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WSU commit Cammon Cooper made some ridiculous throws in his 10 TD performance

If you weren’t excited before, you will be now.

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By now, you’ve probably heard that WSU quarterback commit Cammon Cooper threw for 10 TDs — TEN — in the first game of his high school season. (He also threw for 599 yards, which somehow seems like less of a big deal when cast in the shadow of all those danged TDs.)

But what you probably haven’t seen is a good look at how he did it — the initial story had just some field-level video from a local TV station.

The Hudl video from the game has surfaced, and folks, I just have one thing to say to Coug fans: GET HYPED.

Some of these throws are absolutely ridiculous, particularly the ones on the move. If you’re like “I don’t have time for three minutes of awesome highlights,” this one is my favorite:

To elude two guys, roll out, then make a throw on a dime 45 yards downfield — without setting his feet — is incredibly impressive. I also love this one:

Pressure coming, eludes it, sets his feet, fires a 35-yard rope to let his receiver win a 1-on-1 battle. Touchdown.

Cooper is rated a four-star recruit by both Rivals and Scout, and he also was named an Elite 11 quarterback. All of that makes him the most highly regarded QB recruit of the Mike Leach era. And that’s great.

But the thing that’s most impressive is that Cooper appears to be a perfect fit for the Air Raid. He already sits at the helm of a pass-happy offense, and while I can’t say for sure if the coach would call it an “Air Raid,” it most certainly uses a ton of Air Raid concepts. (For example, Cooper says his favorite play is a flipped version of Y-Cross, a play that Luke Falk and River Cracraft used to destroy people.) He’s accurate, and while he doesn’t have a cannon, he can make the necessary throws — almost all of which you see on display in this highlight video.

Like I said: Have some fun and get excited. I think the Cougs got a real good one.