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All-day live chat of WSU's 2017 National Signing Day

Hello, and welcome to our favorite staple of the annual celebration of the newest Cougs! Jump in. The water is fine! ("Conversation" will show you all chat posts; clicking on "Featured" will show you only posts from CougCenter authors.)

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports


Jeff Nusser [6:47 PM]:

our pleasure – we have a ton of fun, too

hollyweirdcoug [6:45 PM]:

This was awesome by the way…thanks Cougcenter for the venue and the conversation…it’s fun to be Coug crazed with fellow Cougs!

hollyweirdcoug [6:42 PM]:

again not saying Calvin won’t get playing time…or dis’n him in any way…just talking vet abilities and a guy with over 100 grabs for WSU in the air raid.

hollyweirdcoug [6:41 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug no clue how I wrote inside my own post there… tendency to go outside rather than over the middle. Lewis has vastly improved his angles to box out the defender too

hollyweirdcoug [6:38 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson I’m talking targets and the high % of which went to Marks and Cracraft and Mayle in Lewis’ tenure… and the tendency to outside (sideways) from Falk rather than overIf he’s open and not throw to…he created space. the middle.


I’m guessing Powell doesn’t qualify and goes the JC route

PJ Kendall [6:12 PM]:

So what time does the faxing start?

Michael Preston [5:51 PM]:

@SethCougar if he’s not signed, Leach can’t say anything. He said they weren’t expecting any more letters today though FWIW

SethCougar [5:44 PM]:

Has there been anything about Powell yet, you’d think they would push that subject in the presser.

Brett Gleason [5:39 PM]:

Sanders official:


Any word on Sanders?

cougs129 [5:28 PM]:

link to Leach presser. Pac 12 link wasn’t working for some reason

cougs129 [5:27 PM]:

SethCougar [5:18 PM]:

Calvin looks brutal with his cut and acceleration. If he takes the inside over he’s going to be a headache for opposing defenses to keep contained. Really excited not only for what he can do, but what he will open up for the other skill positions.

Michael Preston [5:14 PM]:

@SethCougar someone is making a shit load of noise on the conference call too and it’s a REAL treat

Jeff Nusser [5:13 PM]:

@SethCougar always is with Leach

3_CougTanner_3 [5:13 PM]:

Seems like H is a natural fit for Calvin — and it’s been the weakest position in terms of distribution in Leach’s tenure. If it’s a confidence thing for Luke, I’m sure seeing Calvin tear it up over the summer may help with that.

SethCougar [5:11 PM]:

Sooo this whole @2 PM is a loose term?

Brian Anderson [5:07 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug *should say this is after the catch, too, that we’re talking about.

Brian Anderson [5:06 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug I didn’t say Lewis couldn’t get open, just that at inside receiver you have to create your own yardage more than outside receivers do…there’s more clutter, more defenders are closer to you. That’s just how it is.

hollyweirdcoug [5:02 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson gotta mildly disagree, Lewis has had 40+ catches every season, and that’s with Marks, Cracraft, Mayle et al on the outside. I feel it is more a Falk preference than a lack of open opportunities.

Jeff Nusser [5:01 PM]:

@SethCougar YOU FIRST

SethCougar [5:00 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser Get out of my head!

SethCougar [4:59 PM]:

Not active yet, but stream of Leach presser on NSD:

Jeff Nusser [4:59 PM]:

Heads up: You can watch Leach’s news conference here

hollyweirdcoug [4:58 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson right, often it’s simply about where (who) the QB is looking and I felt Falk got locked in and it hurt his performance later in the season. I agree- I felt there were up field options a lot in the final 1/4 season that were missed.

Brian Anderson [4:58 PM]:

@Irvinecoug That’s the thing about inside receiver, you have to create your own space. I’m not knocking Lewis, he’s perfectly fine and does lots of good things, that position also hasn’t had a lot of output and that’s generally because you need a playmaker in that spot ready to generate his own yardage with the ball in his hand. Bell and Calvin are those type of dudes.

Brian Anderson [4:54 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug This was a worse phenomenon with Martin Jr. That happened all season. The only good thing about Marks graduating is now Falk HAS to throw it to Martin Jr. whenever he’s wide open behind a defense (like 60% of the time)

hollyweirdcoug [4:53 PM]:

Stanford sits at 24…but their average is 3.86…it’s just a small set this year for them.

hollyweirdcoug [4:52 PM]:

@SethCougar the problem with the rank is often it is based on an overall number. But any average for WSU that touches 3.0 is really, really good.

SethCougar [4:49 PM]:

Scout currently has us ranked 39th recruiting class. I’m sure things will change, but not bad Recruiting Staff, especially with the loss of Big Joe.

hollyweirdcoug [4:47 PM]:

@Irvinecoug he is a burner…he was barely 150 when he got to campus…the RS was needed…but he was a 4.4 guy

Irvinecoug [4:43 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson it also seems like Lewis haa been the most explosive in the open field

hollyweirdcoug [4:42 PM]:

Dez Patmon has a long frame and was getting some Thursday night props last season too…I think we’ll see him dueling for reps outside.

