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WSU vs. Oregon State football: It's time to exorcize a demon

Today is opportunity for WSU football. One it has let slip away in the past.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cougs have been here before. They've been on the precipice of turning things around after years of mostly terrible football. Last week's win in Eugene was energizing, it was exciting, it was fun. No doubt the Wazzu fanbase feels the same, after all remaining tickets for Homecoming vs. the Beavers were snatched up.

I was going to the game anyway, but with plans of staying in Spokane. After the Oregon win, my girlfriend and I knew we wanted to be in Pullman for the weekend. Fortunately, a few overpriced hotel rooms remained and we snatched one up. I had to fly back from a work trip in Toronto yesterday, landing around 6 p.m. We headed east immediately.

But as amped as I am for today's game, there's a nagging worry in the back of my head. I've seen this movie many times. WSU gets a big road win, builds some good will,, then comes and lays an absolute egg in Martin Stadium. This is a demon. A demon that kept me up last night.

At some point, it has to change. The program needs to be what it was intended to be when the athletic department went deep into the red. Martin Stadium is gorgeous. The football ops building is gorgeous. The football still has to catch up.

And today is an opportunity. Oregon State has been that team that crushes WSU's turnaround hopes on more than one occasion. But today the Beavs are in transition, and the Cougs are the better squad. Pullman has been in full throat since Thursday night.

In each of WSU's home games this season, it has admitted to coming out flat and low on energy. There is no excuse for that today. Martin Stadium can't be any fuller, and there's aren't many games that can fire up Cougar fans more than a road win over Oregon.

A sold-out Martin Stadium is your priest. The program lay writhing on the bed, possessed by some sort of inexplicable demon of disappointment. It's time to exorcize that S.O.B.

Go Cougs.