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Mike Leach dons a Minshew Mustache postgame, hilarity ensues

Coach looked less than thrilled, but he was a good sport.

Mustaches have become all the rage for Washington State Cougars fans thanks to the famous facial hair of their team’s best player, quarterback Gardner Minshew II. And in the wake of WSU’s 31-7 road victory over the Colorado Buffaloes, the quarterback of the CFP No. 8 Cougars decided to have a little fun with his coach, Mike Leach.

As Leach was being interviewed by ESPN after the game, Minshew approached Leach with a stick-on ’stache. The coach initially resists, saying “what is this?”, but he soon realizes that resistance is futile:

“I don’t know why everyone only notices his, lots of these kids have mustaches,” Leach said. “Anyway ...”

“And now you do too, you’re rockin’ it!” she says.

“Ah, yeah, now I do too. All right ...”

I never want this season to end.

By the way, that wasn’t the only appearance of mustaches during the broadcast. This is a thing that happened:

Minshew didn’t have his best day — in fact, one could argue this was his worst day as QB of the Cougars: 35-of-58 (60.3%) for 335 yards and three total touchdowns, averaging just 5.8 yards per attempt, his lowest since the opener against the Wyoming Cowboys.

But it didn’t stop him from having fun. Nor should it: The Cougs are now 9-1 overall and poised to potentially make a move up the College Football Rankings on Tuesday.