Irvinecoug [4:41 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson Did not know Welker played there, it’s a spot that has not produced at WSU but it seems like Lewis is open and not thrown too way too often.

hollyweirdcoug [4:39 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug giddy up- whew…neeeeeed coffee

hollyweirdcoug [4:38 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson and also the QB. Falk literally missed Lewis open, in the bowl, for the entire game…sometimes it is that instinct to look for the go to guys…and when Mark’s was veiled in doubles and side overloads, w/ River out…there was a hitch in the giddy

Brian Anderson [4:36 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug He and Skyler Thomas were two of the guys I was most excited about last cycle. I’d expect him to make a solid case to be in the 2-deep

hollyweirdcoug [4:36 PM]:

@Michael Preston thanks

Michael Preston [4:35 PM]:

Yes, they did land Perry

Brian Anderson [4:34 PM]:

@Irvinecoug This is where Welker played…WSU is the outlier here, H has typically been the more productive inside spot but it usually trades off depending on personnel

hollyweirdcoug [4:34 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson yes- there is a great deal of buzz about Bell…explosiveness, hand fighting…feet all improved

hollyweirdcoug [4:33 PM]:

sorry, did the Cougs get Perry the RB out of Seattle? various listings have differing sets

Irvinecoug [4:27 PM]:

H has never been a big position in the leach air raid

hollyweirdcoug [4:27 PM]:

@Irvinecoug the guy was WIDE open a majority of the bowl game… grrrrr

Irvinecoug [4:26 PM]:

No expert but I always felt like Lewis is underutilized but is explosive when he’s targeted

hollyweirdcoug [4:26 PM]:

@Brian J. Anderson well, the presence of Falk faves Cracraft and Marks and the tendency to go to that comfort area is not a factor anymore…hard to say how the spread of throw goes with the new crew

hollyweirdcoug [4:24 PM]:

when Cracraft went away, so did the true mesh. Sweet went in there…and took those pops. He isn’t that deep threat but he is rugged.

Brian Anderson [4:23 PM]:

Lewis is fine, but that’s a 4-6 catch 50 yd position right now and could be a lot more. Bell is another guy I expect to challenge the two deep there.

Irvinecoug [4:22 PM]:

I don’t think sweet is physical enough to really love as the #1 option. Id rather see preister step up in that role. Sweet got manhandled at times, and it really hurt. Lewis keeps his spot.

Brian Anderson [4:22 PM]:

Calvin can play H right away….and probably should if he knows the offense well enough by the season

hollyweirdcoug [4:18 PM]:

well the question was will he beat out Sweet and Lewis…and I don’t think he will…I am not a fan of playing true frosh, but WR is a slot where that has often worked.

Irvinecoug [4:17 PM]:

I think he’ll at least be in the rotation he offers explosion that the offense desperately need. IMO he’s the most explosive wr leach has signed at wsu.

3_CougTanner_3 [4:13 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser Also my reasoning. Moreover, it seems like if you’re the coaches you’re going to find a way to use the 30th best WR in the country. Cracraft’s injury decimated our offense. Plus we’re replacing Gabe. I don’t think anyone is safe in receiving core except Martin. Johnson-Mack looked good and I’ve heard some of our redshirts like Patmon killed Thursday night football — should be interesting.

OlyCoug [4:12 PM]:

Official makes me tingly and less triggered.

Jeff Nusser [4:12 PM]:

I’ll be a little bit of a contrarian here and say there’s a massive opportunity for Calvin to play early. I think the limitations of our current inside receivers were very clear after Cracraft went down.

hollyweirdcoug [4:10 PM]:

Priester—- spellcheck nailed me

Cougarking21 [4:10 PM]:


hollyweirdcoug [4:09 PM]:

Priestess (once a 4 star long ago) is running routes again, Dimry is back, w/ Lewis, Martin, Mack, Sweet all hauling in over 25 balls…snaps might be rare for some incomers.

hollyweirdcoug [4:06 PM]:

brand X has it as official…and it altered the Coug national average… 2.96 now…for those who care

OlyCoug [4:05 PM]:

I like others, would just like to see his signed letter.

Jesse Cassino [4:05 PM]:

@SoCalCoug Size, mostly.

hollyweirdcoug [4:05 PM]:

@peep6543 maybe but that’s risky…also I think you might want to preserve eligibility for full WR seasons rather than waste one on KR

SoCalCoug [4:04 PM]:

Why doesn’t anyone see Calvin stepping in to Marks spot?

peep6543 [4:02 PM]:

NM, Fossum was taking punts.

peep6543 [4:02 PM]:

Could take kicks though. We had gabe for punts and Taylor for kickoffs.

hollyweirdcoug [4:01 PM]:

@3_CougTanner_3 I just don’t think he will beat out a pair of vet WR’s…Lewis is darn good…Sweet has handled that middle mesh wetland filled nicely for Cracraft—vets, strength etc—my reasoning

Jesse Cassino [3:59 PM]:

@3_CougTanner_3 He probably won’t start over Sweet or Lewis simply due to experience. He’ll likely play early, and more as the season progresses. But he won’t supplant a RS-Senior or a Junior, most likely.

