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Complete Coverage: WSU vs. ASU

RECAP: WSU beats ASU, 37-32

Wazzu hangs on to win in Tempe for the first time since 2001, move to 5-2 (4-0).

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Todd Graham calls Mike Leach 'chickenshit' for sign stealing comments

The ASU coach had some choice words for the WSU coach after the Cougs won, 37-32. I can't make out all of it, but it's something along the lines of "Good game ... what you did was chickenshit. I've always respected you and that was bullshit." Well then!

Update: Leach said postgame that he has no comment on the exchange "on the grounds that I may be publicly reprimanded & fined." Hahaha.

WSU vs. ASU: Game Thread!

Come talk about the game with other Coug fans.

WSU vs. ASU: Q&A with House of Sparky

We had questions about the Sun Devils. They had answers.

How to watch WSU vs. ASU football: Game time, TV schedule and streaming

Can the Cougs move to 4-0 in the Pac-12?

Interactive Graphic: Previewing WSU vs ASU

Big plays could be in order for the Cougars on offense.

The Gamble-Tron is looking upward for help

Lost causes. We have one.

HCA: Mike Leach still keeps an eye on Todd Graham

The Cougars coach still doesn't care for the supposed sign stealing the Sun Devils do.

HCA: WSU vs ASU game time set

The Arizona State Sun Devils will play host to the Washington State Cougars on October 22 for their homecoming game.

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WSU v. ASU scheduled for 7 p.m. kickoff on Pac-12 Network

That's makes for the fourth consecutive 6:30 p.m. or later kickoff for Washington State when they head to the desert to face the Sun Devils. Good news for the people doing the WSU/Seahawks doubleheader: Seattle doesn't play until 5:30.

CougCenter Player(s) of the week: The receivers

We couldn't pick just one, so why not gush over all of them?

TCH with Yogi Roth, Joey Kaufman and Jacob Thorpe

A jam-packed first edition of the CougCenter Hour after WSU's win to get them to the magical bowl eligible line at six.

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Luke Falk wins Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week...AGAIN

Thanks to his 497 yard, 5 touchdown, 1 interception performance, Luke Falk is the PAc-12 Offensive Player of the Week for the fourth time in his 12 start career. So he wins it once every third start, meaning if he stays on pace he'll win it again the last week of the season. Hmm...who does Washington State play that week?

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Pac-12 acknowledges officiating mistake on 'inadvertent whistle'

This morning, the Pac-12 issued a statement saying the officials had erred in awarding another down to Washington State after an inadvertent whistle from the line judge on a 4th down play in the second quarter. WSU would go on to score a touchdown on the next play and close the gap to 14-10. The whole crew is being downgraded and the official that made the call is being suspended for a game.

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VIDEO: 'Get your shoes, we goin' bowling! Zeppoz!'

Man, I hope they actually ended up at Zeppoz last night. (Clicking the link above will take you to the video.)

Watch highlights from the win over ASU

The Cougs came back from 14 down to open the game, sealing a 14-point win with Dom Williams' 75-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

The Cougs expect to win, and you should too

Down 14-0, Washington State could've rolled over. The Cougs didn't, though, and this team just doesn't die.

HCA: We're going bowling victory links!

Come read all about WSU's huge win. Pants optional.

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Darrien Molton's family celebrates his interception

Molten has been pretty amazing this year as a true freshman, and he picked a heck of a time to get his first career interception, which put the game on ice. I don't know about you, but I never get tired of these family celebration videos. Go Cougs!

You can buy your bowl game tickets right now

CAF members and season ticket holders are eligible.

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RECAP: WSU overcomes early deficit to win, 38-24

Luke Falk threw for 497 yards and 5 TDs as the Cougars gained bowl eligibility.

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WSU scores a TD after Pac-12 refs gift them a do over

So, for everyone who thinks we never get a break from Pac-12 refs ... we no longer can complain, I suppose. WSU was stopped short on a 4th down try before the ref announced, "Inadvertantly, we need to replay fourth down," and then WSU scored a TD on the do over. I have no idea what happened, but I guess I won't complain. WSU trails ASU at the half, 14-10. EDIT: FS1 had a replay that clearly indicates a brief whistle after Marks had been pushed back. So inadvertent whistle, I guess?

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Joe Dahl out for WSU vs. ASU

Well this is certainly awful news. Besides Dahl being the team's best lineman, communication along the line is so key against a team like ASU, which brings a lot of blitzes from a lot of different angles. Here's to hoping the disruption in continuity doesn't cost the Cougs, who have been pretty fortunate with injuries this season.

WSU vs. ASU: Game Thread!

Come talk about the game with other fans as it unfolds.

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Pac-12 Network analysts all pick WSU over ASU

Should we feel better or worse after this? Please advise.

This stream has:

WSU vs. ASU: Cougs are bowl eligible after big win

Who ya got? Tell us your prediction for today

Bettors are predicting a close one. How do you think today's game is going to go?

HCA: Time to go bowling?

A win at home today against Arizona State would make WSU bowl game eligible for second time under Mike Leach.

How to watch WSU-ASU

The Cougs battle the Sun Devils. This is how you follow the game.

Bax's Beer is Holy for the Devils

Baxter has a beer, but not a new picture. Sorry.

Pre-Snap Read: ASU

What does some of ASU's blitz packages look like? We dive into that, examine the major headlines leading up to the game and get insights on ASU from insider Doug Haller.


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