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Photo Gallery: WSU football outshines the Sun Devils, defeats ASU 34-21

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RECAP: WSU stuns Arizona State 34-21

The Cougars ride a huge first half all the way to the finish line.

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Complete Coverage: WSU vs. ASU

How to watch WSU vs. ASU (and game thread)

The Cougs hit the home stretch needing two wins for bowl eligibility.

Three things to watch as Washington State visits Arizona State

The CougCenter Hour: The long week is over. Plus, an ASU preview with Brad Denny!

We take a look at arguably WSU’s toughest opponent yet.

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The Monday After: Come on home, Cougs

The loss to ASU invites you to slip under the warm blanket of WSU’s historic volatility.

Podcast Vs. Everyone: WSU misses another opportunity vs. ASU

These losses are stacking up very quickly for the Cougars.

The Good, Bad and Ugly of WSU’s loss to Arizona State

Highly predictable, but still hard to take.

RECAP: No. 18 ASU scores late to hold off WSU, 38-34

The defense started OK, then totally collapsed. Again.

Baxter’s beer for the Cougs vs. Sun Devils

It’s WSU’s first game in October. Can you guess which style of beer Baxter will be having?

How to watch + Game Thread for Cougs vs. Sun Devils

WSU heads to the desert to face Arizona State and we can tell you how to watch.

Three bold predictions for Washington State vs. Arizona State

Podcast Vs. Everyone: Are the Cougs ready to bounce back? We think so!

Let’s preview ASU vs. WSU.

ASU DC: Sun Devils ‘want to try and hurt somebody’ vs. WSU

That’s ... um, yeah. Wow.

Interactive Graphic: In WSU vs. ASU, somebody’s having a get-right game

Both teams have an opportunity to fix some problems.

The Gamble-Tron hasn’t drowned, but we’re not far off.

The bottom is in sight!

PREVIEW: More than you need to know about the Cougs vs. Sun Devils

The Cougs had a bye and a major coaching change. Will that help them against Arizona State?

Whither Lamonte McDougle?

Reframing the lack of impact from the transfer nose tackle.

WSU reveals uniform combo vs. ASU

The CougCenter Hour: Talking Claeys’ departure and ASU

Brad Denny of the Speak of the Devils podcast is here for a preview of what should be a tough away contest for Washington State.

Big defensive changes on the WSU depth chart before ASU

With Tracy Claeys’ resignation, this was the most obvious chance at improvement.

Kickoff time announced for Arizona State

This will be the second game to kickoff in the afternoon this season

2016 in Review: WSU slays the Tempe Dragon

A kickoff return for a touchdown by Robert Taylor sparks a 37-32 win over Sparky.

The Monday After: In search of the elusive (and largely mythical) ‘complete game’

No, WSU hasn’t been at the top of its game for all four quarters the last couple of weeks. And that’s not really all that damning, to be honest.

CougCenter Player of the Week: Robert Taylor

Robert ran it all the way back Saturday.

Featured Fanshot

Robert Taylor named Pac-12 special teams player of the week

A well-deserved honor! You can watch his 100-yard kickoff return again, right here.

Todd Graham is great at stealing signs and that bothers Mike Leach

Why some sign stealing is acceptable, and some is not.

Featured Fanshot

Robert Taylor scores WSU's first kickoff return TD since 2003

And boy, was it a beauty. Someone in the coaches booth must have been furiously mashing the spin button. The last return for TD was Sammie Moore's 97-yarder against Colorado.

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WSU vs. Arizona State highlights

Some big plays keyed WSU's first victory over ASU in Tempe in 15 years. Relive it here!

HCA: The good, bad and ugly of WSU's win in Tempe

Somehow, some way, the Cougs got out of the desert with a win.

RECAP: WSU beats ASU, 37-32

Wazzu hangs on to win in Tempe for the first time since 2001, move to 5-2 (4-0).

Featured Fanshot

Todd Graham calls Mike Leach 'chickenshit' for sign stealing comments

The ASU coach had some choice words for the WSU coach after the Cougs won, 37-32. I can't make out all of it, but it's something along the lines of "Good game ... what you did was chickenshit. I've always respected you and that was bullshit." Well then!

Update: Leach said postgame that he has no comment on the exchange "on the grounds that I may be publicly reprimanded & fined." Hahaha.

WSU vs. ASU: Game Thread!

Come talk about the game with other Coug fans.

WSU vs. ASU: Q&A with House of Sparky

We had questions about the Sun Devils. They had answers.