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Podcast Vs. Everyone: Reflecting on Utah and looking forward to hoops

Let’s just talk things out a little.

WASHINGTON ST V UTAH Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

It’s one thing to record a podcast after a game that makes you very, very angry. It’s another thing to record after a game in which your team just got flat whipped — something that hasn’t happened real often the last few years.*

*When the opponent wasn’t the Washington Huskies.

Such is the situation in which we find ourselves after Saturday’s demoralizing defeat by the Washington State Cougars at the hands of the Utah Utes. Still, we found things to talk about.

Show rundown:

  • WSU vs. Utah: What was up with the offense? That’s where we spend most of our time — including reflecting on just why losing Brandon Arconado is such a big deal — but we do dive into the defense a little bit at the end, perhaps signaling our resignation about that side of the ball.
  • Beer: It’s fresh hop season! Craig went that direction with a couple of beers from Reuben’s Brews and Fremont Brewing, while Jeff went with a strong belgian ale from Silver City.
  • Hoops: Kyle Smith added a grad transfer, Jaylen Shead, who should really help the team out, and might be an immediate starter. Plus, we ran across a stat that should give you even more hope for the Smith era.

Fair warning, we do use naughty words from time. You’ll probably hate it. We don’t care.

(But if you do like it, please leave us a five-star review — it helps other people find the podcast.)

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