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Davontavean Martin is pretty athletic, you guys

Ernie Kent might be making a phone call to WSU’s new WR commit.

Davontavean Martin
Student Sports Photos

Davontavean Martin, WSU’s newest wide receiver commit, was at one time committed to Tulane. He was going to play both football for coach Willie Fritz and basketball for coach Mike Dunleavy.

Yes, that Mike Dunleavy.

Now, that’s not exactly a great deal for the basketball coach — football season extends well into basketball season. But if you’re wondering why Dunleavy was willing to wait ... well, here’s a thing Martin did on the basketball court on Tuesday night:

If you’re curious about other things that Martin — who is 6-foot-4 — could do on the basketball court, here’s four minutes of footage for you. Or, you can just watch the ridiculous dunk about 20 seconds in if you want to confirm that what you saw on the tweet above is legit:

Now, whether he can play basketball isn’t really the point for us, since he’s coming to WSU to play football.* That said, a guy who’s that explosive off the floor in basketball — that’s a one-footed take off, guys, that ends with an easy dunk two-handed dunk — has the potential to be an awfully fun receiver.

*Although, some free advice, Ern: Call Leach and see what you can work out. You’re welcome.

I don’t know if Mike Bush is the last guy we had where we could just throw it up and trust the receiver to out-jump everyone and go get it (Devard Darling was pretty good at that too, right on Bush’s heels), but we certainly haven’t had that guy under this administration or the previous one. And while there obviously is a lot more to being a receiver than running and jumping, that’s a really intriguing skill to add to the roster.

If the prospect of flipping someone from Tulane to WSU didn’t exactly get your heart aflutter — if you’re thinking, “Well, is he really that good of a receiver, though?” — it’s worth considering this: It seems as though Martin initially had his heart set on playing both sports in college, and while I have no special knowledge on his specific recruitment, I have to wonder if part of the reason he didn’t get a lot of recruiting attention is because of that.

If he insisted on playing both sports as a three-star type kid, that would really limit his options, since a lot of football coaches want 100 percent commitment and a lot of basketball coaches don’t want to deal with the hassle of integrating a kid into the rotation who missed the first month of practice and handful of games — and that’s the best case scenario, which gets worse if the football team is in a bowl game.

Anyway, Martin has pretty much immediately become my favorite prospect in this class — for that dunk, for his awesome name, and for the first 30 seconds of his football highlight video. I love this so much, I want to hug it. If you haven’t watched it yet ... you’re welcome: