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WSU vs. Utah: Open game thread

This is the place to discuss WSU and Utah. Which you already knew, since you're here. But we just have to say that.

William Mancebo

The Washington State Cougars have traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, to take on the Utah Utes in a game that will kick off at 5 p.m. PDT on Pac-12 Networks.

The Cougars enter the game 1-3 and looking for their first Pac-12 win, which also would renew hope that a bowl game is still possible. Lose to the Utes, and now WSU is faced with winning five of the final seven games to get bowl eligible. That's not exactly the sort of thing that inspires confidence.

If you're waiting for the game to kick off, we had a bunch of new content on the site today to get you through the next however many minutes:

Lastly, here's something that might make you feel a little bit more confident. Casual observers put a lot of stock in Utah's win over Michigan last week. Guess who else marched into the Big House today and beat up Michigan? Minnesota, winners by a score of 30-14.

I've been saying all week that Utah just did not impress me in that win last week. It was a victory built on turnovers given by a turnover prone offense, a special teams return, and one offensive TD. They do not have a talent advantage over WSU, and the Cougars will not have to play way above their heads to win this game -- they just need to clean up some of the errors that have plagued them.

It doesn't mean I'm guaranteeing a victory. But I think the confidence of so many that Utah is clearly superior is greatly misplaced. That said, if the Utes get off to a hot start, I fear that it could snowball on a team that still seems to sometimes struggle with confidence.

Look for the defense to be extra cautious early and make Travis Wilson execute a lot of short throws. He's going to have to prove he can carry the team in that way, because I'm not convinced he can.

How do you see it? Get to commentin'.