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Baxter’s beer for the Cougs vs. Utah

Baxter is ready for a cathartic experience.

WSU losses are generally difficult, but some hurt a little more than others. The good thing is that there’s always a possibility of a win in the next game—something to provide a cathartic experience that will get you past that previous pain.

With that in mind, Baxter has chosen Catharsis, a barrel-aged farmhouse ale from E9 Brewing in Tacoma. This beer is indicative of the skill E9 has in creating world-class farmhouse-style beers and wild ales. It is cathartic in its own right, but Baxter and I are certainly rooting for that cathartic experience on the field as well.

You may know that Baxter has actually highlighted an E9 beer before back in 2017. However, we thought it was right to call them out again as they have opened a new facility and shortened their official name from Engine House No. 9 to E9. The former is sticking with the original brewpub near 6th Ave in Tacoma.

The main reason we wanted to highlight E9 this week is because at their new facility they will be hosting Zwanze Day on Saturday, a worldwide celebration of lambic and the Cantillon Brewery.

Cantillon is located in Brussels, but each year it creates a special beer called Zwanze that it sends out across the world to locations that it has selected to host an official Zwanze Day event and a worldwide toast. Previously, the Seattle area locations have been in Seattle proper, but this year Zwanze has ventured south to the City of Destiny and we couldn’t be happier about it. Check out the video below (or link here) for more on Catharsis, Zwanze, and some images of E9’s killer new location:

So, to prepare for the Cougs there will be many beers drank early in the day at E9 Brewing, and we’ll be looking for some catharsis in the evening as WSU takes on Utah. What will you be having?