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WSU vs. ASU football: Game thread!

Come talk about the game with other fans as it unfolds.

William Mancebo/Getty Images

Kickoff between WSU and Arizona State is coming up, and as everyone knows, this is the Cougars' second shot at earning bowl eligibility after narrowly (and dramatically) missing out against No. 8 Stanford last Saturday night.

It certainly feels like this team's ceiling is much higher than mere "bowl eligibility," but until they get that sixth win, it's always going to be hanging out there. ASU is no pushover, but the Sun Devils certainly are beatable, particularly if the offensive line and running backs can handle ASU's constant blitz pressure. WSU also needs to contain ASU QB Mike Bercovicci, who can beat you with chunk plays with his feet.

Do those two things, and it wouldn't surprise me if WSU won the game going away. Don't do those two things, and it wouldn't shock me if it rolled badly the other direction -- as it has the last two seasons.

But this is clearly a different team than the last two. They've demonstrated the ability to put tough losses behind them and give their next opponent their best effort. Let's slay another dragon today, yeah?

Go Cougs!