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WSU vs. Oregon State football: Sleep-deprived haiku on an impressive first start

Football and Haiku Of course they go together Do not be silly

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Sleep deprivation has many side effects. One of which is an inability to think clearly. My fellow CougCenter authors have already written many great things about WSU's win over Oregon State, and when I woke up this morning I struggled to come up with an angle. I did think "well, I could always do poetry."

And after seeing a writer friend of mine tweet this, this column's fate was sealed. So I present to you, in a series of bad haikus, Washington State's 39-32 win over Oregon State. Enjoy.


Luke Falk starts his first

The Beavers lead by 10 points

Freshman is not fazed


Third and goal arrives

Young QB flushed from pocket

Calmly hits Myers


Beaver punt flies

Game has turned for the Cougars

Defense looks non-bad


No Cracraft around

Tyler Baker fills the void

Wide open for six


Defense bends again

But the Cougars stay ahead

Enough time to score?


Thirty-six seconds

Beavers fall asleep on D

Deep to Vince Mayle


Beavers take lead back

Cougars trail in fourth quarter

Freshman is not fazed


Face third down again

New QB rolls to his right

Williams touchdown


Phantom backwards pass

Cougar defense gets a stop

Refs get an assist


Chance for clinching score

Galvin hurt on springing block

Refs blow strange whistle


Cougs score anyway

Next play to Robert Lewis

A two-touchdown lead


After Beavers score

Mayle with a clutch first down

Falk takes a knee


On teammate's shoulders

Young quarterback celebrates

Five touchdowns, no picks