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Cal vs. WSU football: Baxter's beer of the game

The internet's most famous Pekapoo is back with his beverage of choice for Cal's visit to WSU.

Baxter has had a great day so far. It's a sunny day in Burlington, VT, and lots of folks are outside walking around, giving him plenty to look at. He also made a trip outside to his most favorite place in the world. It was so great, he decided to write a song, inspired by his favorite rapper/actor, Ice Cube.

Woke up to a sound at the door around seven.

Was some drugged out dude looking for Kevin.

I barked and barked and scared him away.

Today has been a good day.

Had a pillow propped up to look out the window

Craig's watchin' OU give Texas that deathblow.

It's sunny outside and I like it that way.

So far it's been a good day.

It was so nice outside I put on my Coug jersey and went to the park.

We tossed around the frisbee, and it was definitely a lark.

If the Cougs beat Cal, I gotta say.

Today will be a perfect day.

He might have a future in the rap business. Some excellent rhymes, especially for a dog. Definitely better than those Jingle Bells barking dogs.

This week Baxter sent me to the store with instructions to get something from the "Live free or die" state. I came back with a Tripel IPA from White Birch Brewing in Hoosket, NH.

This particular beer was actually a collaboration between White Birch and the brewmaster at Martha's Exchange in Nashua, NH. It's a Belgian-style Tripel ale hopped like an India Pale Ale. Belgian IPA's are common, but I haven't see a hopped Tripel like this before.

Craig's review: This was a beer like none other I'd ever tasted. It has the sweet aroma of ripened apples. The first sip brings a classic malt-heavy Tripel sweetness to the tip of the tongue. As the beer moves back, the hops become apparent, and the beer finishes with a crisp, bitter taste. It is truly two beers in one. It's also at 10 percent, so 22 ounces had me feeling swell.

Tripels and IPAs are pretty much my two favorite styles of beer, so the combo was like heaven in my mouth. I'm excited to have another as I watch WSU take on the Cal Bears.

Baxter's review: Craig first made me smell it, and once the alcohol hit my nose, I pulled back. He was relentless as he tried to get me to lick some off his finger. I wouldn't do it. So he poured some in his hand and I finally gave in. It was kinda sweet, then icky bitter, and I didn't like it, because I don't like any beer. I can't believe he would do this to me after I saved him from the the weird guy trying to open the door this morning.

Bax and I will also be headed over to a friend's house later, where they are making some homemade chili. That is what we are having for the game, what about you?