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Interactive Map: WSU's 2016 Football Recruiting Class

The 2016 class spans six time zones and covers more 6,600 miles. Explore where each recruit hails from and get complete CougCenter coverage on each one.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

While this years class covers the same amount of distance as the 2015 group (Florida to American Samoa) the ride to wrapping up signing day was a much different experience. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and for the flips to USC or Oregon to happen, but thankfully they never came. Even Mike Leach was stunned to say that nothing stunning happened. The only real surprises were pleasant ones with the signings of Suli Tamaivena and Fredrick Mauigoa.

The merits of heavily recruiting the Pacific Northwest have been debated before, but those that want to see more players hailing from the Evergreen State should be happy to see that the Cougs picked up three high school recruits (Justus Rogers, Josh Watson and D'jimon Jones) from the Seattle area, plus the aforementioned Tamaivena, whose hometown is Kirkland.

For the most part, the Cougs went back to the familiar well of California, nabbing 15 of the 25 members of the class from The Golden State.  WSU also added its sixth member of the roster from Florida in Isaiah Johnson and their seventh from American Samoa in Mauigoa.  Luckily for Johnson, Mauigoa and Kailua's Nilsson Gaisoa, they've got 14 teammates combined from Hawaii, Florida and AS to give them tips and tricks on staying warm in Pullman.

With the exception of not taking a QB in this class, it's pretty well distributed across positions. There are some really exciting athletes on both sides of the ball and some of the offensive line (Christian Haangana in particular) seem to have quite the nasty streak.

Hover over the CougCenter logo on the map to get instructions on how to use it.  Hover over the upper left of the map and you'll get a magnifying glass that will let you search by State, City or County (to get back to the lower 48 view after searching just type "United States" and pick the "Contiguous" option).  You can filter by positions, state, side of the ball (offense or defense) and classes (when filtering position select "Best in the West" to include the line back to Pullman, I had to give WSU a position and I figured I'd lead with the truth). If you hover over a logo it will give you information on that recruit, the CougCenter scouting report and post on when they committed, as well as a link to their Hudl highlights.