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WSU vs. Cal football: Baxter's beer of the game

Baxter wonders who will be worthy of first place today?

Baxter took last week off from his "beer of the game" to attend the Siptemberfest, a wonderful beer fest at Mad River Glen Ski Area in Fayston, Vermont. He tried many delicious beers that day, but unfortunately it was a mostly local affair. Baxter wants to show off beers that y'all can get in Washington.

Vermont does get a number of Oregon brands that don't make it to the rest of the East Coast, and one of those is Worthy out of Bend. After hearing that Washington State and Cal will be battling for first place (even if it is only the third game of the Pac-12 season), he thought that "Worthy" would be a fine beer in a game that will determine if Cal or WSU is worthy of the top spot in the Pac-12 North.

Worthy describes its Pale Ale as a "tip of the hat to East Siders everywhere." I know that folks that live in Seattle call the "East Side" everything east of Lake Washington, but those of us that grew up east of the Cascade Mountains in Washington often described ourselves as being from the "East Side" as well.

So, in a way, all that attend WSU are at least temporary "East Siders." Worthy Pale Ale is a tribute to you, Coug fans and alums. Now it's time to find out if the Cougar football team is "worthy" of the top spot in the standings.

Craig's review: With a copper color, Worthy Pale has a strong malt backbone. It's been well dry-hopped, giving it a good combination of citrus and pine in the aroma. There's a nice bitterness to balance the finish--dominated by the classic and versatile Nugget and Centennial hops. Overall, Worthy is a great beer for long term sippin', something especially useful for an extended day of tailgating that comes with a 7:30 p.m. start time. Did I mention it comes in cans?

Baxter's review: Have you ever been to a beer festival? There are so many people that want to pet you! And so many dogs to hang out with! Also, Craig gave me some of his beer, and it tasted like beer. This beer also tastes like beer, so drink it!

That's what Baxter and I will be drinking as we watch WSU and Cal battle for an early-season first-place spot. What will be having?