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WSU vs. Oregon State football game thread

It's the Cougs! It's the Beavs! It's a football game!

Awwwww adorable kid high-fiving a football player.
Awwwww adorable kid high-fiving a football player.
Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

Are you finding yourself in a lonely place as the Cougar game draws near? Well, have we got a deal for you! It's the CougCenter game thread!

Chock full of rabid Coug fans just like yourself, the CougCenter game thread is the perfect solution for those days when talking to your dog just won't cut it! Did we mention there is live-updating comments? You don't even have to refresh the page!

Act now and you'll receive free access to the game thread and for no additional charge, access to all of the content on Absolutely free!

Don't delay! There's only three games left in this Cougar football season. That's only three more Cougar football game threads!

Offer valid everywhere. All the time. Whenever you want. Even when the Cougs aren't playing. So really, you don't have to act now. But you should, because what else do you have to do on a Saturday afternoon?

So join us in the gamethread for WSU vs. Oregon State!