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UW's loss to Stanford puts WSU in the driver's seat

The Cougs control their own destiny.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

With the Washington Huskies' loss to the Stanford Cardinal last night, the Pac-12 North just got wild.

Here are the standings as of this morning:

Right now, Stanford has one more conference game to play, while UW and WSU both have two.

So, with a hat tip to Craig for explaining this to me, here are the ways each team wins the division:

  • WSU: Wins out
  • Stanford: Beats Cal and needs WSU to lose once
  • UW: Beats Utah and WSU and needs Stanford to lose to Cal

As you can see, your Washington State Cougars are the only team that controls its own destiny, but it's a daunting task.

(Yes, I know these aren't the only possibilities, but they're simple and the most plausible right now. If Stanford, UW and WSU all finish at 6-3 in conference play, that triggers all sorts of weirdness, and that's still not the only other possible scenario.)

This chaos is fun to watch and keeps WSU's title hopes alive, but a cynic might mention that it dries up the playoff revenue stream that comes to Pac-12 teams.

The conference's playoff hopes just went up in flames. Sure, USC still has a nine percent chance, which is more than UW's three percent chance, Stanford's two percent chance and WSU's one percent chance (this is all from FiveThirtyEight).

So, I guess the Pac-12 isn't totally shut out of the playoff. But you can stop holding dates on your calendar for a trip to the semis.

Whether the Pac-12 getting a team to the playoff matters to you or not, it's fair to ask, why did this all happen? Well, maybe the Pac-12 is having a down year. Or, maybe the conference's TV deal played a role:


This is all a preamble to today's game at Utah. Win, and the Cougs play for the North in the Apple Cup again. Lose, and while they're not eliminated, their path just got a lot harder.

Luke Falk will be playing near his hometown today, and he'll have lots of family and friends there to watch. Will we see the Falk we saw last week? Or will we see the Falk that we saw two weeks ago in Tucson?

Mike Leach returns to the state that gave him his college degree, and he'll be coaching against his fellow BYU alum in Kyle Whittingham.

The Cougs are in a good spot this late in the season. They're 8-2 and control their own destiny. They were in the same spot last year with two games to play, and we all know how that went.

Let's hope things are different this year. The Pac-12 North is at stake.

Gabe Marks has a website

Everybody's favorite quote launched a new website. Gabe Marks is the co-founder along with former Coug Parker Henry. Jed Collins is also a contributor.

The site will focus on sports but will weave in politics, pop culture, social issues and more.

We've all heard Marks talk about these things in news conferences and on Twitter. Here's to hoping this site is a success.



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Veterans Day

It's Veterans Day, and being an Air Force brat, I wanted to briefly acknowledge the sacrifices made by those who have served and those who currently serve, including PJ of the CougCenter crew.

The sacrifices the service members and their families make is astounding. I was lucky to be born after my parents had toured much of the west already, but others experience more elementary schools than I have WSU t-shirts.

SportsCenter played the video above, much like is has the past few Veterans Days. It came on after the Stanford-UW game, and while my wife was asleep, I swear someone was in the kitchen cutting onions. I'm still searching for that person.

Happy Veterans Day, and thanks to the men and women—and their families—that protect us here and abroad.