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WSU vs. Oregon State football: Lillian's liquor of the game

Lillian taps in this morning before this 80 proof taps her out this aftenoon

I'm sorry for Wrecking Your Couch.
I'm sorry for Wrecking Your Couch.
Kyle Sherwood

Stumbling out of bed after tying one off a little too hard last night, Lillian received a troubling phone call.  Never mind the fact it's troubling enough that a dog is receiving calls in the first place, this one came from famed beer reviewer Baxter.  Baxter is out on assignment and could Lillian fill in at the last minute?

Lillian sauntered over to her kitchen to see what was in the freezer, hoping she didn't drink it all last night.

Lillian is drinking Tito's Vodka this morning.  I'm sure you've heard of Tito's, as the Texas distillery has taken up more and more shelf space in your Safeway as of late.   Tito's started as a 16 gallon pot-still made from old Dr. Pepper kegs in Austin in 1997 and now has a plant covering over 26 acres and produces over 800,00 cases per year.

Tito's is distilled six times.  Why?  According to the creator, "five times is not enough and the seventh time doesn't make a difference."  Science.

More importantly to Lillian, Tito's was rated one of the most dog-friendly workplaces in America, with all employees encouraged to bring their dogs to work, a building designated solely for a dog play area and the plant is home to 30 rescue dogs, who literally just wandered onto the premises and never left.

Sherwood's Review: All high-end vodka tastes the same to me.  Might as well go with the bottle that's $10 less than Grey Goose.

Lillian's Review: The old man took the bulldog to the vet yesterday.  The vet called the bulldog "chunky."  Now the bulldog doesn't get the leftover Chicken Nuggets.  This vodka is all the bulldog has left.

So that's what's in our kitchen this morning.  What are the rest of you drinking?