3_CougTanner_3 [3:57 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug You answered my question with ‘no.’ So I’m looking for your reasoning behind your opinion as to why he wouldn’t take time from Sweet and Lewis and possibly start

peep6543 [3:56 PM]:

I’m with Nuss. I’m going to wait until WSU announces it. Not Twitter.

SoCalCoug [3:54 PM]:

@peep6543 wwhhhattt?

hollyweirdcoug [3:54 PM]:

@3_CougTanner_3 I don’t understand? The justification for what?

peep6543 [3:53 PM]:

Some people were saying he put another video up claiming he actually didn’t commit. I can’t get any of those videos to work.

3_CougTanner_3 [3:52 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug What’s the justification?

hollyweirdcoug [3:51 PM]:

well he signed his NLI

peep6543 [3:48 PM]:

Calvin has now said he hasn’t committed? The fuuuu…….

hollyweirdcoug [3:48 PM]:

@3_CougTanner_3 no

OlyCoug [3:42 PM]:

@Flyfishacoug – rumored to need to get a qualifying test score still.

Michael Preston [3:41 PM]:

Don’t tweet or Periscope comment recruits, kids.

SethCougar [3:40 PM]:

Nebraska Fan: Verbally assaulted a 17/18 year old guy for not liking my school he’s seen once. It was the highlight.

SethCougar [3:40 PM]:

Person: What did you do today?

SoCalCoug [3:39 PM]:

Wow, I can’t believe the comments on periscope. It is crazy. I can see why he left Nebraska.

Flyfishacoug [3:38 PM]:

Why wouldnt Powell sign today?

CougGal94 [3:38 PM]:

Nebraska fans are being real a holes on his periscope feed

NastyN8 [3:35 PM]:

Hey Cougcenter… Thanks for all your work. Always enjoy NLI day with you guys


Best recruit since Terry Mixon? Ooopps

SethCougar [3:35 PM]:

Damn watched this unfold on my phone at lunch, this NSD has been all fun no kicks to the balls

3_CougTanner_3 [3:34 PM]:

Think he beats out Sweet and Lewis and starts inside?

Cougarking21 [3:32 PM]:

Check out his periscope to watch the ceremony

OlyCoug [3:31 PM]:

Jamire reminds me a little of Amari Cooper.


We need Powell and Sanders to sign next!

Jesse Cassino [3:30 PM]:

Powell won’t sign today, I believe.

Mark Sandritter [3:30 PM]:

Anyone want to watch Jamire Calvin senior highlights?

lakesnative [3:29 PM]:

Just need Powell to sign and it’s a great day!

peep6543 [3:29 PM]:

I thought everyone salted their corn?

Jeff Nusser [3:29 PM]:

Is it bad that I won’t believe it until WSU tweets it?

NastyN8 [3:26 PM]:

Dang, these Nebraska fans on Periscope are SALTY

Britton Ransford [3:25 PM]:


GuernseyCoug [3:23 PM]:


Cougarking21 [3:20 PM]:

hollyweirdcoug [3:19 PM]:

Very cool— a nice cherry on top! Come on Mr. Powell!

Mark Sandritter [3:19 PM]:

“We Won a Hat Ceremony?” — PRINT THE SHIRTS

CougGal94 [3:19 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [3:19 PM]:



.:R [3:18 PM]:


jackswift [3:18 PM]:

We won a hat ceremony? Will wonders never cease?

3_CougTanner_3 [3:18 PM]:


PossumJ16 [3:18 PM]:

@Britton Ransford Well that’s pretty neat.

3_CougTanner_3 [3:18 PM]:

@Britton Ransford source???

peep6543 [3:18 PM]:


Mark Sandritter [3:17 PM]:


Britton Ransford [3:17 PM]:

Calvin just signed with WSU.

Britton Ransford [3:09 PM]:

@3_CougTanner_3 I’m not seeing anything on Twitter yet.

Britton Ransford [3:08 PM]:

@OlyCoug They’ll still sign financial aid agreements, but will not sign a national letter of intent until they return from their mission, at which point they would count towards that class.

OlyCoug [3:03 PM]:

@Britton Ransford – when they intend to go on a mission, do they still sign and the scholie just counts against this class?

3_CougTanner_3 [3:02 PM]:

any info on Jamire Calvin signing stream or something?

Britton Ransford [3:00 PM]:

Mo Unutoa, one of a couple offensive line targets for WSU late in the cycle, just committed to BYU.

Britton Ransford [3:00 PM]:

Ben Moos just committed to Cal.

CougGal94 [2:49 PM]:

Greenwich mean time

GuernseyCoug [2:40 PM]:

@Jesse Cassino I’m gonna believe you as you’re the only person to say a time that hasn’t already happened today. Thanks!

