imagine if he could run routes/catch with his size and speed…

Nickel Sandwiches [1:12 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser Johnson and McGroom

Brian Anderson [1:11 PM]:

no one has said much about Danny Bender so I will; his highlight is a freakshow

.:R [1:10 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser if it’s this class, then I say Isaiah Johnson and Onyeukwu

SoCalCoug [1:10 PM]:

@Britton Ransford Haha…don’t worry. As you have more kids you lose all sensativity. No sensy here. lol.

Brandle [1:10 PM]:

I’m excited for the walk-on, Riley Krenz. Dude has ludicrous route running skills

Brian Anderson [1:09 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser Isaiah Johnson but it’s close

Nickel Sandwiches [1:08 PM]:

@Britton Ransford This

Britton Ransford [1:08 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser From what I’m hearing about Tamiavena and Onyeukwu, the linebackers will be an upgrade from last yera.

Jeff Nusser [1:08 PM]:

Ok, rephrase: Let’s talk about recruits, people. Which guy in this recruiting class are you most excited about?

Jeff Nusser [1:07 PM]:

@Gonzougar Fan (in this class)

Britton Ransford [1:07 PM]:


Coug1990 [1:07 PM]:

@thatkellenguy I think all the JC guys have a good chance at impact this season

.:R [1:07 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser boobie williams and MOAR SHALOM LUANI

Fab5Coug [1:07 PM]:

I’ll be most excited about Mauigoa if he signs.

thatkellenguy [1:06 PM]:

In this class? Not sure I see a lot of immediate impact. Overall? Kyrin Priester

Nickel Sandwiches [1:05 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser James Williams

Britton Ransford [1:05 PM]:

@SoCalCoug Haha, that probably came off harsh. Didn’t mean it like that.

Jeff Nusser [1:04 PM]:

Ok, people: Which guy are you most excited about for NEXT SEASON?

Jeff Nusser [1:03 PM]:

Frederick Mauigoa’s decision should be coming up soon … we hope?

SoCalCoug [1:00 PM]:

@Britton Ransford Sorry…missed that (or forgot). Hard to keep up. Having kids is making me forget things.

Britton Ransford [12:57 PM]:

@SoCalCoug No, we reported that a week or so ago. He decided to visit Pittsburgh instead.

SoCalCoug [12:54 PM]:

So did Darnell Solomon actually ever visit? I see he signed his NLI at USF.

Jeff Nusser [12:53 PM]:

If you’re not listening to the radio broadcast, it’s pretty great – you can do that here:

Britton Ransford [12:46 PM]:

@peep6543 It’s a lock. Get the parade ready.

peep6543 [12:45 PM]:

  1. ranked Rashan Gary making his decision live at 10:10 on ESPN. Britton, what are you hearing about a possible last minute flip to WSU?

Coug1990 [12:42 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson Thank you Brian

Brian Anderson [12:33 PM]:

@Coug1990 he and Dykes had a pretty contentious relationship. Neither side said anything negative publicly, but the idea is that Franklin wanted to be closer to home and things weren’t meshing all that well. Doesn’t hurt that he lost Goff and a handful of receivers and would be starting over on offense.

Coug1990 [12:27 PM]:

Does anybody know why Tony Franklin left CAL for Middle Tennessee? That is such a strange story looking from afar.

Timinho CougSpur [12:27 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser Bravermans. Cal has Bravermans.

Timinho CougSpur [12:26 PM]:

Thank you for accommodating my work avoidance — no, multitasking — Yeah, multitasking.

Jeff Nusser [12:24 PM]:


Britton Ransford [12:23 PM]:

@Timinho CougSpur We have like 40 artciles that can take up a few hours, at least.

Britton Ransford [12:23 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser Yup, instant impact guy that can contribute in every facet.

Jeff Nusser [12:21 PM]:

@Timinho CougSpur that’s what this chat is for

Timinho CougSpur [12:20 PM]:

I just got to work and signing day is basically done already? Am I going to have to….work?

ConnecticutCoug [12:20 PM]:

RE: Gaisoa – phew!

Jeff Nusser [12:19 PM]:

@Coug1990 Such a bummer, because Echols standard gear is LUDICROUS SPEED

Britton Ransford [12:19 PM]:

@Coug1990 That decision was made last week.

Britton Ransford [12:19 PM]:

@SethCougar Gesser let the cat out of the bag on that one. “We’re waiting on two offensive linemen.”

Coug1990 [12:19 PM]:

There is still Zion Echols, but I really expect him to end up at CAL

olkronies [12:18 PM]:

I’m really impressed with the crisp, business-like process this year from the recruits & the CougCenter panel. Raise the bar, again & again.

olkronies [12:16 PM]:

Really impressed with the crisp, business-like process this year from both the recruits and the CougCenter panel. Raise the bar, again & again.

