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WSU vs. Arizona: The game thread

The Cougs are gunning for the upset, and many say they can do it.

William Mancebo

WSU has had plenty of 2-5 teams over the years, I'm sure. There have been plenty of bad Cougar teams hosting highly-ranked Pac-12 foes as well. But this time, it almost feels like WSU is the equal to the No. 15 Arizona Wildcats, at least with homefield advantage in hand.

The Cougs took down Arizona in the desert last season. Maybe that's why things like this:

Now, I feel pretty good about this game. But it's not simply because WSU won at Tuscon in 2013. For me, and many others, it's knowing that this is about as good a 2-5 team as one can find.

Also, Arizona's pass defense ain't exactly good, and Connor Halliday has shred poor pass defenses all season. That's gotta be worrisome for Wildcat fans.

That's no guarantee that the Cougs will win, but it should be close and it should be exciting. Pullman has already seen some classic Pac-12 games this season, and this may be another one. Here's hoping that WSU ends up on top this time.

Game starts at 3 p.m. PT on Pac-12 Networks.