Jeff Nusser [2:39 PM]:

That is correct

peep6543 [2:38 PM]:

I thought it was 12:15 pacific

Jesse Cassino [2:38 PM]:

@GuernseyCoug Pretty sure it’s 8:15 PM GMT

GuernseyCoug [2:38 PM]:

@3_CougTanner_3 1PM already happened in GMT

SethCougar [2:36 PM]:

Obviously these kids grow up in a lot different situation that I did. But if I got a chance to have college paid for and possibility of making millions if I hit the NFL lottery, PUT ME IN A BUBBLE

3_CougTanner_3 [2:35 PM]:

@GuernseyCoug pm

GuernseyCoug [2:35 PM]:

@lakesnative AM? Not staying up for that. Ugh

ss3ltl [2:33 PM]:

@peep6543 A Florida resident…..figured Leach would already be on the prowl for him:

lakesnative [2:33 PM]:

1:15 GMT

SethCougar [2:33 PM]:

errr PST

SethCougar [2:33 PM]:

@GuernseyCoug 11:15 ish

peep6543 [2:33 PM]:

Its a front page link on espn, as well as their ncaaf page.

GuernseyCoug [2:33 PM]:

When does Calvin announce? Plz reply in GMT time zone

hollyweirdcoug [2:32 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser approved

Jeff Nusser [2:32 PM]:

there is not enough coffee on the planet for my current state

SethCougar [2:32 PM]:

@peep6543 Link please, I need some lunch time comedy

Jeff Nusser [2:30 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug ham (no sandwich, wife and two kids with Celiac) + doritos + apple + coffee

peep6543 [2:30 PM]:

While we’re at it let’s sign the kid in jail that couldn’t send his LOI to Michigan St.

Jesse Cassino [2:30 PM]:

Used to live there when I was a kid.

Jesse Cassino [2:29 PM]:

Oh man I miss Round Table Pizza.

ss3ltl [2:29 PM]:

Have we looked into James Robinson IV? He got popped for MJ possession at Ohio State visit and Florida dropped him. Shouldn’t be much of any issue here (as long as he passes UAs). He is a 6’4" WR 4*

SethCougar [2:29 PM]:

@peep6543 Fair enough. This lunch is sanctioned.

peep6543 [2:28 PM]:

I drive a ton for work. Round tables are great because a heavy lunch makes me drowsy on the road, plus free WiFi and usually a couple tvs.

SethCougar [2:27 PM]:

@peep6543 So you went to a pizza place, for a salad?

peep6543 [2:25 PM]:

Round table salad bar for me. Hoping for a slice of Calvin Cake for dessert.

OlyCoug [2:25 PM]:

@hollyweirdcougPBJ with no crust

hollyweirdcoug [2:24 PM]:

@Jeff Nusser whatcha having? Turkey sando?

TekoaCoug [2:23 PM]:

slow news day thus far, hoping for an uptick

SethCougar [2:23 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug From my research O’Connell is the oft forgotten eighth continent of the planet, must have been a typo on this voting form.

Jeff Nusser [2:23 PM]:

hi it’s my lunch now how has everyone been today

hollyweirdcoug [2:21 PM]:

@SethCougar yeah…who is this O’Connell guy and why is he unanimous All American at guard?

SethCougar [2:20 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug Woah woah woah, they obviously have the best OL in the entire Pac-12, if you believe end of the season rankings by Pac-12 Coaches.

hollyweirdcoug [2:18 PM]:

Mora has been decimated by key injuries the past two seasons…I am no fan…but they have had bad luck in that regard

peep6543 [2:12 PM]:

Total left field, but I often wonder how the heck Mora still has a job and who the heck would want to play for him.

Britton Ransford [2:08 PM]:

@peep6543 It’s a recruiting dead period, meaning they cannot have any in-person, on- or off-campus interaction with a potential student athlete. However, they can still recruit via phone, social media or texting.

hollyweirdcoug [1:59 PM]:

dawgs snagged some superior secondary and WR help

hollyweirdcoug [1:56 PM]:

@peep6543 uh huh, but you have to wonder what the DT recruit is thinking…that is a crowd. No instate DT for SC either..rare

peep6543 [1:54 PM]:

Ya well… USC gunna USC

hollyweirdcoug [1:53 PM]:

just looking around, SC hauled in 3 DT’s, a 5,4,3 set of stars. In a light year for that slot- that is a coup.

peep6543 [1:53 PM]:

Is today considered dead for the coaches or can they still actively recruit unsigned players?

drcoxwsu [1:47 PM]:


Britton Ransford [1:44 PM]:

@drcoxwsu I’m sure there will be someone there either live-tweeting or streaming it. We’ll pass that info along as we gather it.

drcoxwsu [1:43 PM]:

I know we have a little while, but does anybody know of a L.A./Pasedena TV station streaming Jamire Calvin’s hat fun if we want to watch live?

OlyCoug [1:42 PM]:

@Britton Ransford @Cougarking21 – specifically when they ask to keep it on the Suites.

Britton Ransford [1:39 PM]:

@Cougarking21 Thanks. But let’s be sure to not share info from behind a paywall over here!

XSavage [1:38 PM]:

Sorry about the miscue below. But I am getting some lingerie adds on your site that I distracting. My god those are long legs.

Cougarking21 [1:37 PM]:

Cougfan source says Dontae Powell will be signing with the Cougs but not today. No more information than that

Britton Ransford [1:36 PM]:

Former WSU verbal commit Quazzel White, an offensive lineman, just signed with TCU.