SethCougar [12:14 PM]:

And now we play the Mauigoa waiting game…

SethCougar [12:13 PM]:

Gaisoa is in

Coug1990 [12:12 PM]:

@Britton Ransford I had probably read it from you last year. If all of your friends are signing something, you want to as well.

Britton Ransford [12:07 PM]:

@Coug1990 That’s exactly what happens. It’s not binding, though.

coug2828 [12:06 PM]:

man, the Cougcenter signing day panel is deep enough to rival any NFL gameday type show in terms of number of contributors.

Coug1990 [12:02 PM]:

I have read that sometimes grayshirts will sign non official paperwork for ceremony and to psychologicially associate them with a school

SethCougar [11:59 AM]:

@Britton Ransford Gotcha. Thanks.

Britton Ransford [11:58 AM]:

@SethCougar It wasn’t a surprise, given his injury. Though I didn’t get news of it until this morning.

Britton Ransford [11:58 AM]:

@CougKid He can’t sign anything until after he graduates in May/June. Then, he’d sign a FAA, but won’t count towards this class.

SethCougar [11:56 AM]:

Was the Isaiah Love news expected ?

CougKid [11:56 AM]:

When does Logan Tiley Tullman make is decision official? I know it doesn’t count toward scholarships just know he continues to be recruited hard.

Britton Ransford [11:51 AM]:

@patbaum A source says he has a couple credits to finish up, but I think you’re on the right track. Maybe a blueshirt type deal.

Brian Anderson [11:50 AM]:

@patbaum – [points to nose]

patbaum [11:47 AM]:

Wonder if Suli’s brother comes as preferred walk-on…

SethCougar [11:47 AM]:

@Nate_Koz out of the group today, maybe Dezmon Patton, just because of his size. I think the Isaiah Johnson might have a chance with his skillset. Outside of that, I almost hope all the Defensive players we bring in take the RS year and develop.

Nate_Koz [11:44 AM]:

Also… wow. Grammar is hard

Nate_Koz [11:43 AM]:

Let’s have some fun with stuff we don’t really know nothing about at this point. Any feelings about a player that comes in a contributes as true Freshman?

Brian Anderson [11:40 AM]:

@cougbud – Yeah, I’d say that having real strong commitments going into today had a lot to do with it.

Jeff Nusser [11:40 AM]:

@Nate_Koz And WSU has announced Vinyard as a RUSH backer:

GreenlakeCoug [11:40 AM]:

So I don’t typically follow crootin all that much throughout the year, but love being able to tune and read about all the new guys joining the squad. Thanks for putting this stuff together as always!

Jeff Nusser [11:39 AM]:

So, here’s where we stand: Recruits can sign at 7 a.m. their time, which means Gaisoa, the “secret commit” offensive lineman, can sign in about a half an hour. Mauigoa can sign an hour after that, although he certainly could announce earlier. But announcing before 7 a.m. Pago Pago time would seem to be unlikely. So we wait!

Brian Anderson [11:38 AM]:

Just waiting on the time zone with Mauigoa, he should be around 10 AM PST

SethCougar [11:38 AM]:

Man what a departure from last year’s signing day. Commits coming in all throughout the day and people not signing mixed throughout.

Coug1990 [11:37 AM]:

I have the Cougars at 23 signed players. They can get two more letters. That leaves Nillson Gaisoa, Frederick Mauigoa, and Isaiah Love as players that have been associated with WSU to think about

SethCougar [11:35 AM]:

This has been a pretty straight-forward signing day. Throw a little Mauigoa on top and I’ll be thrilled.

cougbud [11:34 AM]:

yes, this does seem to be going quicker than normal. Maybe it has to do with less hesitation on the commitments by the student athletes?

Brian Anderson [11:32 AM]:

Super fast NSD for Wazzu

Jeff Nusser [11:31 AM]:

OK y’all can start talking again

Jesse Cassino [11:27 AM]:


Jeff Nusser [11:27 AM]:


Nate_Koz [11:26 AM]:

is it… is it working again?

cougbud [11:25 AM]:

@Britton Ransford 2 for 2. :blush:

scarfacewazzu [10:45 AM]:

Anyone worried about Christian Haangana?

Jesse Cassino [10:43 AM]:

@Nate_Koz Rush end.

scarfacewazzu [10:41 AM]:

I hope we get a signing day suprise with Anselem Umeh, he’s a burner.

Nate_Koz [10:39 AM]:

Vinyard listed as TE, Where do you all expect him to play at that height weight?

