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Armauni Archie signs with WSU after late charge from Cal

Justin Wilcox came in late with an offer for the three-star cornerback, but he signed with the Cougs.

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As expected, the Early Signing Period has been more or less without drama for the Washington State Cougars. But cornerback Armauni Archie injected just tiny bit of uncertainty into the first day when it took him a few hours to send in his national letter of intent.

Archie had been committed to WSU since mid-October, and as recently as Sunday, he affirmed his commitment to signing with Mike Leach.

Most recruits send in their letters first thing in the morning of the day the signing period opens, yet as of lunch time on Wednesday, Archie had yet to send his in to WSU’s offices.

It might have something to do with this:

The California Golden Bears came in late with an offer for Archie, who, when he committed, reported only one other Power 5 offer (Nebraska Cornhuskers). Of course, an offer on December 19 isn’t actually the last minute, considering this is just the early period, and until last year, recruits weren’t allowed to sign letters of intent until the first Wednesday in February.

Anyway, Archie’s tweet set off a little bit of a tizzy on Twitter, which wondered if he was considering a flip to the school that’s just a 15-minute drive from his hometown of El Cerrito, Calif.

Fans don’t like it when any player flips, but defensive back is a particular position of need for WSU, and Archie possesses some length at corner that WSU sorely needs. He could very well see action as a true freshman in the Cougs’ secondary.

By lunchtime, the drama was over. Archie is a Coug.