Britton Ransford [1:36 PM]:

Here’s a complete breakdown of the morning thus far with some updates

Britton Ransford [1:35 PM]:

We’re hearing that Kelle Sanders’ signing day ceremony isn’t until around 2:30 p.m. today.

Mark Sandritter [1:29 PM]:

@99206coug Perry has signed

OlyCoug [1:27 PM]:

@JFMCOUGS – rumored to have been geting a lot of love from Utah. Been pretty quiet.

OlyCoug [1:25 PM]:

@99206coug – yes, I believe he was in pretty early. Waiting on Kelle Sanders, Dontae Powell and perhaps Jamire Calvin


Any rumors on to why Kelle Sanders hasn’t signed yet?

XSavage [1:23 PM]:


99206coug [1:22 PM]:

Has Caleb Perry signed? I see him listed in some places as signed, but I don’t see him on the cougars website.

99206coug [1:20 PM]:


peep6543 [1:12 PM]:

Luckily the Utes don’t have a QB that can throw to him.

OlyCoug [1:11 PM]:

Bryan Thompson to Utah also.

OlyCoug [1:10 PM]:

@SoCalCoug – I saw that he committed to Utah. RE:DT Miki Sugurataga

hollyweirdcoug [1:08 PM]:

@OlyCoug he inherits some nice parts…Hercules is special, and Tapa is legit nose size, Ekuale, McBroom, Fernandez are all over 280

OlyCoug [1:05 PM]:

I’m really excited to see the D Line under Phelps, personally. As an aside to that, I’ve got to believe it can only help CML on the offensive side of the ball, picking his brain on how to better beat defenses that disguised so much like CU, UW and MINN did.

Jeff Nusser [1:03 PM]:

Hello from my 5-minute passing period. See you all during my lunch in an hour!

hollyweirdcoug [1:02 PM]:

@Cougarking21 they did some nice things when Ekuale was on the nose last season in Barber’ absence. Plus…Tapa is a load at 320

peep6543 [1:02 PM]:

Anyone going to the signing day party at Northern quest?

Cougarking21 [1:00 PM]:

Grinch said he wasn’t going to sacrifice speed at any position. Would rather add weight to a quick guy then recruit a a big guy that can’t move

hollyweirdcoug [12:59 PM]:

@Cougarking21 yup- those long frames on the DE listed guys are indicative of that thinking…3 280+ w/ perhaps 1 legit NT for run situation

hollyweirdcoug [12:56 PM]:

@OlyCoug i heard Utah and Oregon were coming on…I hope he’s a gray…this OL class is already great and Powell would make it stellar

Cougarking21 [12:56 PM]:

In case you missed it, Grinch said on the Gesser/Chazinow radio show today that he imagines a couple of these DEs putting on weight and being able to play inside

Britton Ransford [12:56 PM]:

@OlyCoug WSU can still risk it and take his NLI without knowing his SAT scores, however they’ll likely play it safe.

OlyCoug [12:54 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug – I’ve got think with Powell re-taking his SAT this Saturday, as has been reported, that he could be a grayshirt guy.

hollyweirdcoug [12:54 PM]:

so that surprise juco DT isn’t happening…? :wink:

PossumJ16 [12:53 PM]:

@SethCougar WSU in a hat ceremony? Based on previous years, I think our chances of landing him just went down by a lot.

CougGal94 [12:53 PM]:

@SethCougar yeah, Nebraska fans were losing their minds.

Britton Ransford [12:53 PM]:

@SethCougar Didn’t even see your question, actually! Works, though!

SethCougar [12:52 PM]:

@Britton Ransford Haha, quick reply

Britton Ransford [12:52 PM]:

As noted in the big boards, WSU will likely take 26 in this class. They’ll make it work if all three pick WSU.

SethCougar [12:52 PM]:

@Britton Ransford Can we take 27 if all of them go WSU?

Britton Ransford [12:51 PM]:

So, WSU is waiting on Kelle Sanders, Dontae Powell and Jamire Calvin. Sitting at 24 letters of intent in by 9:30 a.m.

SethCougar [12:50 PM]:

@PossumJ16 Not sure if you saw the drama linked to the Nebraska site play out, but apparently Nebraska fans were jerks to him on Social Media, and now we have a hat ceremony. Get your popcorn.

Britton Ransford [12:49 PM]:

@PossumJ16 I think this is a pretty typical high school ceremony. A quick look at his Twitter would certainly be enough to like WSU’s chances of flipping him.

Michael Preston [12:49 PM]:

12:15 today for Calvin

PossumJ16 [12:48 PM]:

Jamire Calvin having a ceremony now? Gotta think WSU’s chances just went up a lot to land him.

hollyweirdcoug [12:48 PM]:

@Britton Hansford maybe that bodes well for Powell…heard the Ducks were swarming him…

Britton Ransford [12:46 PM]:

OL George Moore, who lost a spot in the WSU class when he was unable to qualify as an early enrollee (eventually lost spot to Robert Valencia), just signed with Oregon.

Britton Ransford [12:42 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug Correct. Stars.

SethCougar [12:42 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug Do we get to play against Bruggman this year (Montana St.) or has he been relegated to the bench again?

hollyweirdcoug [12:41 PM]:

@Britton Hansford right…but still…he is a 4 star and remember the heads exploding excitement of Bruggman. I like this prospect much better.

peep6543 [12:40 PM]:

Thanks Britton. There is no question about talent with him, I am concerned with his character.

SethCougar [12:40 PM]:

@j_danielo But how much? This next year I’d like to see a 200% increase on his neck strengthening workouts. Can’t stress enough, Neck workouts 7 days a week

hollyweirdcoug [12:40 PM]:

@j_danielo haha I was just typing a neck strength coach needed post…

j_danielo [12:38 PM]:

To be fair, he is doing his neck strengthening exercises.

Britton Ransford [12:38 PM]:

@peep6543 QB recruiting is a little different. It begins far earlier than others, so typically no offers based on senior tape due to everyone already having their QB on board. They commit in spring/early summer and typically QB recruitment dies shortly after.

SethCougar [12:37 PM]:

@j_danielo Dual threat? Sure Threat of a sweet Touchdown pass, or threat of a concussion on every play :disappointed:

j_danielo [12:37 PM]:


j_danielo [12:36 PM]:

Are you saying Falk isn’t dual threat?

OlyCoug [12:35 PM]:

I hope Sanders signs. I think Utah was really going after him pretty hard.

hollyweirdcoug [12:35 PM]:

@SethCougar for sure the mobility aspect is such a new wrinkle to consider.

SethCougar [12:33 PM]:

@hollyweirdcoug I’m actually really excited about Neville. I’ve always wondered what the Air Raid would look like with a Dual Threat QB in the mix and the guy seems like a stud. Will be interesting to see how it plays out in the next 3 years or so.

OlyCoug [12:32 PM]:

@JFMCOUGS – It was reported that he was taking the SAT for the 2nd time this Saturday.

peep6543 [12:31 PM]:

Did the news come out about why he was suspended and possibly why he was recruited lighy for a 4*? I heard a rumor of what happened

OlyCoug [12:31 PM]:

@Britton Ransford – If Hawaii was pushing hard for him, I think he signs but I kind of thought maybe he had grayshirt potential.

Mark Sandritter [12:30 PM]:

Mejia is in!

hollyweirdcoug [12:30 PM]:

surprisingly little excitement about a 4 star QB…I love it when they are long time and loyal verbals…

SethCougar [12:26 PM]:

Anthony White, who’s already on campus, seems pretty legit and rated 4 stars by some. We’ve got a good Florida pipeline of WRs right now.

Mark Sandritter [12:20 PM]:

(insert mind blown GIF)

Mark Sandritter [12:20 PM]:

WSU is about to be recruiting players born in the 2000s

Mark Sandritter [12:19 PM]:

All-time Hillsborough County rushing leader Malik Davis, who shares Harris’ birthday (Nov. 26, 1998) signed with Florida at the same ceremony, which featured four other Tigers student-athletes.

Mark Sandritter [12:19 PM]:

From a Tampa Bay Times story on Harris:

SoCalCoug [12:19 PM]:

Perry, Harris and Winston have me intrigued. They are speedsters. I like Martin’s size at 6’-4", maybe another Dom Williams type.

Stiffmiester [12:15 PM]:

At least we don’t have to worry about Powell making his way through snowmagedon here in the tri cities

JFMCOUGS [12:15 PM]:

Best commit so far looks to be Talbot unless Calvin flips later.

Stiffmiester [12:14 PM]:

So we have 23 on board now?

Britton Ransford [12:12 PM]:

In regards to Powell, that is.

Britton Ransford [12:12 PM]:

Grades could be an issue here. Greyshirt also could be on the table.

ptowncoug3012 [12:12 PM]:

Down to 3 (Powell, Meija and Sanders) and waiting on Calvin

3_CougTanner_3 [12:11 PM]:

I’m not sure if this has been commented on already, but does anyone have any insight into how the new receivers will fit in with the depth chart? It’s obv very early to tell how things will shake out but it seems like the majority of the receivers we recruited project to the inside including Calvin who might flip at noon.

JFMCOUGS [12:10 PM]:

4 star o-lineman with only 1 pac12 offer seems kind of strange to me

SethCougar [12:09 PM]:

…. or maybe he’s finding a place with a fax machine. It’s only 9 AM

JFMCOUGS [12:08 PM]:

I’m guessing he might have academic issues?

TekoaCoug [12:08 PM]:

Was just thinking the same thing CoachEtch, perhaps he is waiting until after school though?

CoachEtch [12:07 PM]:

Is there any reason to worry on Dontae Powell?

Michael Preston [12:06 PM]:

Non-recruiting note: for the first time in forever, seat backs went up on season tickets. We’ll have more on that later.

Britton Ransford [12:04 PM]:

Added some updates to the offensive big board here

SethCougar [12:04 PM]:

Dontae Powell sign yet?

peep6543 [12:04 PM]:

Maybe we can get Vita Vea to grad transfer and play a year at nose

Britton Ransford [12:00 PM]:

After a late charge from Hawaii, Christian Mejia will sign with WSU.

Britton Ransford [12:00 PM]:

@SethCougar Harris has already signed with WSU.