Jesse Cassino [10:37 AM]:

Vinyard’s in.

Jesse Cassino [10:35 AM]:

Oh, JuCo. never mind.

Jesse Cassino [10:34 AM]:

Am I crazy, or does Tamaivena’s Hudl say he’s c/o 2018.

Brian Anderson [10:33 AM]:

Class was technically “full” at 25 before Suli, assuming no one flips…we won’t know anything about that or the scholarship math until today is over

scarfacewazzu [10:30 AM]:

With Suli does that put us at 24 or 25 commits?

Brian Anderson [10:30 AM]:

Looks fast and aggressive, which has kinda been a theme on defense this signing period

Brian Anderson [10:30 AM]:

Here’s his Hudl highlights:

.:R [10:29 AM]:

his 247 pic looks like a 36 yr old man

.:R [10:27 AM]:

hadn’t heard much about him

Brian Anderson [10:27 AM]:

Suli Tamaivena is our first signing surprise!

.:R [10:27 AM]:

Suli Tamaivena….. that must be the surprise??

harpstar [10:27 AM]:

Just the fax, maam.

Brian Anderson [10:27 AM]:

@scarfacewazzu We’ll go into depth on that later this week, from a first glance though I think Robert Taylor has a shot to compete for a safety spot next season. He’s a JUCO guy

scarfacewazzu [10:26 AM]:

Patiently waiting on Christian Haangana to fax his NLI

harpstar [10:25 AM]:

no fax cam??? what the fax!

scarfacewazzu [10:23 AM]:

Which incoming players start next season?

Brian Anderson [10:23 AM]:

@twin6112 Not seeing anything yet

Gavin Porter [10:22 AM]:

@Brian J. Anderson no relation hehe

Brian Anderson [10:22 AM]:

@scarfacewazzu Welcome!

Brian Anderson [10:21 AM]:

@cougr probably not, unless you count Justus Rogers. He’s an ATH recruit that will probably end up playing in the secondary

scarfacewazzu [10:21 AM]:

Long time fan, first time chatter here

Brian Anderson [10:18 AM]:

and Grant Porter

twin6112 [10:18 AM]:

Has Davis officially signed with Fresno State?

Brian Anderson [10:18 AM]:

Huge flurry just came in; Danny Bender, Dezmon Patmon, Renard Bell, Romello Harris, Skylar Thomas, and Liam Ryan

Britton Ransford [10:18 AM]:

@Ryan Eames BRING IT

.:R [10:17 AM]:

Coach Wilson tweeted something about a NSD surprise??

cougr [10:16 AM]:

Is there any possibility that WSU will sign a quarterback today ?

thepapercrain [10:14 AM]:

who we sign?

Britton Ransford [9:55 AM]:

@cougbud The worst I can do is 25 percent, and I’ll take that

cougbud [9:53 AM]:

@Britton Ransford Well, you’re 1 for 1 right now. No laughing yet. :blush:

Gavin Porter [9:53 AM]:

And those are the worst

Brian Anderson [9:51 AM]:

If there’s anything really surprising…it’ll probably someone flipping from WSU, not to it.

Britton Ransford [9:50 AM]:

Yeah, just click that link and laugh at me when I’m wrong

Britton Ransford [9:50 AM]:

@McCronin — Well, then it wouldn’t be a surprise. This class seems to be pretty straightforward, as of now. Hawkins, Echols and Mauigoa will decide today. I think Echols and Hawkins would be surprises.

Brian Anderson [9:50 AM]:

Here’s a post about the signing day decisions

McCronin [9:48 AM]:

Any surprises we can hope to go our way?

Britton Ransford [9:46 AM]:

@CarolinaCoug — SAME

Brian Anderson [9:46 AM]:

Duke’s was over by 8:30am

Jesse Cassino [9:44 AM]:

Just hoping for a calm, quiet, surprise-free Signing Day.

Britton Ransford [9:34 AM]:

First of four signing day decisions involving WSU goes to…. OREGON!

Brian Anderson [9:33 AM]:

I’m not above Folgers Columbian

.:R [9:31 AM]:

i love the idea of Keurig, just wish it wasn’t so watered down

Britton Ransford [9:30 AM]:

Oh, no. I’m not feigning that bad. All about the Keurig life.

Stiffmiester [9:29 AM]:

I send my Leach bobblehead for some airtime

Brian Anderson [9:28 AM]:

like, literally? grinding beans and whatnot?

Britton Ransford [9:22 AM]:


Brian Anderson [9:18 AM]:


Stiffmiester [9:17 AM]:

No fax cam this year?

Britton Ransford [9:16 AM]: