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WSU vs. Cal: The Cougar victory in pictures

These galleries are so much more fun after a win.

If you're still basking in the glow of WSU exceeding its win total from all of 2012 and moving one step closer to bowl eligibility, these photos of the Cougars will do nothing to harsh your buzz.

And if you're a Seahawks and Sounders fan, like me, you need to be reminded that part of this weekend was really, really awesome!

Some creative shots in here by Kirby Lee of USA TODAY Sports. It starts with a great shot of the team singing the fight song with the contingent of Cougs who made it to the game, and includes an adorable picture of a sad, sad little boy Cal fan.

It's OK, little buddy. We all know how you feel after what we've gone through for the past half decade. Aw, heck, who am I kidding -- we all know how he feels after what we've all gone through following this team for pretty all of our adult lives. I'd promise him it will get better, but Cal fans are the most pessimistic bunch this side of Pullman. Getting your doors blown off at home by WSU doesn't help, I don't think.

Enjoy the pictures.

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