Britton Ransford [11:59 AM]:

Yeah, Sugutaraga signed with Hawaii and Unutoa, an offensive tackle target, is expected to sign with BYU.

SoCalCoug [11:58 AM]:

DT Miki Sugurataga committed to Hawaii instead of us. Bummer, he really must not have wanted to leave the island. He should have talked to Taylor Taliulu.

SethCougar [11:58 AM]:

This class has been actually really nice. Very few gut punches, little to 0 negative surprises so far. If we can pull Harris and Calvin today I’d be thrilled.

JFMCOUGS [11:57 AM]:

I wonder where McDougle and Toki end up?

j_danielo [11:57 AM]:

For DL, there was a tweet that showed Suguturaga with a Utah logo on his announcement name tag, so not looking good there.

peep6543 [11:56 AM]:

Got it. Mcbroom at 6’3" 282, pretty good size up front.

j_danielo [11:55 AM]:

He retweeted Gabe’s tweet yesterday, which is nice to see

Britton Ransford [11:55 AM]:

Added a couple updates to the defensive big board here

SethCougar [11:55 AM]:

(Realize I’m late to the party… fashionably of course…)

Britton Ransford [11:54 AM]:

Mattox has always been a defensive lineman

SethCougar [11:54 AM]:

So how’s everyone feeling about our chances with Jamire Calvin?

j_danielo [11:54 AM]:

Pretty sure Mattox was a DE when signed

peep6543 [11:53 AM]:

Looks like Hunter Mattox flipped. Didn’t we sign him as OL?

peep6543 [11:53 AM]:

How recent is the wsu website 2017 spring roster? They show a few guys heavier than I remember and listed as DL

JFMCOUGS [11:52 AM]:

With Priester & Dimry coming back we should have good depth everywhere beside DT, if Tapa or Ekuale goes down, yikes!

SoCalCoug [11:48 AM]:

We are going to run a 2-2, 3. Four DE’s all rushing the QB with three LB’s. No need to panic.

Britton Ransford [11:48 AM]:

I don’t really see any defensive ends in this class that I’d project as a defensive tackle down the road.

peep6543 [11:48 AM]:

At least we are stockpiling DE’s so we can just sack the QB before he even hands it off

Michael Preston [11:48 AM]:

11 guys in pass pro, it can’t go wrong!

Britton Ransford [11:48 AM]:


Jesse Cassino [11:46 AM]:

We’re experimenting with a 0-7 alignment.

Michael Preston [11:46 AM]:

No idea but gigantic DTs like you need in a 3-4 are hard to come by

SoCalCoug [11:46 AM]:

Does anyone know how it is pronounced? Is it Josh Tal-Bot or Josh Tal-bo?

JFMCOUGS [11:44 AM]:

Does anyone know if we are converting DE’s into DT’s, not getting a DT 2 years in a row is strange?

peep6543 [11:42 AM]:

I, like others, am supposed to be working right now. Instead I’m chasing the fax dragon.

j_danielo [11:39 AM]:

Cameron Diaz once said Snoop sold her weed at Long Beach Poly

Jesse Cassino [11:35 AM]:

West Texas A&M just landed Wrangler Haresnape.

SoCalCoug [11:35 AM]:

@Michael Preston I thought “that can’t be a real name, Michael has to be joking.” I had to look it up. He is a OL, which is perfect.

Michael Preston [11:35 AM]:

And my bad, he signed with Illinois State. No idea how I screwed that up. I blame my sleep deprived eyes

Michael Preston [11:34 AM]:

I’d have to consult Cougfan on that one

Mark Sandritter [11:30 AM]:

@Michael Preston I always thought Kobe was beef, not buffalo

Michael Preston [11:29 AM]:

I know one thing for certain, we’ve lost the best name of NLI day. Louisville signed a kid named Kobe Buffalomeat

Mark Sandritter [11:28 AM]:

Hendry is official!

Britton Ransford [11:27 AM]:

have we signed a defensive tackle yet?

Michael Preston [11:27 AM]:

I’m up way too early, that’s how JACKED I am for this class (a cement truck sat across the street from my house for 45 minutes at 7am).

Something Snazzy [11:27 AM]:

My vote is Talbott for immediate impact. Sure, there are people in front of him but he is on the upper end of 3 stars and we saw what happened when we lost Luani

Mark Sandritter [11:26 AM]:

Long Beach Poly Trivia Question of the Week coming to CougCenter next week

SoCalCoug [11:24 AM]:

Since people are just hanging out, does everyone know all the famous people and movies that have come out of Long Beach Poly? It is crazy. Coach Carter and American Beauty were filmed there. Billie Jean King, Chase Utley, Tony Gwynn and Cameron Diaz went there, just to name a few.

Jesse Cassino [11:23 AM]:

He’ll be 6’4" 215 by the time he leaves. Lots of room on his frame to bulk up.

peep6543 [11:20 AM]:

Any word on Kelle Sanders?

ptowncoug3012 [11:19 AM]:

Sure, but I just wish Tay was 6’ 3 200 lbs

SoCalCoug [11:19 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter LB Poly Pipeline!!! I’m sure we need to give Wicks a little credit for this signing.

Jesse Cassino [11:18 AM]:

Tay Martin might have the highest ceiling. The athleticism is real.

Stiffmiester [11:18 AM]:

Has to be one of the slot receivers, Harris so far. But Tay Martin has the size at receiver.

Mark Sandritter [11:17 AM]:

Talbott is official!

Mark Sandritter [11:17 AM]:

SoCalCoug [11:16 AM]:

This is a first for the Cougs on the roster. Fa’avae²

Jesse Cassino [11:16 AM]:

Also Travell Martin in the return game.

Jesse Cassino [11:16 AM]:

I mean Harris

Jesse Cassino [11:15 AM]:

I like Dallas Hobbs’ size off the edge, especially as thin as we are on the line. He’s got a shot to play early.

Mark Sandritter [11:14 AM]:

What does everyone think? Which recruit makes the most immediate impact?

SoCalCoug [11:14 AM]:

@Mark Sandritter so he should be posting twice as much. It isn’t like he is in the middle of teaching an English class right now or something.

Stiffmiester [11:13 AM]:

Fa’avae Fa’avae signed. Take that Oregon

Mark Sandritter [11:13 AM]:

@peep6543 It’s always too early to play that game, which really means it’s never too early!

SoCalCoug [11:12 AM]:

@wazzu93 I got big timed by Nuss. He is on my list.

peep6543 [11:12 AM]:

*immediate impact

peep6543 [11:12 AM]:

Is it too early to play everyone’s favorite game: which player in this class will have the most impact? My money is on Valencia.

Mark Sandritter [11:11 AM]:

We actually cloned Nuss

wazzu93 [11:09 AM]:

@SoCalCoug I think Nuss took your spot, he’s listed up there twice :blush:

SoCalCoug [11:08 AM]:

I’ve been around here since 2008 and I’m not featured poster. THIS IS CRAP!!! I am a CCOG :blush:

Jesse Cassino [11:05 AM]:

The staff would make room for Calvin, and they won’t play the same position. So on balance, I don’t think so.

Mark Sandritter [11:05 AM]:

In terms of purely numbers, there should still be room for Calvin if he decides that way

peep6543 [11:03 AM]:

Does the Harris surprise affect our chances with Calvin at all?

harpstar [10:56 AM]:

Love the height at db… 6-2 and 6-0

Mark Sandritter [10:54 AM]:

Going strictly off their Twitter handles, I think my favorite recruit is Willie Taylor

Mark Sandritter [10:50 AM]:

Wooo signing day!

j_danielo [10:43 AM]:

I was actually thinking Perry might be the fastest of the bunch (10.6 100M), but Dubots actually clocked 10.44 100M…both insanely fast!

CougGal94 [10:38 AM]:

I’m not very productive at work this morning!

SeattleCoug88 [10:36 AM]:

oh gosh I’m so nervous

Brian Anderson [10:23 AM]:

and yes, WSU definitely has a chance

Brian Anderson [10:23 AM]:

Calvin is announcing at 12:15 PST

SoCalCoug [10:23 AM]:

I just watched film of Travell Harris. That dude is a playmaker in all 3 phases of the game (Off, Def, ST).

02Coug [10:21 AM]:

Has Calvin signed yet? Or do we still have a chance?

Brian Anderson [10:17 AM]:

Faxes flying in now

Brian Anderson [10:15 AM]:

Rodgers is a pretty exciting prospect at DE, he reminds me a lot of Ivan McLennan

Brian Anderson [10:14 AM]:

Dominick Silvels and Will Rodgers are official

j_danielo [9:43 AM]:

Keeping the FL pipeline is good, but I’d specifically like to see the Cathedral pipeline continue this year. :blush:

Brian Anderson [9:43 AM]:

…and he’s pretty good

Jeff Nusser [9:40 AM]:

By the way, just in case anyone missed it: WSU picked up a WR this morning.

cougbud [9:39 AM]:

Same problem here. Supposed to be taking online training for work, and this has me quite distracted.

Stiffmiester [9:35 AM]:

Now how am I going to pass time when I should be working?

Jeff Nusser [9:34 AM]:

there doesn’t appear to be one this year. DebbieDowner.gif

Stiffmiester [9:32 AM]:

Where is the fax machine feed?

Jeff Nusser [9:30 AM]:

There’s a lot of shuffling that can go on, but I mostly said it tongue in cheek

cougbud [9:20 AM]:

I didn’t realize that offers could be pulled on signing day, but I suppose that makes sense, although not very nice.

Jeff Nusser [9:18 AM]:

The guys who committed last usually sign first — don’t know if that’s excitement or they’re worried they won’t have an offer later in the day

cougbud [9:16 AM]:

:blush: Yeah, he is up a bit early. Glad to see he is so excited to be a Coug!

Jeff Nusser [9:13 AM]:

Guess they don’t do that whole “8 a.m. local time” thing anymore — just got Kuzmack

Jeff Nusser [9:07 AM]:

Woo! Welcome to signing day!

cougbud [9:05 AM]:

I can hear you just fine. :blush:

Jeff Nusser [9:02 AM]:

Good morning! THIS THING ON?